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UPDATE: Sickles Returns To Duty; PBA Blasts Board Members, GOP For Making Him A 'Scapegoat'

Oak Hill Police Department Disbanded
Oak Hill Council Votes To Disband Its Police Department

Oct 03 2011 03:06:29 PM EDT
OAK HILL, Fla. -
The City of Oak Hill Police Department is no more.

The Oak Hill City Council voted 3-2 Monday night to immediately disband the police department. The vote followed a tense meeting filled with allegations of misconduct and political vendettas.

Shortly after the 7 p.m. vote, officers stopped responding to emergency calls. They turned in their guns and badges.

The vote to disband the police department capped more than a year of controversy about the police department in Oak Hill.

Mayor Mary Lee Cook said all eight officers and the police chief, Diane Young will collect unemployment.

Cook accused the police department of a political vendetta after 10 marijuana plants were discovered growing in her yard last month. Sheriff's investigators found that while the plants were indeed growing in the 84-year-old mayor's yard, she was not aware of them.

Cook said she thought the issue was over until she heard Chief Young was taking pictures of her backyard and telling others she was going to have the mayor arrested. When she heard that, she said she called the emergency meeting to have Young fired.

She said she didn't plan for the police department to be dismantled but she said once the discussion started it snowballed into getting rid of the whole department.

Cook has been a vocal critic of the police department and Chief Young. Cook has said that she did not believe Young was qualified for the position, which she was named to last year.

In January, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement looked into allegations that three officers cheated on training tests and the chief covered it up. However, the case was closed for lack of sufficient evidence.

Officers have also been accused of stealing gas, improper use of computers, claims of false arrests and other disciplinary issues.

Cook said this does not necessarily mean the police department is done forever. She said they will continue meeting this week to discuss their options. She said if they do reinstate the department, all new employees will be hired.

Beginning immediately, the Volusia County Sheriff's deputies will patrol the city.
" Apr 1, 13 1:16 PM

Items Missing From Southampton Town Police Property Room Resurface

Actually didn't Teddy make his reputation cleaning up the New York city police department? back in the day of course." Apr 1, 13 1:44 PM

Group Seeks Southampton Town Zoning Board Approval For Religious Boundary In Westhampton

Yes, and maybe then you can turn your attention to the law abiding "hoards" that descend on Hampton Bays in form of post adolescent Boardy Barn drunks who make our town the laughing stock of the South Fork. Or are the owners of the Boardy Barn fastidious upright citizens deserving of town police forbearance and the attendees of the synagogue in Westhampton are not? How about repeated assaults, stabbings, and other assorted disturbances of the peace at the HB diner? Protected under the law? And the ever pleasant good times at the night club up at the canal? What is it now, only two murders there? Please PLEASE westhampton bigots keep opposing the eruv and PLEASE suggest it go around Hampton Bays. " Apr 9, 13 3:55 PM

Montauk And Hampton Bays Beaches Will Be Rebuilt With Federal Funds

$700 million to dump sand in the ocean...take that, sequester!

and $300,000 for 10,000 tons equals $300,000/10,000/2,000 or 1.5 cents per pound of sand, delivered. Seems cheap." Jun 5, 13 11:48 AM

so 3,000 pounds divided by $14. that works out to less than 1/2 cent per pound. hmmm...i wonder who got that $300,000 contract..." Jun 5, 13 3:40 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Board Could Withdraw Police Commissioner Idea

You guys over in Westhampton Beach are a funny bunch, you really are not getting good value from your police force, since they mainly seem to have other police forces on speed dial. What is it the cops in Westhampton Beach do exactly?

This is from another local publication and is how the Westhampton Beach police force investigate felonies:
Westhampton Village police chief Trevor Gonce said Mr. Frank approached his department for help in December 2013 saying a woman, who he only named as Asli, was “using false pretenses to attempt to acquire his property.”

“He thought someone had rummaged through his stuff,” Chief Gonce said.

Westhampton police officials turned the information over to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office, the chief said. “When we were dealing with it we didn’t even know who she was,” he added." Feb 6, 15 2:19 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Board Kills Commissioner Proposal

why not simply get rid of the 10 officer police department and use the money saved to reduce taxes? is there that much for them to do in westhampton village? how many arrests have they made in the last year? for what crimes? how many suspicious incidents have been referred to other law enforcement agencies? what is the goal of the westhampton village police department? these are simple questions, is there accountability?" Feb 13, 15 5:39 PM

Let's get the Westhampton Beach Village Police Department on this immediately:
"The Case of the Missing Lechis!"
oops, wait, they just referred the case to the Suffolk County Police..that was a close call, a Village Police Officer might have had to look up at a few telephone poles. It's a dangerous assignment, might have gotten a crimp in their neck from looking up and had to go on 100% disability pay for the next 60 years..." Feb 14, 15 9:45 PM

Search Continues For Elusive Eruv Markers In Westhampton Beach

where are the St. Patrick's Day markers and the streets closed for the parade? ohm OK, there they are." Mar 21, 15 11:36 PM

Local Officials Discuss Complexities Of Regional High School

Perhaps vouchers could be offered to families with children so that the $25,000 to $35,000 per student per year that is paid by local taxpayers to educate each child can be applied to whatever accredited private school the child can get into. I believe that this would create a great educational center on the East End as private companies vie for this money.

Too bad for school administrators and unionized school personnel in schools that do not give children a superior chance at an education. This solution would be sad for those schools since most families would opt out of under-performing academies." May 26, 15 5:46 PM

UPDATE: Farina Will Receive Nearly $300,000 After Resigning From Superintendent Position

Actually now would be a good time to merge school districts from Westhampton/Remsenburg to Southampton/Tuckahoe. Keep all the schools but merge the administrators to save on the $300k year comp cost of Superintendents and the inevitable lawsuits from their girlfriends." Apr 14, 16 9:01 PM

County Road 39 Blinking Light Program Scheduled For This Week

The self driving SUV of the future will allow tens of thousands more folks access to the pristine waters and quaint family farms of Easthampton. Don't forget the self driving trucks for the workers to cut grass, fertilize lawns, clean pools and stock the shelves with paper goods and fresh linens." Apr 19, 16 6:21 AM

UPDATE: Farina Will Receive Nearly $300,000 After Resigning From Superintendent Position

Merge Southampton school district with Tuckahoe. merge that school district with Hampton Bays school district. Merge that with East Quogue. Merge that with Westhampton. Merge that with Remsenburg. 5 Superintendents eliminated. Total cost savings: $2+ million/year. " Apr 19, 16 8:50 AM

Hampton Bays School Board Approves $50 Million Budget That Stays Under Tax Cap

How many students are in the HB school district? What is $50 million/this number so we can determine the average cost per student?" Apr 21, 16 3:23 AM

UPDATE: Four Suspects In Stabbing At Hampton Bays Bar Ordered Held On $250,000 Bail Each

That's an excellent point: where have the police been? And it's not months, it's almost 2 years that CBs has been hosting this illegal party. Police happen to be right in the neighborhood to arrest a former town supervisor for having a glass of white wine at her sister's house but too busy to post a drunk driving screening patrol car at a known weekday danger spot?" May 24, 16 1:07 PM

Smorgasburg Food Expo Chances Looking Dim In Westhampton Beach

We would like the Smorgasborg in Hampton Bays. Can you come here? please?" Jun 2, 16 7:27 AM

East Hampton Town Police Set Sights On Taxi Violations

Free markets anyone?

Don't forget to fingerprint the cooks, dishwashers and busboys as well -- they handle food, so just as dangerous as taxis -- perhaps IDs for all the "help"
Like in Palm Beach, which Montauk was modeled after. And don't forget to roam the train to make sure everyone has their papers in order." Jun 8, 16 5:58 PM

UPDATE: $15.8 Million Library Bond Referendum Fails In Hampton Bays

This was also a referendum on the Board of the library. The chairman of that board, at the least, should heed the voice of the people and resign." Jun 15, 16 12:15 PM

Rumba Files Trademark Infringement Complaint Against New Caribbean-Theme Restaurant In Hampton Bays

Did the NY State Liquor Authority close down Charlie Brown's?" Jun 17, 16 10:47 PM

State Suspends Liquor License For Charlie Brown's In Hampton Bays In Wake Of Double Stabbing

If everyone knew about the illegal activities at CBs why was there no "sting" operation by Southampton Town police to stop it? If the owners have multiple locations with similar activities why did Suffolk police not stop it? Are our expensive police departments corrupt?" Jun 21, 16 11:48 AM

According to article, the police visited 40 times. What were the results? How many times has Code Enforcement visited a taxpayer's home based on trolling airbnb? Something's rotten in the State of Thorne Holst." Jun 21, 16 5:55 PM

Shinnecock Hills Golf Club President Says Tuckahoe Road Proposal Is A Matter Of Safety

The road is there because the Shinecock Nation is the traditional labor force for the Club, which is on land stolen from them. If its now become too dangerous, perhaps the Club Membership should find real estate elsewhere. Sure they could afford it.

How about the Club gets eminent domained and becomes a public course? Clearly, a politician who wanted what's best for the most people would propose this solution." Jul 9, 16 1:54 PM

LIPA Says It Will Support Construction Of Nation's First Large Wind Farm Off Montauk

How about a dollar for dollar tax break on solar roofs and home battery backup tied into local microgrids with natgas generators as further microgrid backup? Would put mostly non union labor to work and lessen governmental authority so little chance of being approved." Jul 16, 16 11:24 AM

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