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Local man honored for decades of watching weather

I think, the town should also honor Mr. Hendrickson in some way. He has been a true American and an Eastern Long Island icon." Sep 30, 08 8:35 AM

Combs - Winningham

I knew Tracy when she was a student at the Springs Elementary School. She was a really nice kid. . I wish her all the happiness in the world. " Oct 9, 08 6:25 PM

Law to cut gas prices goes into effect in November

Thanks Assemblyman Thiele!! How about giving the phone numbers to call when gas stations are breaking this law!! We will remember Assemblyman Thiele on election day with our vote!!!!" Oct 22, 08 5:00 PM

Court says ice rink can stay

Kudos to Judge Pitts. East Hampton thinks they can do anything they want to people. Don't you think that the Town ice rink which Billy McGintee had an interest in, was part of this problem? The ice rink was a wonderful recreation area for all the local children. I hope the DeGroots sue the town now!!!! Beware of cute Irishmen!!" Oct 27, 08 7:19 PM

Congregants at odds with new pastor

Wow!! This Pastor calls himself a Christian??? He had better find himself another vocation!! What a terrible thing to do to a grieving family. Who is paying his salary?? Perhaps they better end it and say good bye!!!" Oct 29, 08 8:20 PM

Candidates participate in final debate

One couldn't find a more dedicated and honest Justice than Tom DeMayo!!! As far as Ms Schiavoni, she is in the vest pocket of the Hampton Bays Civic association and we all know what they are!! Thanks to Marion Bowden we now have two King Kullens in Hampton Bays. Now they are trying to get a third in Tuckahoe!! What a crew!! Three cheers for Dan Russo. He gets our family vote!!" Oct 31, 08 4:17 PM

State wants small schools to band together

I think this is a terrific idea. Not only should the districts consolidate, but the health plans for all the teacher's and staff should be together as one. The power would be there and medical plans would be less expensive. Last may Dr. Greg Frost ran for the Westhampton School Board with the platform that he wanted to consolidate all the East End health plans for the school districts. This was a great idea for the districts to save money Dr. Frost was elected but I have never heard if his platform was ever persued. " Dec 3, 08 5:27 PM

Southampton Hospital hires first genetic counselor on the East End

Just what are her degrees?? What is her certification. What is written here in this article is not specific enough. Studying something does not make one certified!!! " Dec 7, 08 6:44 PM

County installs fake police car billboard on County Road 39 to slow down speeders

Same old song!! Laws are made and no one enforces them!! Why bother??? Honest citizens obey the law, the rest just ignore it!! Always an excuse .It is disgusting to say the least!!! Bump it up to 45 and they will go 55." Dec 8, 08 6:00 PM

Gasoline prices are still inflated here, despite new law

Everyone in Southampton and Southampton village should be calling the Attorney General's office to get him to get after these crooks and fine them the $10,000 fine. The number is 1 518-474-7330. The secretary gets annoyed and wants you to call this number (which you can call too)1-800-996-4630. Make sure the Attorney General's office knows how disgusted you are that the law is not being enforced. It became law on Nov. 24th. How long do we have to put up with this??? " Dec 10, 08 5:22 PM

Schools reflect on possible forced consolidation

Our children are our most important assets. I would never like to see the educational programs cut out here. The main problems there are too many superintendents principals and administrators running the schools. All with out of sight salaries. Many are old and coming from up state where the salaries are low. They come here to get the higher salary to boost their retirement salary.How many administrators can it take to run a school?? Sag Harbor pays a superintendent $180,000 a year. A man who was fired from 3 schools and they haven't had their teachers on a contract for over a year. This is insane!!! Put the money behind the kid's education and get rid of this extra baggage!!!" Dec 10, 08 5:49 PM

Gasoline prices are still inflated here, despite new law

Assemblymen Thiele had a letter in the Southampton Press.H e gave Attorney General Coumo's address but not his phone number or e-mail address. Everyone should call him!! Bug the heck out of him until he does something. He was out here speaking this summer and was gung ho about fixing the gas prices in our area.. Andrew Coumo's phone number again is 1-518-474-7330. As far as Tim Bishop, he is a Congressman for the Federal Government. We need our New York State legislators to fix this problem.. The gas stations here are thumbing their noses at us. We paid $1.75 for low test in Patchogue last night! Hit just one of these stations with that $10,000 fine and the rest will fall in line. I NEVER get gas in Southampton. I do all my shopping in Riverhead and fill up while I am there. See how this gas gouging effects how everyone lives!!" Dec 12, 08 8:40 AM

Crohan grand opening set for January

The money spend on this project is unbelievable. Someone saw someone coming! They all made a mint on taxpayers money!! I think it is a disgrace!!!" Dec 21, 08 4:18 PM

Gasoline prices are still inflated here, despite new law

You are so full of it!! I hated reading your BS blog. I am Bayview and I don't own a mini van. I own a Mercedes. I don't ask for help at gas stations!! I DO NOT get gas any where but Riverhead. I don't care if you are polite or speak Swahilli. All I want is a fair legal gas price. The gas station on North Sea Road just after country Rd. 39 is the worst price gouger in all of the Hamptons. He is the Ocean Gas Station and everyone should boycott him! EHGG there are places reserved for you in HELL!!!" Dec 21, 08 4:31 PM

Teacher contracts go nowhere in Sag Harbor

Isn't amazing that a flunky like Mr. Gratto ,who was hired at $180,00 a year can hagle over the pay a teacher gets for lunch room duty!I would love to see the list of courses MrGrotto has taken over the past years. . I guess the board feels it is getting it's money back by hiring this zero. He sure is trying to justify it. I can't wait to see, in time, just what his buyout will be!!!" Dec 21, 08 4:44 PM

Gasoline prices are still inflated here, despite new law

Smile. I was laughing so hard over your BS blog,I could hardly contain myself!! I think everyone would be a lot happier if people like you stopped raping the public without trying to defend it. It is as it is !!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!" Dec 23, 08 5:17 PM

Skating rink returns to Southampton Village

Just the ticket!! Recreation such as ice skating brings everyone together. Family friends,neighbors. How much fun. Thank you Southampton Village employees. Another job well done!!!" Jan 7, 09 6:50 PM

Man with giant hot dog guilty of littering

Obviously this person has mental problems. Living like this is a mentality. It becomes a way of life for these people. Unfortunately it infringes on the quality of life of others. Something should be done to stop this abuse to others." Jan 14, 09 6:07 PM

Springs teachers suggest investigating students

So what is the solution? Many of these families are from the same country and are related. Let the parents show a tax statement if they own the home. If they rent a electric bill . If there are several families living in one home it does not mean the children are not living in the district The parents are paying rent. You can attend a school without being the property owner. I'd worry more about the tax payers money being spent on a former ,administrator who is on the pay role, being paid $5,00 to conduct a search for a new superintendent!! You know it will be some one from the good old boys club or an administrator from Southampton who is looking for a position close to home!!!" Feb 11, 09 10:53 PM

Southampton Town Justice Court relocation to go forward

This is a huge problem for the town of Southampton. I don't believe Mr Blowes has the knowledge or education to preform the duties of his position. The senior center in Flanders is a prime example of this. I think a full investigation of the monies spent in his department should carefully be gone over. Some things just do not add up!!! With the economy the way it is,if it isn't broken don't fix it!!!" Feb 19, 09 11:10 AM

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