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Sag Harbor Adopts $8.78 Million Budget, Lays Off Police Officer Of The Year

The cops out here don't get nearly enough credit for the work they do on a day to day basis. If the general public were even slightly aware of the crimes and dangers these officers are confronted with, these discussions would look shockingly different.... As for the pity that some of you feel for DWI drivers, the same ones that share the road with you and your loved ones, shame on you! These arrests are made to promote awareness and prevention. If the notion of killing someone isn't enough of a deterrent, maybe a bout with the justice system will be. " May 1, 13 11:43 AM

UPDATE: Police Identify Man Charged With DWI In Saturday Accident In Southampton

Prior DWI within last 10 years. " May 16, 13 3:34 PM

Suffolk County Plans Spraying In Area This Week

Can anyone tell me if this stuff is harmful to pets? I live in one of the designated areas and my dogs love eating grass. None too happy about this. " Jun 11, 13 8:47 AM

Wainscott Man Arrested For Throwing Traffic Patrol Officer's Ticket Book

What nerve she has. Everyone should be allowed to throw ticket books when they park illegally. If you can grab it and throw it before it gets put on your windshield it shouldn't count. I would file a complaint against her. " Jun 15, 13 2:12 PM

Southampton Village Paves Way For Surf Camp

"We will put rules and regulations in place and do this in a location that protects the safety of the kids and everyone involved.”

If this is true, I don't see any problems with it. Let's see how it plays out before we start complaining. I'd rather see kids having fun and exercising in the water than riding their bicycles haphazardly through the streets. " Jul 12, 13 5:00 PM

Sagaponack Village Board To Vote On Pursuing Separate Police Force On Monday

I understand why Sagaponack feels short changed in terms of coverage. But to create their own department? I can't imagine the residents thinking it's a good idea. Sounds like a soap opera in the making causing more of a disturbance than keeping the peace. The unforeseen issues that may arise are countless and would far outweigh the benefits. Just look at Sag Harbor. There is an undeniable cloud hanging over that village. As for the Town Board proposing an offer.... this is a ground ball. Give them a patrol car year round and be done with it. " Aug 11, 13 11:46 AM

Sagaponack Decision On Police Force Looms Large For Town

Don't do it!!!! " Sep 4, 13 1:44 PM

East Hampton Village Officer Suspended For 30 Days Without Pay

Obviously not a wise decision. However, looking at the facts, an off-duty police officer was invited to a home by an employee of the estate with a key. He is in fact being punished, to what extent is still unknown but what laws has he actually broken? " Feb 26, 14 9:56 AM

UPDATE: Neil S. Fyfe Had Just Finished First Day As Caddie At Sebonack Golf Club When Killed

That light does turn red - when a pedestrian pushes the button at the crosswalk. " May 13, 14 12:32 PM

New Signs Along Flanders Road Warn About Dangers Of Distracted Driving

I'm trying my hardest not to say what everyone is thinking right now..... trying really hard. " Jul 19, 14 11:03 AM

Southampton Town Will Post Armed Security Guard At Public Meetings

What is the big deal?!? Obviously these meetings can get heated at times. As a precautionary measure I don't see any problems with this. I'm sure the guards will sit in the crowd and go unnoticed. If things get physical, it will be their duty to intervene, not the board members or a constituent with their own agenda. That's when things can get out of hand. Funny, the people posting in disagreement will be the first to light up the comment board in regards to an article about a town meeting in which the board had lost control of. Sometimes you just can't win. " Jul 24, 14 12:47 PM

Success Of Traffic Calming on Noyac Road Remains To Be Seen, Business Owners Say

Try driving through that area in the middle of the night with no cars on the road. I would imagine that's what LSD feels like. " Aug 15, 14 1:03 PM

Southampton Town Weighs Incentive To Raise Taxes

Hey Scalera. .... don't quit your day job. " Oct 10, 14 8:17 PM

East Hampton School Holds ESL Conference At Stony Brook Southampton

That's exactly what ESL students do - learn English." Nov 5, 14 2:42 PM

Southampton Town Intends To Hire Six New Police Officers Over Next Two Years

It's amazing how clueless some of you are when it comes to policing in this town. Given the opportunity to hear the police radio chirp on any given day, it would blow your mind what type of calls these officers respond to. These officers are asked to approach highly volatile situations alone with backup sometimes 10 minutes away. To have to beg for new officers to reach safe staffing levels is a shame. When it looks like some relief is on the way by means of new hires, people cry about it. For the life of me I can't figure out why.

A sensible person would realize that police officers are the good guys, who help citizens navigate through sometimes the worst day of their lives. So sit on your couch and be thankful that your having a good day, because I can assure you that dozens of people in your neighborhood are not. " Nov 8, 14 9:37 AM

UPDATE: Victim Of Riverside Shooting Tuesday Night Identified By Police

Possibly the dumbest comment ever. Maybe someone can explain to frank how cameras work. Or better yet, how basic human interaction occurs. " Nov 18, 15 4:08 PM

Sag Harbor Settles With Village Homeowners Who Had Their Expansion Plans Tied Up

You have a picture of the wrong house." Jan 24, 16 7:08 PM

Vigil For Murdered Immigrant Held In Patchogue While Trump Appears At Fundraiser Down The Road

Let me make sure I understand your comment: "The Lucero foundation are the racists" because they held a vigil at the site where Mr. Lucero was beaten and stabbed to death??" Apr 15, 16 12:30 PM

Georgica Association Sets Up Security Stand On Beach

These guys are great. We used their company before and I know for a fact it's owned and ran by a few fine gentleman who are either actively serving our communities or have served in the military. Not sure why video games are mentioned but I believe they deserve a ton of respect.

I actually just attended an event they hosted last week for the green beret foundation and it was wonderful, and from what I understand it raised a considerable amount of money. " Jul 21, 18 1:46 PM