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Board Members Say Female Officers Were Not Discriminated Against

Love your website! Avid reader, first time poster...

Sounds like Southampton Town has two sets of rules for promotions, males don't interview in front of the Town Board yet they require females to do so. Why is that exactly?

In this case it may have been a prudent measure, I have learned that Sergeant Costa's interview committee consisted of Chief Pearce, Lt. Schurek and Lt. Kiernan. How in gods name is the good Sgt. going to get a fair and unbiased shot at promotion in front of these three? One she investigated and the other two are probably named in the discrimination complaint...


I can assure you we are..." Mar 2, 13 12:30 AM

Would the fact that Wilson had already decided to retire and felt that allowing Pearce to assume command in preparation of the storm would allow for continuity of transition make you feel any better? If he had any intention of returning Im sure he would have been on duty as he was during Irene and every other major event during the last 25 years. Unlike the Brookhaven fiasco the transfer of authority was well underway. " Mar 2, 13 2:15 PM

Here is my prediction now that the new Captain and Lieutenant list has been published: Kiernan will be presented for Captain and Joyce to Lieutenant...Anna will be cross endorsed by the GOP and the hits will keep on coming. Kiernan's brother will be promoted to Sergeant (god knows we have to keep the nepotism going) Sgt. Ralph, who scored well on the test will be discriminated against, as will Costa who they screwed over already. Sound familiar? How do we suddenly have all these funds for all these promotions? Didn't they refuse all Chief Wilson's requests for financial reasons? Who is being paid back for what here?

The reckoning is coming!!

" Mar 5, 13 6:06 PM

UPDATE: Top Cops Dispute Charges That Street Crime Unit Office Was Strewn With Drugs

Wow...sorry, it's all I've got. " Mar 7, 13 10:56 PM

What it sounds like is that Wilson was attempting to navigate the Board while fulfilling his professional (and ethical) responsibilities. It's TRUTH, not retaliation. " Mar 8, 13 8:28 AM

HHS, What you propose is not legally attainable in New York State. Town Law, Village Law, General Municipal Law, Civil Service Regulations etc..All would bar what you describe. Even if the Town Board could get out of its own way and present such a plan, and it is a good one, they would be immediately thwarted by the State. " Mar 8, 13 7:00 PM

Southampton Town Police Logged Long Hours Following Sandy

Thank Pearce for what exactly..isn't that what the Town Board promoted him to do? No matter how you clowns try to portray Wilson's departure (and I work here too) the simple fact is that he retired..and who blames him really? You know damn well he was never coming back after dealing with all the debacles surrounding the Town, storm or no storm.

I'm sure that there were many administrative tasks for the Captain and Lieutenant to deal with during "the storm of the century". God knows the wind blows at hurricane strength in the halls of the STPD on a good day..." May 10, 13 9:19 PM

It appears you are the one with an agenda..

Wilson was never "ordered" to retun from his vacation. With the amount of overtime paid to Department brass I'm sure the Town was well cared for. And yes, the storm was significant in our region. I would hardly characterize it as the storm if the century, especially for the east end. Katrina, that was a storm for the centuries.

From the various rants you have posted concerning the PD and Wilson you clearly are disturbed by the attention of the public. Well my friend you had better get used to it...we will see who is righteous in the end.

Smart money is on Wilson. (and his cronies as you refer to them)" May 16, 13 10:02 AM

Why don't you stay focused, as opposed to spinning your tall tales and personal attacks. You are clearly a disgruntled former employee that Wilson rid either the Town or Village of!

You have no credibility due to the fact that you have no idea what your talking about. (as stunningly demonstrated above) Your posts are exactly what is wrong with Internet forums..just a stump for anonymous feces tossing.

The AG should look into fraudulent pensions, all of them.
" May 17, 13 3:53 PM

Truck Crashes Into Jobs Lane Business

No..." May 24, 13 11:17 PM

Southampton Town Bars Police Officers From Political Committees, Stiffens Penalty For Illegal Rentals

Chief Wilson's tenure with the Town PD turned out perfectly. He did exactly what he was tasked to do, shake the tree and see what falls out. The only problem was that he was a bit too efficient. We wish he had stayed on and finished the enema, during which you and the corrupt machine would have been finally flushed out.

It ain't over till the fat lady sings..and she's just warming up. " May 30, 13 6:35 PM

Yes it does. In May of 2011 the STPD was staffed with 96 sworn officers, including the Chief. A short eighteen months later the staff had been reduced to 86 officers. So, is Wilson responsible for the OT overage or is the municipality complicit for slashing the staffing?

Your absolutely right..the OT budget line was overspent. What no one acknowledges is that Wilson brought in the overal budget significantly under what was authorized in both FY2011 and 2012. (Budget surplus of over 2 million I believe)

Check the records..if I'm wrong I will eat my hat. If we are going to talk about OT..then lets talk about the entire budget.
" May 30, 13 10:10 PM

He retired..didn't quit, resign, get fired or anything else you clowns assert. And, for the one-hundredth time since he wasn't coming back in October there was no reason to return for the storm, push Pearce aside and then retire immediately after. Use your brain a little.

We are over it, your the one who keeps repeating the same mantra. Since you offer no facts to refute my post above you must agree that Wilson bears little to no responsibility for the overtime expenditures. And before you start spinning more lies ask the residents of Flanders or Hampton Bays if they minded having a little extra PD presence.

IMO 85% of the PD wishes Wilson stayed, at least he was trying to make progress where there was none for 20 years. The remainder don't deserve consideration anyway...

So if you wish to have an intelligent dialogue start offering facts and not the same lame innuendos.

" May 31, 13 10:58 AM

Wilson didn't pull patrols from Neptunes..you crack me up with your revisionist history. He reassigned part time/seasonal officers and then had the CRU Unit take over for the disbanded Street Crime Unit. He also had Detectives work the Tiana Lot. What's wrong with changing the paradigm? We made plenty of arrests and as far as I know non had their convictions thrown out.

Again, you are lying and misrepresenting what happend. Truth and facts are no friends of yours. As I have previously stated..this is the problem with the unfettered men's room wall of the anonymous blogosphere.

For whatever reason you are a Wilson critic, which is your right. We just ask that you make a reasonable attempt to stick to the truth when discussing events and state your opinions as such.

" May 31, 13 11:19 AM

The Southampton Town Board majority will never voluntarily allow and independent inquiry of STPD internal operations for fear of validating the former Chief's actions. Any Town funded investigation will prove impudent as the beast will never bite the hand that feeds it.

Only a bonified investigation by a governmental entity with subpoena power will provide real results...and we all know that's the last thing the Town of Southampton wants. " Jun 2, 13 12:53 PM

Yes there is substance to the federal investigation. There will also be more felons released from custody as the Distrct Attorney's Office continues its portion of the inquiry.

However, the rabbit hole is deep and stretches far beyond the geographical boundaries of the Town of Southampton. I fully agree with your prior statements that they only true remedy is a full scale independent investigation with subpepna's across the board. Wilson, Kiernan, Tanaglia, Kabot..all of them. " Jun 2, 13 7:52 PM

Sag Harbor May Rehire Laid-Off Police Officer

Give me a break!!! Officer Driscoll deserves his job back, he is a fine dedicated officer who is being used as political fodder.

As for your constant whining about the Fleming sponsored law..didn't stop the alledged target of the law from getting his mug photographed at Kabot's fundraiser! Check to photos on the local news site that rhymes with "Scratch". Wonder how much will be 'donated' to keep him out of trouble? So...fufuou812
" Jun 13, 13 1:20 PM

Southampton Town Board Cancels Day Off For Town Employees

Nuzzi is a jerk..all workers in this county should take note of his comments. No one is saying that the unions don't have attractive collective bargaining agreements, but the CSEA workers in Town Hall are at the bottom of the scale. There is nothing wrong with offering them a
compensated day off...especially when most work far in excess of their mandated 40 hour weeks. They are truly the unsung who ensure that the town operates smoothly!

Kudos to ATH and Flemming..and a fat raspberry to the GOP grinch's.
" Jun 26, 13 1:28 PM

"Compassion has no place in Republican ideology." ?? Really, then how do you explain the STPD Street Crime cover-up? The Republican majority sure as hell were showing compassion to their fellow committee member...

Or am I off base? " Jun 26, 13 4:02 PM

Sagaponack Will Hold Public Meeting To Discuss Forming Its Own Police Department

NYS law offers the absolute right to collective bargaining for municipal employees. Should Sagaponack keep the full time roster of officers reasonable, perhaps 2-3, and augment with part-timers, they may decide not to unionize. I'm sure Sagaponack would offer their full time staff a competitive benefit package comparable with other Villages of their size. (Quogue,Sag Harbor)

An all per-diem force should be considered. Why not utilize the expertise of fully trained, recently retired officers from other agencies? I like where they are going with this...

Or maybe HHS will bring in the
Ghurkas! " Jul 18, 13 2:47 PM

I applaued Sagaponack for taking the initiative and attempting to change the paradigm. I know many police officers who work full time at one agency and part time at another. Why not? I don't believe that anyone would hesitate to work for a department that has no existing union to piss-off. May of the comments here are self serving, the Town will be forced to raise the PD tax town wide should Sagaponack apply their 2 million towards their own department, and no one west of the canal wants to pay their fair share.

NYS is actually encouraging PDs to use current or former officers part-time so as not to add additional burden to an already bloated pension system. Yes, retired members are capped at 30k annually should they re-enter service. Should they decide to work full-time again they simply notify the retirement system, who places their pension payments on hold, until they stop municipal employment again. This new model of policing will save municipalities BIG money in medical benefits and pension taxes.

Kudos to Mayor Louchheim and Sagaponack for taking the reins of their finances and thinking "outside the box" for the benefit of their constituents!

" Jul 18, 13 7:13 PM

FUou812, Can't you read??

The mess that is Southampton Town was there before Wilson, and will still be a mess long after he's gone. Wilson tries to clean it up but incestuous politics got in the way. The STPD has been unanimously shunned by all other agencies due to the administrations uncooperative nature. The DA just vacated another Street Crime conviction from 2010. Who's fault was that? KIERNAN and PEARCE, who ran the unit at that time.

You can deflect blame and cast aspersions all you want..Kiernan was the one who lied to IAB. And now instead of running patrol, and taking care of his
Responsibilities , he is busy sending out jeopardy questions and pretending to be Alex Trenek!

Since you pretend to be in the 'know' and have a lot to say about Wilson, lets talk about All the STPD problems and not just the ones you select. " Jul 19, 13 9:55 AM

What is...Remember to phrase in the form of a question!

Not touchy at all, just want to remind you and the cronies that we are watching.

So, where do we begin the dialogue? What topic? Corrupt politics, inept leadership, malfeasance, condoning substance abuse, evidence tampering, lying to IAB, perjury, lawsuits, false arrest, theft, falsifying official documents...I'm ready when you are.

" Jul 19, 13 10:30 AM

If the arrest was "good" as you infer why was the conviction tossed out? The lawsuit was dismissed due to technical issues. The DA just vacated another Kiernan case in March, four months after Wilson retired...there must be no ongoing investigation huh?

Your twisted attempts at discrediting Wilson are to no avail. Which he was still here poaching rotten apples from the tree, but understand why he left. " Jul 20, 13 11:32 AM

Who do you think prepares annual budgets for police departments? The Chief does..so don't you think that having someone who has prepared many budgets is prudent? What is your opinion of Wilson's fiscal management based on?

All persons who are seeking to obtain a position are self-serving..." Jul 21, 13 10:01 AM

You heard?? Well, I heard that the SH Town PD is run by a bunch of inept, corrupt cowboys, who pay homage to the local GOP to keep their secrets.. This is why Westhampton Dunes and Sagaponack are are starting their own agencies. North Haven is jumping out too, they will be contracting with Sag Harbor PD in 2014 after agreement is signed.

So I heard anyway....
" Jul 24, 13 1:11 PM

Lol..applied, they said try the HB Diner. Close, but noooo cigar! " Jul 24, 13 10:38 PM

UPDATE: Police Identify Woman Killed In Fatal CR39 Accident


Sagaponack Schedules Vote On Forming Police Department

The chief of police is the one who does the budget each year for their police department. It would only make sense that Sagaponack would ask a police chief to to their budget. Forced, unrealistic numbers after slashing by the town board purposefully to make wilson look bad was the case while he was with the town but even then his budgets were not over. Look at the facts. The town telling sagaponack they are getting their 2.3 millon dollars worth is as much of a joke as your comment. " Aug 20, 13 6:03 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Makes Offer To Stave Off Creation Of Sagaponack Village Police Department

You are all missing the point here..Wilson was nothing more than a gun for hire, he offered Sagaponack all the Town's dirty little secrets so they could leverage them and get a better deal. Does anyone really believe that Wilson would work for 35k a year?? Get real. " Sep 12, 13 12:32 PM

Really?? Name one TOWN or Village in NYS who conducts policing in that manner. " Sep 12, 13 3:14 PM


NYS Police Officer certification is valid four years from the date of separation from service. After that a officer only needs to attend a refresher course to maintain certification. So, there is no rush on anyone's part. (Check it and then get back to me)

As for Wilson's tenure in SH Village and Town, the only onslaught of litigation was from those cancers that he ran off. You need to stop drinking your own toxic kool-aid.

Any officer hired must be within and complient with Suffolk Civil Service System. Officers from NYC, Nassau etc could be hired but only after completing Suffolk's battey of mandated testing. (Poly, Med, Physical and Psycholgical)

So when FUOU812 gets to the Psych portion of the testing he will obviously be eliminated from further consideration!

As with the vast majority of your previous posts you clearly demonstrate your ignorance of the subject matter and your glaringly obvious animus against Wilson.

" Sep 15, 13 5:16 PM

I agree with your assessment that Sagaponack will hire the person who they feel is best suited to serve their community. Wilson, or any other Civil Service Certified Chief, is exempt from further testing as he would have already successfully passed the NYS Chief of Police test with his former employer. NYS certified officers are eligible for hire part or full time as long as all Suffolk County Civil Service testing and requirements are met. " Sep 15, 13 8:29 PM

Schurek Named Captain Of Southampton Town Police Department

The real waste comes from unnecessary promotions and political patronage!

And why does no one care that this PD continually overspends it's overtime allotment. Maybe the 'new' captain can keep them from perpetually being over budget...god knows Chief Pearce can't.

LPGA tournament my a*#" Nov 13, 13 10:57 AM

Armed Robbery On Sag Harbor's Main Street; Suspects At Large

You all read the Newsday article last Friday correct? Yet you all still pose questions as to why this? and why that?

The most obvious answer if usually correct..." Nov 21, 13 9:33 AM

Southampton Town Police Lieutenant Receives $185,000 Settlement From Town

Town Hall can send up puffs of white smoke and anoint Kiernan Pope, it doesn’t change the fact that he plead GUILTY. Kiernan’s Union was footing the bill for his legal expenses, so his assertion that he “couldn’t afford” a hearing is utter nonsense.

The Town knows he’s guilty, his peers know he’s guilty, the DA knows he’s guilty and he knows he’s guilty. No amount of deflection, litigation, denial or rationalization will change the truth. Oh, wait...truth isn’t truth anymore.

My bad..." Oct 19, 18 2:08 PM

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