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UPDATE: East Hampton Town Withdraws Temporary Restraining Order Request Against Cyril's Fish House

Seems to me the Town of East Hampton has a "pattern of practice" regarding the ZBA. It wasn't all that long ago the Town of East Hampton forced Douge DeGroot to spend a fortune defending his business (that the town suggested he open in the first place) all because one person who didn't like the business was friends with the board. I remember the Supreme Court Justice who heard that case being totally aghast at the flagrant disregard of citizens, rights, the law, and due process exercised by the Town of East Hampton. This bit with Mr. Fitzsimon's business apparently also started with issues at the ZBA. I hope Mr. Fitzsimons has a spare 1/4 million to defend his business because you can bet the Town of East Hamptons will reach deep into the taxpayers bottomless pockets to fight this absurdity in state Supreme Court until they break Mr. Fitzsimons." May 10, 13 5:12 PM

Southampton Town Justice Censured By State Commission On Judicial Conduct

There is legal president for frivolous cases to be dismissed and costs awarded. However, I might suggest that you look closer at the village's actions that keep warranting litigation. If the same village is being sued repeatedly for similar conduct and the courts aren't finding the suits frivolous, then maybe the Villages should change how they do business." May 29, 14 1:49 PM

Nut might be a little strong. That insinuates that she is not sane. She is just one more corrupt judge that has no idea what the Constitutions say. (She was absent during con-law at her law school).
I will never forget being in front of her years ago, where I had plead NOT-Guilty and was prepared to provide video evidence and eye witness testimony as to my innocence. Her response to me was, "Why didn't you accept the plea bargain that was offered you? You have a right to a trial, but let me tell you this: WHEN I find you guilty I will throw the book at you. Now do you want to change your plea?". I did something that I have never done before and will never do again. I plead guilty to something I didn't do and paid the fine because the DUE PROCESS was non existent and the court fixed. Her court!" May 29, 14 1:57 PM