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UPDATE: Top Cops Dispute Charges That Street Crime Unit Office Was Strewn With Drugs

PBR - It should be interesting. Chris Nuzzi, Lt. Kiernan and Chief Pearce are trying to see how thin the ice is since the revelations that William Kiernan lied about his home address on his application by saying he lived in Southampton Town to have the residency to get hired. Better yet, his brother, Lt Kiernan, falsely signed sworn affidavits for his brother's address. The quicksand is deep because of all the lies Lt. Kiernan got caught in and admitted to during the Street Crime investigation. They are poised to push it through but are a little jittery.

OU812- You were close but missed the mark a little. Bill Wright only moves when Marietta Seaman pulls his strings, but it is Ed Morris and John LaValle that give her the marching orders. Chris Nuzzi got some protection because he is best friends with Ed Morris' son but John LaValle is getting very tired of using up favors with DA Spota, especially after Brookhaven and losing leverage in Spota's cross endorsement by helping Nuzzi with Kiernan's issues. Spota has his last term locked up so when Nuzzi and Malone get summoned to DA's Government Corruption for a "talk" again they might not have any lifelines left.

This will be a fun week because it is just the tip of the iceberg." Mar 11, 13 11:44 AM

Hey Tiger,
Sometimes fiction is much nicer than fact. Believe me, don't believe me I really do not care. The fact of the matter is that all the people I mentioned know that it is the truth, they just trying to figure out how much is going to come out and how much proof there is. The flood gates are open and it is all coming out.
You won't need a Ouiji Board because you will be able to read about it everywhere." Mar 11, 13 3:33 PM

Hey NTiger, care to weigh in?
Pearce is playing the poor me patsy while Kiernan is looking to say Pearce was in the loop the whole time. The town board is wondering why they believed Kiernan and Pearce and did not do their own homework. Each of the board members have been "invited" to Hauppauge to have a "talk" with McPartland & Spota (ie: public corruption) for a WTF chat.
Spota knows that some people in Islip just joined the party... as people are starting to save themselves you may be seeing the indictments sooner rather than later." Mar 13, 13 11:34 PM

Pearce has full knowledge of what was going on. He supervised 2 people, Kiernan (SCU)& Costa (DET Div). The offices were next door to each other and he was in them everyday. Pearce has made a career out of culpable deniability. When it comes to being the boss, you are ultimately responsible. The end." Mar 13, 13 11:47 PM

Items Missing From Southampton Town Police Property Room Resurface

You are both talking out of your bung holes. The town board and stpd are going nowhere. That board will not let go of the few that work as their "enforcers".
Pearce will be hitting the road to retirement soon and the deal was struck that Kiernan will be Chief. Bill Wright and his handlers stopped caring about cleaning Kiernan up an decided that the public has a short attention span plus the fact that they have no other option than to elect the party line.

" Mar 28, 13 12:30 AM

Southampton Supervisor Calls For Investigation Of Police Department

County investigating... Scarlato in jail, Nuzzi at least resigns but will most likely get arrested and Malone will resign. Pearce will resign or get arrested and Kiernan will be in jail.
US Atty investigating, Scarlato, Nuzzi, Malone, Kiernan, Pearce in jail. Spota, Ed Walsh, John J LaValle resign and McPartland & Scalera big question marks as to wether they roll. Flemming sat the fence well enough and Throne-Holst is borderline with her talks with Spota and Wright. They could be good wagers...
Right now it is a game of chicken on who comes in and the AG is counting the political pieces.
People are starting to make deals to save themselves and those deals will determine who to make the arrests. It is always dirty when to cookie crumbles." Apr 6, 13 11:44 PM

1, 2, 3" Apr 7, 13 12:01 AM

The politicians will always have strings. It is only a question of how long and how far west they go. Brookhaven and the DA's office are getting concerned/annoyed at how Southampton keeps coming back to them and may (or may not) cut some ties... still a waiting game on how much bad press and how aggressive the feds get.
Nuzzi took everyone down a bad path with Kiernan and the weeds are getting thick. Some party people have to worry to, like LaWall and a few others.
Really it all comes down to how quickly people forget and how much outside eyes try to look at." Apr 7, 13 12:12 AM

Lets play a trivia game...
Where was Nuzzi before Southampton?
Who is the head of Suffolk County Republican party?
Who is the Brookhaven Parks Commissioner?
Who is Kiernan/SOA's attorney?
Who was going to run for DA against Spota?
How did Spota get around term limits?
What Party line(S) is Spota running on?
Who else has the same endorsements?
Who does Malone work for?

start connecting the dots.

If you think Southampton is a political island, think again. Where did Kiernan, Kratoville & Scalera come from?
" Apr 8, 13 2:19 PM