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Police Warn Of Latest Type Of Phone Scam

My mother fell for this scam. Her nephew is in TX, so it made sense when he called and said he went to his friend's wedding in Mexico City. He said he was in an accident and his nose was broken, that's why his voice was strange. My mother is a highly nervous person in her 80s who always expects the worst, so they called the right person. It's easy to make nervous old ladies upset enough to the point where they are not as suspicious as they should be. " Mar 10, 13 6:56 PM

Not A Time To Be Impatiens

Has anyone else noticed eastern pine trees turning bright orange this winter? They're all over my neighborhood and I never noticed them turning orange before. " Mar 15, 13 12:59 PM

Maureen Hombach Of East Hampton Dies March 27

Sorry to hear of Maureen's death. I remember her from the Pine Grove Inn in Patchogue. " Apr 3, 13 9:07 PM

No Takers For Old Post Office Site In Southampton

An art museum? We have enough "art" out here. I went into a deli once to buy some milk and there was an art show in the deli. As for museums, we have the former Roger's Library, which is now the former Parrish Art museum and we have the warehouse on Montauk highway which is an art museum offering such lovely installations as a display of a purported car wreck. You can go to the museum and look at a fake car wreck and then go outside the museum, wait a while and you will see the real thing on 27. I think that's more than enough art for the area. I don't know if we can handle any more artistic "beauty." " Apr 3, 13 9:42 PM

Southampton Residents Raise Concerns About Town's Sustainability Plan

Good thing I got married before Rush and the other nutters were on the airwaves or my Republican relatives might not have attended my wedding at the UN, afraid the New World Order might suck their brains out. Instead, we all had a nice, apolitical, interdenominational ceremony and a happy reception with no fears of thought interception, black helicopters, communist indoctrination and intrusive global legislation.Those were fun days. " Apr 29, 13 8:50 PM

Tick Season Is In Full Swing

Happens every year" May 10, 13 2:24 PM

Bridgehampton School Board President Resigns After Guilty Plea To Grand Larceny Charge

So can I steal $50,000 from a bank or 711 or my company, invest it, make a nice profit and then pay the $50,000 back to the people I stole from and walk away without a record? Nice deal. Too bad it didn't work for Bernie Madoff. Guess he didn't know the right people. " Jul 2, 13 10:19 AM

State Wildlife Experts Confirm Coyote Sighting In Water MIll

I saw only four guinea fowl yesterday and only two today of the five that made it through the winter.I wonder if the coyote is killing them? And something is trampling my garden and eating the tips of the coneflowers and phlox. Do coyotes eat plant tips? " Jul 9, 13 5:09 PM

UPDATE: Sag Harbor Man Charged With DWI In Connection With Saturday Crash On Route 114

I have far more trouble from locals driving pickup trucks than from city folk. And the local pickup trucks don't go away in winter. The bigger the wheels on the pickup truck, the worse the behavior. " Jul 9, 13 5:21 PM

State Wildlife Experts Confirm Coyote Sighting In Water MIll

Nah, deer can't get on my property. Maybe it's a groundhog. I hear they pull stalks down and nip the top off. " Jul 11, 13 1:40 PM

Three weeks ago my husband told me he saw what looked like "a small, really skinny dog" in the parking lot of the Water Mill Post Office at night. He snapped a photo with his iPhone but it was too dark. He said it definitely wasn't a fox, as he's seen plenty of them. I showed him images of possums, muskrats and other animals. Nope, he said. It looked like a dog, but it didn't walk like a dog. It had long legs, was skinny and sort of scampered. When I saw this article I showed him the photo of the coyote and he said, "That's what I saw, only it was smaller." hmmm. I hope this doesn't mean the coyote has had pups. One coyote in this town is more than enough. " Jul 11, 13 1:53 PM

Fox Stops Traffic In Southampton; Captured By Rescue Center

Don't forget to donate to the wildlife rescue center. They do good work. " Jul 24, 13 10:16 PM

UPDATE: Police Identify Woman Killed In Fatal CR39 Accident

A lot of people speed up to "beat the light" at St Andrew's Rd. If you know the area, you know they are speeding up because of the light, but the traffic light is not visible from the area where people start speeding, because of the road curvature. If you are unfamiliar with the area, you might speed up as everyone around you is doing so, but not know that the roadway curves to the right. If distracted, you could wind up in oncoming traffic if you aren't following the curve.
It's not a long red light, so I don't know why people feel they have to beat it. Herd instinct, I guess. " Jul 26, 13 10:18 AM

All well and good. But in most areas where there is a great deal of traffic, care is taken to divert traffic away from the accident area and to alert motorists of delays ahead (mobile traffic signs). If you know a major roadway is going to be closed for 6-9 hours, you should make an effort not to have people sitting in a car for that long. Imagine if it had been during the heat wave and elderly people or drivers with infants in the car were stuck for hours. It's a shame someone died, but it's more than "inconvenience" when someone cannot get to their job for the day, or a diabetic headed to a doctor's office can't get off the road. Take all the measurements you like, but find a way to warn motorists and divert traffic. There are plenty of non-officials who head to accidents whenever they happen (I've counted 17 non-emergency vehicles headed to one accident scene all the way from Quogue to North Sea Road), so why not figure out a way to utilize those people along the route? This is an area where they actually medevac people with broken ankles to a trauma hospital by helicopter when there is a nearby hospital equipped to deal with broken ankles. They should be able to figure out how to use technology, transport and volunteers a bit better." Jul 26, 13 10:33 AM