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Black Lives Matter Rallies Held In East Hampton And Bridgehampton Sunday

and don't forget, " Have a Nice day" lol" Jul 25, 16 8:42 PM

More Than 1,700 Unknown Graves Discovered In Southampton Village

How about sharing with the paper rather then toss them under the bus? lol Having Dutch ancestors that settled here I'd like to know more. Thanks for your input : )" Oct 14, 16 9:00 PM

Southampton Resident Responds To Trump Criticism With A Bigger Sign

Sounds like a bunch of Sheep in the Cove. Go ahead a vote Killary she doesn't give a Rats Ass about you, your family or your kids family. Killed Americans, leaked documents putting your families and the United States at Risk. 325 million people in the United States and these two clowns are who we get to choose from. Can't stand either one but I'll stand with Make America Great Again....You can have the 25-30 year politician who hasn't had a plan in that span but has one now??? Just vote smart then we need to start looking for someone for 2020 who isn't under FBI investigation and doesn't have a comb over......GREAT JOB Mr. Oliver!!!!! , " Nov 5, 16 6:24 PM

Thanks To County Funds, Two Officers Hired For Southampton Town Police Department

Two? May as well have been none. Great job Town Hall." Jul 11, 17 4:59 PM

New Southampton Town Police Chief Deploys Anti-Terror Units To Summer Events

As the saying goes it's better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it. " Aug 2, 17 11:13 AM

Consultants Push For New Traffic Light On Montauk Highway In Heart Of Bridgehampton

How much did the town pay this rocket scientist to come up with this idea? Nobody pays attention to any type of traffic signs or lights anyways so why bother...." Aug 8, 17 7:26 PM

UPDATE: East Hampton Football Players, Parents, Are Rallying To Save Season

Those who wanted to play can play for another HS. It's in the section XI rules. If you school doesn't offer a sport you want to play the student can play else where." Aug 26, 17 7:40 PM

Air National Guard Members Assisting With Rescue Operations In Texas

All the best 106th and be safe...." Aug 30, 17 9:25 PM

Hampton Bays Ambulance Board Member Steps Down After Investigation

Small TV for $180 bucks. What else haven't they come across? Sounds like audit time. " Mar 20, 18 7:38 PM

UPDATE: Thousands Gathered At NYPD Detective’s Funeral Services in Hampton Bays

Rest easy Smiles, Till I see you again bud. Forever watch over family and friends. Thank you who supported this day as we said our last good bye's to a friend and to some family and co-worker. Thank you Hampton Bays and STPD for a Great Job with this tossed in your lap to prepare in 3-5 days.

Hand Salute" Feb 27, 19 5:26 PM

East Hampton High School Students Walk Out For Climate Change

Same ones yelling save the planet but hey wanna vape and eat Tide pods? " Sep 21, 19 12:14 PM

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