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Cops: Early Saturday Fight at 75 Main, One Assaulted, One Arrested

This place needs to be shut down. Two weeks ago the police also had to show up at 4am due to a huge brawl in the street. It's dangerous. Out of control, with obvious lack of security. Last November there was a 200 person brawl, village, town, and state troopers were called. This doesn't belong here. " Mar 9, 13 6:15 PM

Next call = State Liquor Authority" Mar 9, 13 10:58 PM

You can register complaints anonymously online at the SLA website. " Mar 10, 13 11:40 AM

I have no issue if they want to play music and people want to dance. But respect the village and the laws. Keep the noise controlled inside and keep the patrons safe. No excuse for brawls in the street, people getting hurt, or breaking the local noise ordinances. " Mar 10, 13 2:08 PM

The Mayor claims it was grandfathered in as a night club.....

Maybe we have a good opportunity for 27 East to do some investigative reporting. " Mar 11, 13 1:29 PM

Looks like there's another fight scheduled for Friday the 15th according to their Facebook page. " Mar 11, 13 4:29 PM

The food IS lousy - at best. Ever notice it's completely empty at dinner time?" Mar 17, 13 8:46 PM

Localities Incentivize LEED

The first LEED Platinum home in all of Suffolk County was in East Hampton - it was completed before the Dubin House" Jan 9, 14 3:52 PM

Proposed Hill Street Home In Southampton Village Meets Resistance From Neighbor

I agree with the jealousy comment - MYOB - The house is smaller than what zoning allows so too bad for you. Although I'm not a fan of Farrell houses and think they are ugly, poorly constructed, and there's to many of them. It's not up to me to tell Farrell what he can or can't build on his property. If you wanted a small house behind your house you should've bought the property and built a small house. You have no right to complain. Not to mention it'll probably sell for a high price and consequently make your value go up." Jan 22, 14 1:31 PM

I suppose they can complain it's in their 1st amendment right.

The community is not held to the whims of the developer, they are held to the whims of the zoning laws. " Jan 23, 14 5:37 PM

Parrish Art Museum To Host Separate Vote On Tax Levy

Maybe they shouldn't have spent $20m on the build - which was a total ripoff. Then they would've had plenty of money to operate." Mar 13, 14 4:34 PM

Tails Wagging Over New Southampton Dog Park

Should put the skate park back " Mar 16, 14 3:06 PM

Kardashian Clan Leases Jobs Lane Store In Southampton Village

At least they're hidden in a back corner" May 17, 14 10:05 AM

Southampton Village Considering Valet Parking To Ease Stress During Summer Months

Parking garage is the clear solution - you could easily do one in the current parking lot behind Main St. and Job's Ln. Put the first level half below ground and a second level on top. It would be lower than all the buildings - Plus this could make a great location to house a sewage treatment plant.

Parking garage is not hard to figure out - nor is it hard to figure out who will pay for it. Not only would all the local shops benefit immensely from this, but it would allow for more restaurants/bars and allow for more apartments in the center of the village would draw a huge amount of life into this town. This would bring a lot of young professionals to the town, exactly the demographic we have been losing." May 21, 14 3:15 PM

Starbucks Plans Hampton Road Location; Southampton Mayor Won't Support Store

I hope they open - competition is good. Although I won't be there since I think their coffee isn't good. Lot's of businesses in this small town get pretty lazy, but still want to charge top dollar. This will help fix that. " Jul 3, 14 4:33 PM

Proposed Southampton Town Plastic Bag Ban Comes Up Empty

yes, quite simple as they used to do for years - weight" Jul 24, 14 9:54 AM

Historic Meadow Lane Home Demolished On Thursday; Public Hearing On Replacement Concluded Monday

If you've read the article(s) they are replacing it with a modern house.
" Aug 7, 14 5:12 PM

New Real Estate Brokerage Firm Sells Only Top Of The Market

Not every property they sell is listed for more than $10m - They just don't show the price when it's less. " Aug 26, 14 7:08 PM

UPDATE: Driver Airlifted After Head-On Crash On County Road 39

Concrete barrier right down the center, with turn around points. Just like they have on the busy roads up the island. That would eliminate all (most) head-ons. Nothing more ridiculous than one lane in the center of a highway where you can drive both directions. " Sep 27, 14 8:43 AM

Proposed Modern House For Gin Lane Continues Debate About Historic Districts

What we should worry about is neighbors telling people how their house must look." Sep 30, 14 9:31 AM

I completely disagree that there is anything justifiable about the neighbors expectations. If most people in an area don't want a modern house, then most houses won't be modern, it's as simple as that. You don't need to tell your neighbor what to do." Sep 30, 14 11:10 AM

Southampton Village Looking To Create Boardwalk Along Lake Agawam

Some people just are happy unless they are complaining. Whether it's a new boardwalk, guardrails, and entrance to the side of the arts center, a house that's bigger than theirs, a store opening that they are not a fan of, a change to parking, etc.... the list goes on and on. " Oct 22, 14 4:38 PM

Update: No Charges Filed Against Driver Who Killed Pedestrian Friday Morning

You don't know if the driver was speeding. 35 MPH is fast enough to kill a pedestrian. " Nov 15, 14 10:19 AM

At Least One Arrested Following Altercation On North Sea Road

Hate to break it to you but this is not a public forum there's no freedom of speech. " Nov 22, 14 10:35 AM

'Safe Room' Packages Developing For South Fork Clients

the only threat we have here is flooding from a major storm. In which case I certainly wouldn't want an underground room. Also pretty sure the people that are paying a couple hundred thousand dollars for one of these are the same people that aren't hanging around this area when there is threat of flooding. Are you even allowed to build a room people can stay in without egress? Didn't think the building dept. liked that. Good luck praying upon peoples fear to sell these. " Jan 5, 15 2:37 PM

Garbage Piled Outside North Sea Dump After New Year's Closing

Anyone have a better solution? What are people supposed to do with their garbage if the center is closed? Should be thankful they at least left it pilled neatly at the gate. Quite often in summer we see it just dropped off on the side of the road somewhere, or pilled at a dead end or beach. " Jan 7, 15 1:04 PM

UPDATE: Man In Critical Condition Following Water Mill House Explosion Wednesday Afternoon

Well this story is more about a house and a gas explosion than a car running into a condo......" Feb 11, 15 4:30 PM

Southampton Village Starbucks Slated To Open In Late May

It's a great idea! But for a town that can't even decide if it needs a grocery store, I wouldn't count on something like this ever getting built.

And yes, mostly for the 10 weeks of the season. That is what probably 80% or more of our entire economy relies on. " Mar 25, 15 3:51 PM

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