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Sag Harbor Adopts $8.78 Million Budget, Lays Off Police Officer Of The Year

So when is all this BS going to stop? When is the election in Sag Harbor, so we can get a Mayor that doesn't pull fast ones over on everyone, including the village board? People, we all have to get together and do the right thing and replace the Mayor! Once that feat has been accomplished, the village will, Once Again, run smoothly. When did all the problems in Sag Harbor start? That's right, after Gilbride was elected. " Apr 25, 13 6:41 AM

You seem to know a lot about Duchemin. A you a bitter person because you had an incident with him? If you read, if able to, other papers or articles, you will see just how Mr. Gilbride operates. Look in the past months of how Trustee Duchemin's son was done out of a position in the fire dept by Mr Gilbride and his "cronies" within the fire dept looked long and hard through the By Laws of the SHFD to come up with a reason that his son could not become a member of a Volunteer dept within the village. We are NOT talking a JOB, simply a volunteer organization. You seem like you have a lot of time on your hands Sagharbor4you... Mr Duchemin it seems like you have a stalker, not an intelligent one, but one who has nothing better in his/her life then to follow you. I guess your life MUST be more interesting than theirs. Did you ever consider running for Mayor, Mr Duchemin? " Apr 25, 13 6:57 AM

Shouldn't there be an education requirement to become or even run for such an office, like the office of, lets say, MAYOR? Maybe someone should look through the rules governing the different branches of local government to see if the "Officials", and I use that term loosely, even have the right to be "sitting" in the office position they are in. One would think, at VERY LEAST, one should have a High School diploma OR Greater education to be responsible for running a local government. Some may wonder if the problems some "official(s)" have with the SHVPD are because of past legal issues HE and/or His family HAD or Still HAVE with them. Its legal not personal, and trying to use his position as leverage against them. " Apr 25, 13 7:11 PM

That certainly cannot be the case. PAST mayors may have been lawyers but CERTAINLY not the case this time. " Apr 26, 13 3:48 AM

I Don't know Duchemin on a personal level. Only have seen him in pictures. Evidently you do. His son? A village employee? His son is a cop too?? I've Googled the name and don't see anything referring to another Duchemin on the force?!? Please use grammar/spell check when posting or at least, proof read. Capital letters are used to Stress my point(s). Sorry if it confuses you. Should I double-space as well? " Apr 26, 13 8:00 PM

He was trying to bash my education level because of my punctuation and capitalization in the previous post, as he was doing so, he was Mis-spelling words. He was also knocking Duchemin's character for getting his son a EH Village job and mentioned the police academy also?!?! He said that I sounded like I might be a relative of Duchemin and called me "eye of the Hamburger", So we're not dealing with a mature person either. " Apr 28, 13 6:27 PM

After Fire, World Pie In Bridgehampton To Be Closed Until At Least Mid-June

Is there an estimated "down time" for World Pie? " May 23, 15 12:24 PM

Hey, Parents: 'Let The Coaches Coach, Players Play, Officials Officiate'

The kids are the ones who will suffer through this, and they have no one to blame but their parents. Their parents will see the effects when their child might not get the play time they once had, or possibly they will not go into the playoffs. It takes time for the coaches to get familiar with their player, take notice of their strong points and weaknesses too, before they might be able to make it past the normal season. Maybe parents should have to watch from a big screen rather than be court side or on the sidelines of the games. Is this what this world is coming to? Remember not Every player should make the team and not every team player should get an award. Let's go back to the days of "TRYING OUT" for the Team, and how about "Making The Cut"? These are phrases (and steps) once took by EVERY PLAYER on EVERY TEAM. Soon, students will be reading about these in their history books and that will be the only time they ever hear of these such phrases and/or practices of sports teams. It's Sad But True.. at one point, You as a student had to prove YOURSELF, not just wait for Mommy and/or Daddy to make a few calls, threaten to sway their vote(s) one way or another to get their child (who sometimes doesn't even WANT to participate in that particular sport, BUT it's what mom or dad once played so you must try, so they can live vicariously through you) to be First or Second "String". Let's all take a step back, let the Principals run the academics (instead of telling the coaches who to play because of the phone call they got today from an alumni parent) and let the coach be the only coach on the field. " Apr 26, 17 9:26 AM

Westhampton Beach Police Chief Wants To Hire Part-Time Dispatchers For Summer

Good luck getting already trained dispatchers. Those would be hard to find, unless, of course, they are recently retired. The only ones that have even the least bit of training are those that start at a municipality within Suffolk, but are let go before their 6 mo. probation is up for their inabilities at the particular dept. for which they were first hired for. " Apr 28, 17 7:06 AM