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Southampton Town Planning Board Opposes Redevelopment Plan For Shinnecock Canal

Why is the town board even voting on this? This decision should be put to a referendum vote for the residents of the Hamlet of Hampton Bays to decide .. Four members living in different hamlets throughout the town plus Mr. Glinka shouldn't be the deciding decision on this Hamlet changing project. There are many issues here which .gives us the feeling of deception, half truths and patronage.. Let the residents vote on the direction we would like our Hamlet to take. Real quick, the constant talk and complaining of the septic and sewer waste system contaminating are waterways. I found this quite ironic, since the discussion has continued on the pros and cons of this seweage system, the Allen Acres project just installed 20-30 leaching pools along the north edge of the property from Foster Ave to the creek in the past week. Where was the discussion on the pros and cons of this system and project? Let the residents vote on this! By allowing the town board to have this vote with 5 voices, relates to the previous administrations 5 voices that voted down the aquarium that was planning to be built on the north east side of bridge. The Marriott, restaurants and stores should already have been here
Let the town and county buy back the property with cpf money and make this area a destination and attraction for families and tourists.." Jan 11, 15 1:01 AM

UPDATE: Travel Restrictions Lifted But Residents Asked To Stay Off Roadways As Recovery Continues

I worked for the Highway Dept. for 23 years and am currently out due to injuries.There are 6 districts(barns) with 6-8 employees now, compared to aprox. 10-12 employees per barn when I started. The employee's do a fantastic job and are limited by the lack of employees and the equipment they have. The highway department could achieve faster snow removal times with more employees and larger equipment. But how many of the taxpayers would approve a tax increase so this could be accomplished? Blaming the employees is a lame excuse. As the previous reply stated the employees did not go home. They might have been pulled off the road for a few hours due to unsafe white out conditions, as the state did also. At this time they are still working, 40 HRS LATER. Blame the politics of the town, not the employees! Also, we all pay state taxes... Where are the extra 400 pieces of nys equipment relocated to the city and long island from upstate. Put them to work on our roads, since we live in the State of New York." Jan 27, 15 9:54 PM

Police Still Searching For Hampton Bays Bank Robbery Suspect

How about a picture so the community could assist in an identification? " Jul 2, 15 4:52 PM

UPDATE: Suffolk County Lawmakers Approve Transfer Of Hampton Bays Land

Seems to be a discrepancy on the size of the property. The article states the size of the property to be a 1/4 acre, yet the suffolk county memorandum yesterday states the property to be almost 1 acre. Is this a typo or is the town misleading us again?" Sep 10, 15 6:52 AM

UPDATE: Four Suspects In Stabbing At Hampton Bays Bar Ordered Held On $250,000 Bail Each

Security personnel in Kevlar vests, continuous prostitution in rear parking lot, 3-4 stabbings in the past 12 months. Why are they still open much less have a liquor license?" May 21, 16 11:28 PM