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Bishop: Nation Missed Opportunity For Tighter Gun Regulations

a coalition of over two dozen leading gay activists are calling on capital one to fire spokesman alec baldwin in the wake of homophobic tweets the actor made last week on twitter.
“we urge all americans to ask themselves, ‘what’s in your wallet?’ and hope they will reject baldwin’s homophobia by cutting up those capital one cards in their wallets”
like i did last night" Jul 5, 13 7:13 PM

cheif you missed what is going on here read a few lines up" Jul 5, 13 11:03 PM

i just read an interesting quote "i tremble for my country when I reflect that god is just; and that his justice cannot sleep forever." thomas jefferson, 1781.

sadly since 1963 when the bible was banned from the public schools, etc is when i believe the country slipped in the cesspool.
I fear for this country, especially since we decided to back away from israel.and support other governments with sharia law. it is very scary

" Jul 6, 13 11:04 PM

well good night all plesant dreams of years gone by" Jul 6, 13 11:06 PM

highhatsize, Dan asked you how you sleep at night defending a creep like jay sears, i must admit i wondered the same thing. you must not have any children of your own to feel this way. i do not mean to insult you but it is very creepy" Jul 8, 13 2:49 PM

Immigration: From Making Their Way To Finding A Path

it is disturbing that this goes un reported by the media did you see that over the july 4th weekend 48 people were shot in chicago and 11 of them all african american died. stop and frisk is needed on the streets of chicago immediately. black on black crime is reaching epidemic proportions.the pop culture in these community's has gone terribly off the rails. There are no more dads no more role models. in 2011 91% of all black americans who were murdered were killed by other blacks.very sad" Jul 9, 13 11:16 PM

Bishop: Nation Missed Opportunity For Tighter Gun Regulations

interesting statistics joe i like the way he just presents the facts and lets the readers sort out what it means. to me it seems clear who needs to stop the finger pointing. just the facts right" Jul 10, 13 12:17 AM

Immigration: From Making Their Way To Finding A Path

The rep party is fine with gays as long as you keep it out of the school curriculum along with the rest of what goes on in your or anyone else's bedroom.

and mlks quote that dan reminded you of "I have a dream that one minorities live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character is a reality in todays world. after all we have a black potus so i guess you must be talking about minorities that have very little character.

an there is no war on women only innocent babies yet to experience life so i guess eugenics is more popular than ever

and to me there seems to be no war on workers just on arbitration of public sector jobs that are bankruping the system

" Jul 15, 13 2:19 PM

why do you feel the need to openly flaunt it. I was driving thorough east hampton yesterday and saw two men snuggling and caressing each other on a bench by the train. not something my children need to see from anyone do it in your house phil not on a park bench in the middle of town." Jul 16, 13 12:28 AM

there is no such thing as the newly coined white hispanic he was hispanic, so what" Jul 16, 13 12:30 AM

dan, been thinking about this very hard and cant get past one thing. if i was visiting a community not where i lived and it was dark, rainy and i was approached and asked who are you and what are you doing? i cant help but think my natural ans. would be "nothing sir, visiting my dad in building 14 and coming back from the 7 11 over there with some skittles and ice tea. have a nice night" " Jul 19, 13 10:23 PM

still thinking the same thing. if i was visiting a community not where i lived and it was dark, rainy and i was approached and asked who are you and what are you doing? i cant help but think my natural ans. would be "nothing sir, visiting my dad in building 14 and coming back from the 7 11 over there with some skittles and ice tea. have a nice night"

" Jul 20, 13 11:03 AM

but it is you that miss the point. you said the key word "pursue". you cant pursue someone unless they run. and there was no reason to run other than arrogance or avoidance of being guilty, maybe he dropped some drugs along the way. i have seen pictures of what this "man boy" looked like for real.and the images and statements on his own face book page portray (no pun intended) a thuggish persona. so please think before you say the little boy was frightened. "nothing sir, visiting my dad in building 14 and just coming back from the 7 11 over there with some skittles and ice tea. have a nice night"

" Jul 20, 13 12:13 PM

joe someone asked you a few days ago ( i dont remember who ) "why do you hate anyone who supports blacks?

seems to me all the people on your list support blacks just not the kind of blacks they support.

" Jul 22, 13 5:48 PM

not to worry i am not a stupid little girl. i pay very close attention to who says what around here and i already knew your quote was taken grossly out of context, and selectively edited by omitting something.

i have been reading these comments for 3 years and i can say with total assurance you are clearly not the raciest some would like to say you are. have a wonderful evening." Jul 22, 13 7:15 PM

also saw that same poll and in regard to omamacare it has the country on the wrong track with a 64 % disapproval, I guess you could say

"now is the summer of our discontent"" Jul 24, 13 9:20 AM

well this is very interesting i was just reading an article on the zimmerman trial and learned something new. i was wondering if all you smarties could look into this to see if it is really true.

Zimmerman Lawyer: Trayvon Had Recipe For "Poor Man's Ecstasy"
"If you do a Google Search for 'Purple Lean' or 'lean drink' or 'lean drank' it is sort of an urban kind of drug. It's known in some circles as poor man's ecstasy or something like that," George Zimmerman's attorney Mark O'Mara told "The Steve Malzberg Show" on Newsmax.

"The main ingredients are watermelon, Arizona watermelon juice(exactly what trevon had) a hard candy like skittles … for sweetness, and then some type of either codeine tablets if you can get them or Coricidin D, Robitussin DM," he explained.

"It's an intoxicant and it's a fairly significant one that if you google it is said to induce both paranoia and aggressiveness" O'Mara said.

the article also said the court would not allow evidence about travons liver being damaged in a way that is constant with constant use of this drug concoction, wow

" Jul 24, 13 7:53 PM

phillip now that we can speak with you again, can't you see it does not matter to the people in this room what color your skin is, only what you stand for. for god sake you can t be that ignorant.

did you even see what joe posted a few lines up?

fine Americans I would be proud to call my friends,

Dr Ben Carlson
Thomas Sowell
Martin Luther King, Sr. - Father of Martin Luther King, Jr
Booker T. Washington
Armstrong Williams
Tim Scott
Condoleezza Rice
Alphonso Jackson
Clarence Thomas
Jennifer Carroll
J. C. Watts
Lynn Swann
Michael Steele
Ken Blackwell
Niger Innis
The beautiful and articulate Mia Love
Edward J. Perkins
E.W. Jackson
Lieutenant ...more Colonel Frances Rice
Walter E. Williams - Author of More Liberty Means Less Government
Wilt Chamberlain
The very Beautiful Stacey Dash
Karl Malone
Jackie Robinson - Brooklyn
Samuel B. Fuller
Alveda King - niece of Dr. Martin Luther King and senior fellow at the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution
Vernon Robinson
Stephen N. Lackey
Jesse Lee Peterson
James Weldon Johnson
Larry Elder
Alan Keyes
Jefferson Franklin Long
Marvin Scott
Benjamin S. Turner
Allen West
Harris Faulkner
Angela McGlowan
Dwayne Johnson
Deneen Borelli
Peter Boulware
Lynette Boggs
The very beautiful and super smart Amy Holmes
Ron Christie

And the list goes on and on... all fine upstanding people.

" Jul 25, 13 11:30 PM

I know you all are going to tell me that polls dont mean anything but i find this amazing
"Poll: 78 Percent of Young Women Approve of Weiner"
welcome to the stupid generation. they probably love perverts and rapists as well. all these years of women's lib and all we've got to show for it is a cohort of females with zero pride, zero self-respect and zero maturity? nice to know the results of women's lib are as good as the results of all the other leftist programs: utter failure. " Jul 29, 13 11:18 PM

oh my word, wasn't this women vetted before getting the position of being hilary's right hand gal.

she must have been? i am very confused, what has happened to this country and so fast. it is truly scary " Jul 30, 13 10:18 PM

women needed huma and hillary to stand up and declare that anthony and bill's sex scandals were inappropriate instead of justifying them!

huma and hillary have set a poor example to other women! women deserve better than this!
" Jul 31, 13 6:49 AM

choose murder of Innocent baby's, no that is evil and self centered, take it from someone who made that mistake, now if you will excuse me i must go and cry for a few hours,thank you once again for being so cold hearted. i was 17 and new it was wrong all along should have listened to my conscience instead of self centered family members. what in gods name is your reason. you must not like what you see in the mirror when no one else is around. " Jul 31, 13 8:51 AM

I think what was said was it was not the proper venue to talk about national security." Aug 8, 13 7:33 PM

and it is a lot of responsibility with the troll thing but you have the power and we are behind you, lol" Aug 8, 13 7:35 PM

Ethics Panel Extends Bishop Probe

I do not understand tenure why are teachers paid based on how long they have worked at a school. Instead i think good teachers should be paid more, and less effective teachers should be paid less or fired. since most people have jobs in the real world where your pay depends on how well you do your job, not how long you’ve worked for a company, this seems like a no-brainer.

" Aug 27, 13 9:53 AM

Tim Bishop Weighs In On Possible U.S. Military Strike Against Syria

I dont read that tmz crap, actually i was reading an artical in the atlantic and one of the comments confused me, it was a poem.it read like this,

Let Freedom Ring

The most corruption we have ever seen,
Is coming from “The Messiah” Obama regime.
Pathological liars one and all,
King Obama trying to stall.

Obama’s corrupt as one can be,
From the IRS, Benghazi and AP.
Fast and Furious was number one,
And lives were lost under this bum..

Teflon he’s not and he will see,
Impeachment is an option in the land of the free.
King is what he is trying to be.
Wanting complete control over you and me.

Obama and Holder belong in jail,
With Napolitano and Sebelius using a sliding scale.
Crimes against America so they must pay,
We must fight hard each and every day.

They want our guns and freedom too,
So they can do what they wish to do.
Make us slaves in the land of the free,
LET FREEDOM RING this very day.

This old man went to Vietnam,
The oath I took does still stand!!
MOLON LABE is the battle cry,
I will live free or I will die!!

can somone tell me who molon labe is ?" Sep 8, 13 7:19 PM

because people from those towns act like animals" Sep 9, 13 6:33 PM

phil you said i see the captain and preliator aren't condemning erin's obviously racist post.

excuse me but my post said nothing about color i was referring to the crime in those areas, i happen to work in the court system trust me there is a disproportionate number of crimes from those towns. i do not clam to know why, i can just tell you there is" Sep 10, 13 5:43 PM

very mature" Sep 10, 13 5:44 PM

excuse me but my post said nothing about color i was referring to the crime in those areas, i happen to work in the court system trust me there is a disproportionate number of crimes from those towns. i do not clam to know why, i can just tell you there is
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joe hampton, loading..., 27dan, Undocumented Democrat, They call me, chief1, Mr. Snerdley, Preliator
thank you for your support and your ability to see the truth that is in front of your face!" Sep 11, 13 5:37 PM

i think he was referring to you students parents,

duh" Sep 11, 13 5:39 PM

seems to me you should not spend what you dont have, simple" Sep 18, 13 8:06 PM

I was reading an article in time magazine that was promoting the idea that all people will become a light brown mix in the future. It seemed happy with the notion that you would not be able to tell one culture from another. Personally I think people with blond hair and blue eyes are beautiful just as there are beautiful black people it seems the left is always saying they want diversity with the exception of race. " Sep 18, 13 8:12 PM

ObamaCare To Be Explained At Sag Harbor Chamber Event

I cant get over what a great job elisabeth hasselbeck is doing as she settles into her new gig with the boys on fox and friends. nice job! and she looks 10 years younger since getting away from the stress of being outnumbered on the view
" Sep 25, 13 8:09 AM

i was just reading how reality is that this is the one of the worst recoveries in history. In president reagan's 5th year gdp grew by 8%.

gdp under obama this year is at 1.02%. the artical said that this was a fact the media can not get around.

is this true?" Sep 25, 13 6:00 PM

looks like you shut him up for a while good job" Sep 26, 13 9:54 PM

Congressman Tim Bishop: Government Shutdown Was Avoidable, A Matter Of Politics

Tranquility, Peoplefirst thinks your stupid, He thinks you dont relize that the ACA is the first step to introducing a single-payer national health care system to the United States,and the public option,is the first step to fundamentaly changing the country and redistributing the wealth " Sep 30, 13 7:16 PM

Its so obvious some people are frustrated man haters lol" Sep 30, 13 7:21 PM

who do you think your fooling it is so obvious that you are phil@home mr z, its your alter ego that you use when you know you sound dumb.

then you pretend you are someone else and post with your pseudo intellectual cut and paste nonsense.

why don't you just admit when you are leery of sounding like an ignorant small minded partisan you post as p@home" Oct 2, 13 10:08 PM

i see what you mean ~ giggle ~" Oct 2, 13 11:08 PM

z@home lol that fits" Oct 3, 13 8:06 PM

z@home, i am not as smart as you guys but i do not think that defense of what dan just said made a lick of sense " Oct 3, 13 8:11 PM

I don't think anyone is saying that highhatsize, just that the poor do not need to have air conditioning when fans get the job done." Oct 5, 13 4:43 PM

no tell me?" Oct 5, 13 4:45 PM

i for one would like to hear your definition of a nazi? because i perceive a nazi to be for a centralized government held together by terror. and wouldn't fdr be the father of your movement in which power is also centralized in a federal government.

and isnt your oppoisition on this thread for a de centralized goverment since they favor the 10th amendment protected by the 2nd ?

but what do i know i guess ~giggle~" Oct 6, 13 11:26 AM

i see phillip was back since he gave himself a thumbs up yet decided not to respond to my question, guess my qestion must have been stupid." Oct 6, 13 6:35 PM

Bishop Signs Letter To Speaker Calling For Vote To End Shutdown

this is the post that got you so angry whats the matter did ud touch a nerve

It is not some much that z@home posts at the same times that is telling.

Its how they/he don't post at the same time, That I find to be,

shall we say interesting

go back and look at the last grouping of there/his posts P@home 10:58 11:02 11:04 11:15 and Mr Z 10:52 10:56 11:48 mayby thay call each other to say I will meet you on 27 east now!

By Undocumented Democrat (366), southampton on Oct 6, 13 11:59 AM

ps then you both diapear all day and both resurface on this thred after 930 on a sunday night , i think you are the same person." Oct 7, 13 12:11 AM

i am still waiting phillip ~ its been 4 days ~

i for one would like to hear your definition of a nazi? because i perceive a nazi to be for a centralized government held together by terror. and wouldn't fdr be the father of your movement in which power is also centralized in a federal government.

and isn't your opposition on this thread for a de centralized government since they favor the 10th amendment protected by the 2nd ?

but what do i know i guess ...more ~giggle~ " Oct 8, 13 6:34 PM

It is clear that the media is turning on obama's shutdown strategy

the lamestream media’s herculean mission to prop up the president grows increasingly shaky as the reality of his administration’s divisiveness chips away at their metanarrative.

October’s budgetary standoff is taking its toll on the Obama administration’s most important department: its mainstream media press corps.
" Oct 8, 13 7:11 PM

Federal Shutdown Hurts Shinnecocks, Threatens Brookhaven Lab

Funny since you just celabrated the creation of the biggest bakery ever that will be the single payer bake shop and since they do not even know how to get there web site up and going you can bet the twinkies are gonna taste like S***

Y'dig?" Oct 21, 13 1:17 AM

i catch on fast and i can see how your view point is hypocritical. you only seem to like the thirty small bakery's if they are liked up by a union or government regulation.

why you people despise freedom is a puzzle to me. we had the greatest country in history and you want to change that and bankrupt us. i do not get it. what kind of spite drives you. that you are celebrating the destruction of children's futures." Oct 21, 13 1:23 AM

Southampton Town Board Delays Latest Hearing On Canoe Place Inn Redevelopment Plans

Joe said "Like the deserted public maritime museum on the west side...Just get out of the way already and let them build something classy. I like the restaurant idea but a high end steak house, something classy. You need to attract a better clientele to the gateway to the Hampton's. I think Cow Fish has the right idea and another classy restaurant on the waterfront would further cement Hampton bays as a legitimate part of the Hampton's. not just a vagrant run down party town. People out East are starting ...more to talk about Hampton bays with its the beautiful views and coming to places like cow fish from the East. Don't blow this it could be huge.The time has finally come to leave the bad H.B reputation behind. CARPE DIEM"

I thought about what you said today , and you know you bring up an interesting point. it is the most beautiful hampton. and some day soon i thing it will shed the negatives for good, lord knows there is nothing stopping it from being amazing!" Oct 24, 13 7:41 PM

I hope your wrong. the rechlers have gone above and beyond what they have needed to do here and I for one would like to commend them. " Oct 26, 13 6:44 PM

Federal Shutdown Hurts Shinnecocks, Threatens Brookhaven Lab

i just read an artical in the la times that said californians are discovering what obamacare will cost them and they don't like what they see.
it said middle class consumers are staring at hefty increases on their insurance bills as the overhaul remakes the healthcare market. Their rates are rising to offset the higher costs of covering, poorer people. experts say the website glitches are not nearly as daming as the sharp price increases for individual policies that have the greatest potential to erode public support " Oct 27, 13 6:56 PM

captain , joe, didn't the president say "you can keep your plan period" ? i don't understand why people are not talking about this. it seems that the administration needs these people to move into the exchanges to pay for the plan and they lied to us all along. this is criminal" Oct 28, 13 9:06 PM

its ok if a person who is so Axis to kill a child ignores me. i gave up on that person fairly looking at my questions over a month ago. he is very child like and i really do not mind.

as far as the health care thing goes it is so wrong. broken promises should mean something. why is the news ignoring such an obvious issue. we were lied to." Oct 28, 13 10:00 PM

Most liberals have hair like Stalin ?

I do not understand this please explain" Oct 30, 13 7:11 PM

very funny joe you made me laugh" Oct 30, 13 7:13 PM

CNN Falls To Lowest Primetime In Over A Year; Fox’s Megyn Kelly Returns To Cable News Ratings Top Spot
" Oct 31, 13 9:33 PM

i am glad i love her she is tough and honest" Oct 31, 13 9:34 PM

Federal Shutdown Hurts Shinnecocks, Threatens Brookhaven Lab

thats scary, omg look at all the money" Nov 7, 13 12:13 AM

not the translation i took away from they call me post i saw the same message you and hhs ignored when i posted it last month, that the poor do not need to have air conditioning when fans get the job done.

your not fooling anyone" Nov 10, 13 12:29 PM

i see what captain was saying and i have a third grader and i am sure she would see it as well

your not fooling anyone" Nov 10, 13 12:32 PM

obamas website for purchasing health care has been an embarrassment" Nov 12, 13 7:47 PM

phil when you take over banks and car companies, if you take over financial institutions, the way that he has and now the health care system.

If you're going to use every crooked deal that you can come up with to get a bill like the health care bill passed, that is by definition, if you look it up in the dictionary socialism,

Then you must be a socialist.

" Nov 12, 13 8:21 PM

obamas website for purchasing health care has been an real embarrassment

" Nov 13, 13 12:13 AM

big big lie has destroyed his credibility...
" Nov 13, 13 9:03 AM

to my husband, bf , captn , joe and the other hard working self made men on this site,

the problem here is the people who are trying to tax and regulate you to death will never understand the sacrifices you have made for your family and country you have worked hard and deserve what you have. please don't let them tell you otherwise. i for one thank you for being hard working, honest and strong enough to depend on.

they just want what you have but do not understand and could never endure what you have to achieve it" Nov 27, 13 3:25 PM

Sagaponack Looks To Thin Deer Herd With Sharpshooters

The deer do not have as much $ as Michael Davis" Nov 29, 13 3:35 PM

I say we make a stand against this, Its the first time I have seen some of us on the same side of anything in a long time.

Leave the deer alone!" Nov 29, 13 3:37 PM

please you of all people nature must see the hypocrisy in that statement hhs a defender of children , lol after the jay sears thing, pretty comical i would say" Dec 2, 13 10:27 AM

baloney what that man did was down right creepy and for you to defend his actions was equally as creepy. i understand due process but you almost defended his perversions.i do not care what you do in the privacy of your home but when you defend the use of pictures you have taken of local children in your twisted fantasy's you have crossed a line, a line that you tried to water down and everyone who read that article saw what you did." Dec 2, 13 11:40 AM

Its my understanding that has been or is currently in the process of being changed, and stop calling people you don't agree with such horrible names, as it turns out it seems you are the uninformed party." Dec 4, 13 9:11 AM

dont be ignorant, I was refering to the use of the word ignorant :)" Dec 4, 13 5:20 PM

you said "The notion that deer should be able to dictate what I plant in my yard by what they won't eat is ridiculous. It's my yard " and I agree with what you said, is just that i love the deer.did you consider that.all i am saying is plant what you want,but you should be responsible for protecting what you plant and not expect what i would call a government funded mass saluter of peaceful animals i call friends.

to me its sad." Dec 5, 13 12:43 AM

Federal Shutdown Hurts Shinnecocks, Threatens Brookhaven Lab

my god does the lying ever end in this administration its like once a day everyday could you imagine if it was anyone else, its truly is sickening at this point to watch weather it is that jay carney creep or phil trying to defend this circus. its just horrible" Dec 5, 13 4:53 PM

sorry i missed that was it that bad?" Dec 6, 13 7:05 PM

Dozens Rally In Southampton Village For Immigration Reform

I will be out of town for the next two weeks and don't know if i will have much opportunity to check in with my lap top so i wanted to say,

" Dec 14, 13 11:40 AM

Three Stores Charged In Underage Drinking Raid

well there you go you just proved captains point" Dec 19, 13 9:05 PM

joe, your right florida is beautiful, it is my first time here but wowzers.

i am having a great time, hope its not to cold for all my friends on li

have a great christmas!" Dec 19, 13 9:09 PM

it is very creepy" Dec 26, 13 6:20 PM

yes it was the same in florida were we spent the holidays with family. most said they wish they had a chance to have a do over on there vote for mr. o" Dec 26, 13 6:23 PM

Transformation Of Hampton Bays Shopping Center Continues

Yes, imo, that coleen or what ever her name is needs an attitude adjustment, maybe guy does not realize her condescending act is turning off customers" Dec 29, 13 1:19 PM

I agree boardy barns patrons are a disgrace and a blight on the whole town" Dec 29, 13 1:23 PM

Troopers Arrest Four In Hampton Bays Sobriety Checkpoint Early Sunday Morning

you three fight like 3rd graders" Jan 6, 14 7:18 PM

but it is amusing to see temper tantrum phil put in his place" Jan 6, 14 7:19 PM

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