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Southampton Town Highway Superintendent candidate Alex Gregor (I,D)

Pete Collins is a Skip Heaney puppet who came to the town from western Suffolk,where the bottle got him. Collins bounced around within the Town, all the while reporting to the puppet master Heaney. When he finally found a place he could hide for the day he took it. That place is in street lighting where he gets a restfull eight hours of sleep. Look how fast he climbed the pay ladder under Heaneys' mismanagement. Then Collins figures out he could represent the town as a union president with Heaney pulling the strings. I know if I was CSEA i'd be upset how he supports the good ole boys with CSEA money, what happens to contract negotiations if the wrong person gets in? Heaneys gone (but not forgotton ie John McGann and Terry Flanagan) now what happens if Kabot does get in, nice contract huh Pete? If Alex Gegor gets in Pete will just move on. Rumor has it he's looking to get disability, he's already got the handicap badge hanging on his rearview mirror to park. McGann and Flanagan gets in and Collins is on easy street. You think sleepy didn't do anything before, look out taxpayer, look out! This all leads me to Alex Gegor, don't we need a fresh change? New ideas from someone who worked his way up from the labor force to the management division. Gegor has always been his own man, no puppet here. Thats why they say the bad things about him, he leads, he doesn't need strings to control him. The good ole boys railroaded the man right out of the GOP, thats why he he went "row A' people!
Thats the short version of why most are voting for Alex Gegor, I know my family and friends are.
Just one more to the Good Ole Boys: my lawn signs are standing tall...guess that rumor of my security camera aimed at them helped. Sure would be funny to see which Goon would try to take them! " Nov 1, 09 4:34 PM

Southampton Town Trustee candidate Bill Pell (D)

Mr. Pell and Mr. Garvey have my family and friends' votes. Like INS said its time
Houdini and Shultz took long walks off short piers! They are just in it for themselves. Now is the time for Pell and Garvey to bring new ideas to the Trustees. Vote for them." Nov 2, 09 3:02 PM

Brad Bender Concedes Southampton Town Board Race To Christine Scalera

Brad Bender is a class act, the Independence Party needs a gentleman like Mr Bender in the future board races. Good luck and hope to see you on the ballot again. He ran an honest and down to earth campaign with no mudslinging. The folks in FRN are fortunate to have Brad looking out for them. Keep it up Brad." Nov 21, 11 7:59 PM