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East Hampton Town Proposes Curfews To Curb Airport Noise, Aviators See Airport's Eventual Demise

If the Town enacts these restrictions it will mean the Town is dumping its noise pollution onto residents of Montauk -- the Montauk airport is privately owned and the Town has no control whatsoever over its operations." Feb 5, 15 4:57 PM

Ira Rennert Ordered To Repay $118 Million

Now where did I leave my supply of tar and feathers.?" Mar 7, 15 8:33 AM

East Hampton Town Pulls Back On Weekend Helicopter Ban

What most commentators don't seen to understand is that Montauk does not have any legislative powers--it is a hamlet within the Town of East Hampton. In addition the Montauk Airport is privately owned and the Town lacks the power to regulate its operations. Moreover even if the Town purchased the Airport the existing FAA grant assurances would prevent the Town from banning helicopters. The reason the Town was concerned about imposing noise pollution on Montauk is the same reason you don't dump your garbage on your neighbor's lawn." Apr 17, 15 8:58 AM

Candidates Split On East Hampton Rental Registry

Hopefully the revised version of the registry law will include a requirement that the permit number be included in all advertisements for rentals -- with failure to included the permit number constituting a separate Town Code violation." Oct 2, 15 3:25 PM

Downtown Montauk Project Delayed By Erosion; Court Ruling Looming

Unless the court issues a TRO it sounds as if the decision whether to proceed will be made by the Army Corps. Does this mean the Town and County are on the hook to maintain the project notwithstanding that the project will have materially changed to reflect the damage from the recent nor'easter? And how can the DEC continue to approve a project they have not reviewed?" Oct 15, 15 12:23 PM

Montauk’s Sloppy Tuna Owner Faces Contempt Charges

What Doscher needs is tar and feathers" Apr 14, 16 11:01 PM

Monument To Be Dedicated On Veterans Day In East Hampton

November 11 also marks the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I." Nov 8, 18 1:30 PM