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Female Southampton Town Police Officers File Sexual Discrimination Claims

Southampton Town PD has like eight female cops. So two of the eight are sergeants. Lets see they have like 13 sergeants... so 2 are sergeants, the other eleven are male.. Of an 85 male department, 8 female department. 22% of the female officers have attained the rank of sergeant, where as 12% of male have. That doesn't seem too unreasonable. Don't they have to take a civil service exam to attain rank of sergeant? Sounds weak in my estimation, but hey my taxes will pay the fall out. " Feb 21, 13 10:02 AM

KGeppetto. I do not oppose their promotions. I oppose them trying to claim gender as a reason. As noted "The Truth Hurts," they have very good careers. I am sure deservedly so. But if they got all of that stuff, where was the sexual discrimination under Overton (Chief) and Pearce (Lt). Listen if they came out and said, "hey we are getting screwed because we backed Chief Wilson." I would say that's absolutely right. Which doesn't make it right. But lets not make it a gender based issue. They are just using it as a means to get to an end, and that's wrong. Almost as wrong as Pearce promoting his SOA President, Michael Zarro and a man whom most likely lied about his residency to get the this job that likely never lived in Southampton Town.. Who loses??? Geppettos Puppet Boy Association?? Nope. Pearce (and whomever is pulling his strings)?? Nope. Tax payer., citizens, residence, people that actually live here. Both sides need to find a settling point sooner or later and just go from there. Because Southampton Town Residents are gonna really grow tired of reading how you boys and girls can't play nice when you are making 140K a year and look for other alternatives. " Feb 21, 13 8:13 PM