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Zeldin Denounces Obama's Threat To Veto Iran Sanctions

phillip lol , you just don't like the show because it is the only one on msnbc that gives opposing view points, they actually have a fair and balanced approach.

you prefer the host two have two guests that agree with the far left ultra progressive agenda so they can all high five radical far left talking points like 95 percent of the content on that channel

imo you should not venture out past the safety of the faculty lounge" Feb 6, 15 10:13 AM

Joe said , throughout the muslim world, atrocities are occurring every single day... women have few rights and children are routinely abused.

phil seemed to skirt the issue as he seems to be in the habit of when the topic is uncomfortable for his radical left wing progressive stance.

so i will ask phil, do you deny ? women have few rights and children are routinely abused throughout the muslim world and can you bring yourself to denounce it?

" Feb 7, 15 9:46 AM

Everyone can see once again you like obama seem to have an issue calling out the fact that, women have few rights and children are routinely abused throughout the muslim world and have not denounced it?

" Feb 7, 15 11:09 AM

how cowardly" Feb 8, 15 10:41 PM

you do not even make sense " Feb 9, 15 7:15 AM

More KKK Flyers Passed Out In Hampton Bays

mr z and phil you should be ashamed to speak the way you do. yes your speech is protected and you have a right to your opinion but we have a right to tell you the way you talk is un american. you socialist progressive ideology turns my stomach" Feb 11, 15 7:28 AM

communist party control of the internet: obama's dream" Feb 11, 15 7:28 PM

Zeldin Wants More Details Before Supporting President's Call For Military Action

his point would seem to be, if ratings tell us anything

people are done with the progressive line of crap and want the truth

now go and get a job, and if your still not happy get two.

because the free lunch counter is closing !" Feb 12, 15 1:11 PM

April1 said,

Common core aka federal run Ed is an absolute disaster. The community needs to be made more aware of what's being taught in this district, being snuck into CC curriculum through ELA. The dark and depressing stories our elementary aged children need to endure featuring Islam, never stories on Christians or Jews. 4th graders had to devote the first 1/3 of the school year to poetry. A 3rd of the year! These poor kids are bored out of their minds. This district is sucking the love of learning ...more out of these kids. The entire 2nd grade has not been taught how to tell time completely yet. Then move onto the state mandated social & emotional learning. Our entire elementary school is on a daily basis forced to chant songs on collectivism. But that's not enough the kids are then bribed with toys for good behavior. This is all part of the bigger plan our federal government has for our children, being taught what to think instead of how to think and being compliant while getting a substandard education. This district is a mess academically, and the BOE and admin walks lockstep with the state and Feds on their "education reform".

and i think it is worth repeating" Feb 12, 15 1:15 PM

funny, but.....

really is embarrassing to think this is the president of the United States of America" Feb 13, 15 5:39 PM

dan said

"I’m not surmising, I’m not implying. I’m listening to him. I’m watching him. He’s telling us this."

TheGoodLife didn't get it " Feb 13, 15 6:19 PM

the real war is on the small business man and women" Feb 16, 15 11:22 AM

ha risky business lol" Feb 16, 15 11:34 PM

There are two forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances, taqiyya and kitman. These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause Islam - in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them. The Qur'an:" Feb 17, 15 2:58 PM

wow ! capitan and dan if two guys from msnbc are even admitting it its serious " Feb 17, 15 3:47 PM

Zeldin Returns To East End During First Extended Trip Home

you said all that needs to be said with that fact captain" Feb 18, 15 3:19 PM

if the press would allow me i would tell you where to go" Feb 18, 15 6:54 PM

go easy on mr hat today he lost a comrade" Feb 23, 15 5:00 PM

there goes the neighborhood" Feb 27, 15 10:23 PM

lol, tcm i do not think your not allowed to think those things " Mar 3, 15 8:01 AM

mother jones not a reliable source : see david corn" Mar 3, 15 8:06 AM

looks like someone got another time out , lol" Mar 5, 15 1:40 PM

Tim Bishop Named Distinguished Professor At St. Joseph's College

Big Fresh / Joe Hampton 2016" Mar 16, 15 9:38 PM

Southampton Press Launches Contest Asking Residents To Redesign Town Seal

alec baldwin what a creeper" Mar 17, 15 9:56 AM

Tim Bishop Named Distinguished Professor At St. Joseph's College

i just read rubio is on the rise and jeb is struggling i am glad i do not like jeb any more than i like hillary" Mar 22, 15 11:07 PM

been there done that, put in more than my dues" Mar 23, 15 2:03 PM

have you ever served your country Mets ?" Mar 23, 15 2:04 PM

I am more curious how hillary made her millions, maybe her emails will tell the story.im sure the chinese must have them." Mar 29, 15 11:12 AM

global warming sounds great about now." Apr 4, 15 12:33 AM

good gravey! that does not sound good for any of us hear of the island. this is getting out of control fast it seems like they are trying to cripple the country from the inside out !

despertar a la gente, antes de que sea demasiado tarde.! " Apr 9, 15 7:07 PM

South Fork Parents Are Choosing To Opt Children Out Of State Exams This Week

i read today that hillary must use only international airports due to the fact that smaller air fields cant handle all her baggage" Apr 24, 15 6:05 PM

Zeldin Blasts Obama For Putting Politics Before Policy In Iran Nuclear Talks

that is the most disturbing part of all this, her silence on these matters" Apr 27, 15 11:46 AM

New Season Brings Same Old Traffic Delays For Eastbound Commuters

what you say is true bf.

what dan is saying would be very pleasant also,

if it was done as a resident only county road. i have to admit the thought of being in that club and not having to go out on that crazy cr 39 does make me sign in relief,

but dan i am afraid it will never happen people around here warm up very slowly to any new idea. even a good one." Apr 27, 15 7:45 PM

Zeldin Blasts Obama For Putting Politics Before Policy In Iran Nuclear Talks

ok so lets just make a rule right now all candidates all partys, must remain silent from now until election day. completely silent no adds,no debates,no interviews,no media spin, no 501s nothing. and let the cards fall where the may based on current opinions.

i am fine with that, bet your not

" Apr 28, 15 10:37 AM

New Season Brings Same Old Traffic Delays For Eastbound Commuters

poor mr z, never was able to leave 1974" Apr 28, 15 10:39 AM

Zeldin Blasts Obama For Putting Politics Before Policy In Iran Nuclear Talks

few things please me more than to see hillary take a fall. she is a rotten, disgustingly arrogant person and her lack of character has finally caught up with her.

and yes i can admit we can do better than electing yet another bush, lets try a new direction." Apr 30, 15 6:11 PM

Jason Lee Acquitted Of East Hampton Rape Charges Wednesday

disgusting is right john,

what ever happened with that guy from east hampton that broke into his ex girlfriends house in the middle of the night and beat the crap out of her ?

did he get off with no penalty as well ?

east hampton star
arrest made after alleged bedroom attack
By t.e. mcmorrow february 19, 2015

who do these men pay off to walk away scott free ?

and there was a guy from watermill last summer with a similar charge, never hear a thing about what happened with that one ?

" Apr 30, 15 8:33 PM

Zeldin Blasts Obama For Putting Politics Before Policy In Iran Nuclear Talks

i believe another generation as seen what the liberals are about and the world has turned conservative. there are the doers and the taker's. most have relized this is not working out and they have been sold nothing but lies. they want a better life off welfare with the ability to make a better world ." May 8, 15 7:56 PM

he is cute but what a sneaky cheater, as far as i am concerned they did not win the super bowl" May 8, 15 7:58 PM

i find it hard to , um swallow that the still and currant wife of bill clinton is supposed to be a champion for woman every where after hearing from some of his past acquaintances. please don't take it from me instead look it up search your conscience and draw your own conclusions

Juanita Broaddrick (AR)- rape
Eileen Wellstone (Oxford) - rape
Elizabeth Ward Gracen - rape - quid pro quo, post incident intimidation
Regina Hopper Blakely - "forced himself on her, biting, bruising her"
Kathleen Willey (WH) - sexual assault, intimidations, threats
Sandra Allen James (DC) - sexual assault
22 Year Old 1972 (Yale) - sexual assault
Kathy Bradshaw (AK) - sexual assault
Cristy Zercher - unwelcomed sexual advance, intimidations
Paula Jones (AR) - unwelcomed sexual advance, exposure, bordering on sexual assault
Carolyn Moffet -unwelcomed sexual advance, exposure, bordering on sexual assault
1974 student at University of Arkansas - unwelcomed physical contact
1978-1980 - seven complaints per Arkansas state troopers
Monica Lewinsky - quid pro quo, post incident character assault
Gennifer Flowers - quid pro quo, post incident character assault
Dolly Kyle Browning - post incident character assault
Sally Perdue - post incident threats
Betty Dalton - rebuffed his advances, married to one of his supporters
Denise Reeder - apologetic note scanned"

just creepy" May 11, 15 11:11 AM

she is a phony, sad state for our country. the media is complicit in tolerating this obvious attempt to hide behind the scenes and just run on name recognition and being a women." May 18, 15 9:06 PM

Hampton Bays Residents Sue To Stop Shinnecock Canal Projects

so move to the "rest of the country if it is a better deal ?

whats that you say hampton bays is to beautiful and you don't want to move ???

oh you want to live here but for the same price as philadelphia!

now i get it.
" May 18, 15 9:11 PM

Zeldin Blasts Obama For Putting Politics Before Policy In Iran Nuclear Talks

what difference do questions make? she is incapable of a straight forward answer.

ask her why she blamed the terrorist attacks in libya on an obscure u tube video." May 19, 15 3:41 PM

Hampton Bays Residents Sue To Stop Shinnecock Canal Projects

why pay any attention to a person who wrote the following

Humans are overconsuming, polluting and destroying... Perhaps it's not the swans that need to be eradicated..." by eagleeye
Mar 11, 15 1:26 PM

" May 22, 15 7:00 PM

How about a Trader Joe's instead? Fill an un-met need in the community for a change! There are already 2 King Kullens within 10 miles of that location." by eagleeye Mar 25, 10 9:15 PM

i love king kullens selection, its wonderful, if you want a trader joes why don't you ask them why they don't come here find a spot and put in a application. seems your argument is with them not the rechlers or mr. morrow" May 22, 15 7:05 PM

Local Stores Oppose Proposal For Citarella Liquor Store In Southampton Village

your nuts the place is amazing, i cant afford to shop there everyday but wow! what a great store. do you own schmidt's or somthing ?" May 28, 15 8:33 PM

try citi field they have a great iced tea that should fit your budget, also try the bitter grape soda" May 28, 15 8:37 PM

UPDATE: East Hampton Woman Tells Police She Confronted O'Neal Before Assault

its disgusting that they all get away with it. this handyman, the dirt bag from watermill last summer who beat that girl unconsciouses at the beach ?

i still want to know what happened with that michael maran guy from amagansett the east hampton star said he owns east hampton fence and broke into his x girl friends house in the middle of the night and beat the crap out of her. that man sounded like he was dangerous !

east hampton star
arrest made after alleged bedroom attack
By t.e. mcmorrow february 19, 2015

but i guess like jason lee if your a man with some $ and a good attorney you can just buy your way out of trouble in the hamptons

what gives ???" Jun 4, 15 12:23 PM

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