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Southampton Village Police cuff man, find no weapon

Way to go Southampton Police !!!!! Police need to secure the situation to protect all involved. There is NO way that those police officers who responded to the call knew that there was no gun. They did their job and did it well !!!!!
And for all of you who think differently ... keep your comments to yourselves. If you were one of the police officers who responded .. YOU WOULD HAVE DONE THE SAME THING !!!!!!!! Keep up the great work Southampton Police Dept. !!!!!" Oct 17, 09 7:44 AM

I am quite sure they will find the caller to investagate. No one can judge the situation. That guy could have hid the gun or if he did have a gun someone could have been hurt or killed. When police told him to get down he refused to comply ... Big mistake even if there was no gun. " Oct 17, 09 7:55 AM

Charges dropped against man who sprung traps on neighbor's property

One time my neighbor set traps in their yard to trap raccoons but never checked them and a baby squriel was caught in it for days with no food and water and it was cold and raining. I could not just sit by and watch the animal die a slow death so after 3 days I went and let the baby squrriel out.
Did the people who set the trap check on it daily ? If indeed they wanted to trap raccoons then why didn't they themselves free the cat?
Sounds to me that Thomas young should be praised for saving the cat not arrested or charged with any crime. People who set traps should be required to check on those traps at least 2 - 3 times a day. And if they fail to do this then they are the one who need to be charged with a crime !!!!
It could have been a nieghbors cat caught in that trap. Some poeple just do not care about the animals we share this land with. I am all for Thomas Young's actions. Thanks you Thomas Young for saving that cat !" Oct 17, 09 8:13 AM

Proposed change to Southampton Village code would allow archers to shoot deer on their property

You should go live in the city where there are no deer. Get rid of the people who think like you is a much better idea !" Oct 17, 09 8:26 AM