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Gregor Proceeding With Noyac Project Despite Official Roadblocks

Sensible to fix the problem by funneling traffic into a safe neighborhood and making it unsafe?! Does anyone see that he's advocating breaking the law with that last statement of "path of least resistant", he's actually talking about making an illegal turn, we confirmed this in our last meeting. Board members and community members are making sensible objections and advocating a SAFE solution by using an earlier plan, he's resorting to name calling and misrepresenting the issues because his window of bullying may soon close. " Apr 11, 13 1:16 PM

Update: No Charges Filed Against Driver Who Killed Pedestrian Friday Morning

How sad this story is, and how ironic that the driver was an immigration lawyer. It's heart-rending that this man took so many risks (most likely) just to be here to work (most likely) extreme hours at (most assuredly) subsistence wages, and is taken down by someone speeding past an area that routinely has a jerk-with-a-sign telling men like him to "go home". And here the family can't find the money to get him home.
If the driver works on the right side of immigration law, trying to help people who contribute their labor at jobs the jerk-with-the-sign wouldn't stoop to take, I am really saddened for her as well. But I have to say that if the tables were turned, and a lawyer working/living in the Hamptons were struck dead by a Nicaraguan farm worker on 39, you can bet there would be charges!" Nov 20, 14 7:35 PM