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Bishop, Zeldin Gear Up For Rematch In November

Illegally refused to fire Kathleen Sebelius after she violated campaign finance laws.

fire her ? correct me if i am wrong but didn't he promote her

the whole administration seems so out of touch and corrupt its disgusting

" Jul 29, 14 11:59 AM

mr. obama: we the people demand that you enforce our laws! 77% of us do not want your amnesty. you, barack barry hussein obama sotoro or who every you realy are , seem to be in violation of your oath to our constitution. close the borders this is insane!" Aug 1, 14 11:23 PM

so let me understand you, if i belive in personal responsibility that makes me a right wing extremist?

154 falsely said the newton shooter used a “fully automatic weapon”

must be where phil got that idea from" Aug 2, 14 11:51 PM

if not us than who, fool" Aug 2, 14 11:52 PM

not imperialism free will" Aug 3, 14 3:38 AM

hamas rained missiles down on tel aviv for 3 weeks, they break every cease fire within hours they destroy monuments and kidnap people to use has bargaining chips later. they claim to have 3000 suicide bombers ready to become marders, and say they will not stop until the people of israel are swept into the sea and you want them to do nothing. these animals you protect are using there own children as human shields it is as disgusting as your defending them. " Aug 3, 14 3:46 AM

there is no war on women, just a war on people who have something to show for themselves in life" Aug 7, 14 6:11 PM

no doubt about it captian !" Aug 7, 14 6:14 PM

Three Of Wainscott's Seven Oceanfront Homes On The Market

wow , looks like we will be renting a while longer" Aug 11, 14 7:29 PM

Bishop, Zeldin Gear Up For Rematch In November

omg, just watched the video it is very ,very disturbing, i had no idea how easy it is. why has no one shown this on the news or in the papers. i think it is beyond explanation for this to be going on and know one is doing anything about it ?" Aug 11, 14 7:32 PM

phillup you forgot your life vest,

to funny tcm,

is mr. hat going to go down with the ship? lol" Aug 12, 14 11:47 AM

ya from where ? berkley, lol" Aug 12, 14 7:41 PM

Cyril's Fish House Liquor License To Be Cancelled

i would imagine it is because people have memories of their younger days spent at this good place gone horribly bad

they have a feeling of nostalgia for it but cant defend the in defensible

every one has eyes and can see the garbage it attracts, same with dream " Aug 21, 14 7:19 PM

KKK Recruitment Material Distributed Throughout Hampton Bays

I agree there is no place for any of these groups in hampton bays be it la razza, black panthers, the white knights or ms-13.

if these immigrants are legal and live one family per single family house they have just as many rights as anyone else.
wouldn't you agree kkettles" Aug 23, 14 12:14 AM

we don't want the unions or the kkk in hb they are both equally not welcome !

a fair days work for a fair days pay, equal rights for all LEGAL citizens no matter what race or gender,

close the bordy barn,

fix the cpi

enforce one family to one house laws !

proof of address needed to attend HB schools

the county must stop the disproportionate locating of section 8 housing in our community. We got rid of the welfare motel and now it seems they are doubling there efforts to promote section 8 single family homes here!

There problems solved." Aug 23, 14 11:47 AM

funny i am pretty sure my friends husband (a sh police officer) told me all three of those places were owned by the same people and that they give them the most reason for concern of all the bars. go look for yourselves what goes on around town and ask yourself if you are doing enough to make sure our town develops in a classy and responsible direction " Sep 1, 14 3:31 PM

we need to be active in the community we live in one of the most amazing and beautiful places in the country, public drunken slobs with no respect for property should be tolerated " Sep 1, 14 3:34 PM

i don't care what you all say i really miss president bush, i always felt safe like the adults were in charge, unlike this narcissistic, spiteful and race baiting disaster of an administration.

the poll numbers show just the die hard zealots are going down with the ship.

they seem so clueless and frozen, its scary" Sep 4, 14 3:42 PM

oh you cant be serious, please tell me your not serious joe" Sep 4, 14 3:43 PM

Bishop And Zeldin Say They Are Both Pro-Business, But Have Different Approaches

people under 30 need to know more government services mean more rules and regulations and less take home pay in there check fore the rest of there lives" Sep 8, 14 12:02 PM

i know the difference silly, just not has up tight about grammar as you, at home raising 3 children there is more important stuff to stress about." Sep 8, 14 3:04 PM

lol, if you say so mr hat,

nice find dan i agree with you all,

I miss president bush :(" Sep 11, 14 9:51 AM

if you say so mr hat, president bush was a better man than you give him credit for

did you ever think that a lasting presence of our military in such a barbaric Regine would help the women and the next generation of children to break the chain of as you put it "some other psychopathic, homicidal Muslim extremist group" from taking their place further down the road.

talk about a war on women. why would you support doing nothing to help? " Sep 12, 14 3:44 PM

omg, that is some very freighting stuff is all of that real ? what is going on anyway? why would we need all of that? if all of that is true why do we not hear about it on the news?

mr z, cap, joe ???" Sep 13, 14 8:14 PM

funny" Sep 13, 14 8:16 PM

Its no lye to try and rid the world of the scourge of twisted misogynistic cave dwelling Islamic extremist terrorist murderers. some of us want yhem gone.

this philosophy is barbaric, why don't you and hillary denounce it as such instead of pretend its not what it is the real war on women and the next generation" Sep 14, 14 7:22 AM

to all the real men on this board, thank you for all you do, and if they do ever come here again or the system does ever god forbid collapse, I know you will be protecting us with your lives if necessary. " Sep 14, 14 11:42 AM

i do not understand i thought the president said he was going to destroy isis but i was just reading how he is busy preparing some new global warming initiative for tomorrow and also today he announced he is going to be focusing on eradicating ebola from 3rd world country's and campaigning for the mid terms but no action against islamic terrorists since the administration said we were at war ?" Sep 15, 14 9:13 PM

why do you make fun of the situation but i'm a blank ?

i mean really this is getting a little to close to home now, the ny times today reported militants for the islamic state in iraq and syria have traveled to mexico and are just miles from the united states. They plan to cross over the porous border and will “imminently” launch car bomb attacks.and the threat is so real that federal law enforcement officers have been placed at a heightened state of alert" Sep 15, 14 9:19 PM

Bishop Votes In Support Of Training Of Syrian Rebels To Fight ISIS

the last part is very funny, sad but funny" Sep 19, 14 10:47 AM

if they come here captain will be ready " Sep 19, 14 10:49 AM

I agree the president seems much less arrogant and spiteful as of late, making more sense when he speaks" Sep 26, 14 8:37 PM

obama’s decision to delay executive action on immigration is promising as well. " Sep 26, 14 8:47 PM

really if that is not a sign what is?" Sep 30, 14 12:14 PM

Hampton Bays Residents Blast Board, Again, Over Illegal Housing

mr z, I think you just about admitted being a communist there, so why not come out and say it? Its obvious you pine for the fall of the republic and capitalism, you seem much more comfortable with a socially engineered society a progressive tax and redistribution of wealth.

some of us still believe in america exceptionalism, personal responsibility and hard work, sorry if you have given up on the american dream but we have not! so seriously maybe you would be more happy in a place like sweden?" Sep 30, 14 8:24 PM

Hampton Bays Residents Blast Board, Again, Over Illegal Housing

i did not mean any disrespect mr. z, it just seems you do not feel any patriotism to this country and its history so i was truly suggesting you might find a socialist system more friendly to you belief system." Oct 1, 14 12:19 PM

the way this is being handled is disgraceful and scary, i was reading an article today that mitt romney is demanding an apology to the people and feels there has never been a single person in history who has done more to harm america than obama has.

what is this is his plan to institute martial law like you guys were talking about last week. very scary indeed." Oct 3, 14 3:31 PM

the america I grew up in is gone. we have been sliding towards the cliff for a long time, but who knew one man could do so much damage in less than 6 years and I believe the worst is yet to come. have you noticed the increasing evil in his eyes? like a killer moving in to make a kill on his victim." Oct 7, 14 1:23 AM

judging by its actions, the obama administration considers homeschoolers entering the country to be a more serious cause for concern than Liberians with ebola or central americans with enterovirus." Oct 7, 14 7:31 AM

yes yes we know, you must allow 3 months early voting so the get out the vote people can circulate around the community and "help" the disenfranchised fill out there forms and offer to mail out the ballot for free and also provide free rides to the polling place on election day and lolly pop.

its so corrupt it turns the stomach" Oct 9, 14 10:19 PM

We have an election day it is everyones responsibility to get off there *ss and get to a polling place prove who they are and exercises there right to one vote" Oct 9, 14 11:56 PM

good gravy hilary would be sooo much better then this empty suit coward of a radical islamist sympathizer from the land of ebola" Oct 10, 14 4:24 PM

guess he could not do it captain" Oct 10, 14 4:25 PM

phillip please try and concentrate, what ud is saying is the hosts on msnbc each seem to have a specific agenda that is the driving motivation for there progressive affiliation. he did not say rachel being an open lesbian and in a relationship with susan mikula was a bad thing just in his opinion what seems to motivate her point of view.as al sharpton seems to be motivated be his agenda and larry o'donnell in my opinion is just a spiteful bitter man surly you must see that even though you seem to have the same progressive far left opinions as him . why are you always so inflammatory toward others ? surly a person who clams to hold the position at work that you do can see the trail of red ink you leave in your wake?" Oct 13, 14 12:37 PM

yes, there should be a quarantine period of the 21 days to enter for anyone exposed.

this is not a game and it should be the american people that an american president protects first what the hell is this man thinking ???

i will only act when the world health organization says i can ??? " Oct 13, 14 12:52 PM

UPDATE: Cleaning At Southampton After Enterovirus Diagnosis Underway

obama won't close off the source of the disease...it might offend someone from the hospital where his grandma says he was born in Africa and could be racist. we americans must be politically correct so we don't offend people that bring ebola into our country.

just wait until more clusters of the disease are everywhere....How can obama keep telling us that open borders to ebola is a good idea? ...but then, this administration always chooses badly and unwisely...it is like they have an agenda to cripple america and bring us down to the level of a third world country. its disgusting, is this man our president or some sort of un secretary for muslim relations?" Oct 15, 14 11:17 AM

Bishop And Zeldin To Debate As Election Day Draws Near

i would love to know what happened to our little phillip to make him the way he is . what special interest motivates your far left ideology?" Oct 19, 14 4:41 PM

Bishop, Zeldin Criticize Obama On Handling Of Ebola, Trade Barbs On Other Issues

i was just reading about a new ap-gfk poll that said not only do most expect a gop blow out victory in november but by a growing margin, they say that's the outcome they'd like to see.

the surprise was that it also said the majority of women now want republicans!

the war on women does not exist except in the partisan minds of the far left crazies" Oct 21, 14 9:30 PM

ud shame on you,

your not supposed to notice facts like that. hhs will get all wee wee'd up

lol " Oct 23, 14 9:27 AM

omg, that is very funny, how do you do that?

how fitting, lol" Oct 26, 14 6:40 PM

looking up 4th and 6th now thanks for challenging me ud " Oct 26, 14 6:42 PM

oh my god how terrible

I read the members of the family were being quarantined inside their apartment.

the cdc said we have let the governors of ny and other states know that we have concerns with the unintended consequences that quarantine policies may have on efforts to combat Ebola at its source, the official said.

like widow said "HOW" they keep forgetting to say how that works!

I agree with dan, they want to downplay this until after the election.

" Oct 27, 14 1:05 PM

Oh My God ! joe that cant be real" Oct 28, 14 8:54 AM

phillip must have called in sick today with the radical left partisan blues.

The root of problem started with the colonisation of Africa, and it's exploitation since by European nations.
By philathome (8953), Southampton on Oct 21, 14 5:40 PM

whites as a voting block do not vote based on skin color so why is it ok that blacks vote 87-90% for blacks. now tell me who the 'racists' are? do white churches fill buses after church and cart them off to the polls ?. give me a break. your 'race card' has been played and discarded!

real clear politics projects that republicans are on track to pick up at least seven senate seats.

this has left phillup utterly panicked as dems scramble to motivate their base at a time when obama’s approval rating is 38 percent. he turns to his little black dress
race-baiting in hopes of scaring african american voters to the polls." Oct 28, 14 1:24 PM

Tim Bishop Defends His Seat In Congress

phillip must have called in sick again today with the radical left partisan blues.

thank you ud very informative video phil & shp does not want us to see

whites as a voting block do not vote based on skin color so why is it ok that blacks vote 87-90% for blacks. now tell me who the 'racists' are? do white churches fill buses after church and cart them off to the polls ?. give me a ...more break. your 'race card' has been played and discarded!

real clear politics projects that republicans are on track to pick up at least seven senate seats.

this has the left and phillup utterly panicked as dems scramble to motivate their base at a time when obama’s approval rating is 38 percent.

once again he turns to his little black dress,race-baiting

in hopes of scaring african american voters to the polls.
" Oct 29, 14 9:23 AM

funny that same poll acording to dan said,

according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. Driving attitudes is a pervasive sense of a country in trouble. Overwhelming majorities say the country is badly off-track and give the economy negative ratings. Economic expectations are little better today than they were at this time four years ago. Six in 10 say they cannot trust the government in Washington to do what is right — the same as a year ago in the aftermath of the government shutdown and the botched rollout of the federal Web site for the Affordable Care Act. With multiple crises confronting the country — including the spread of Ebola in West Africa and cases here at home, as well as threats from Islamic State militants — a majority now says the government’s ability to deal with big problems has declined in the past few years. Among those who say this, more — by 3 to 1 — blame Obama and the Democrats rather than Republicans in Congress.
By 27dan (996), Shinnecock Hills on Oct 28, 14 12:58 PM
" Oct 29, 14 9:26 AM

Bishop, Zeldin Criticize Obama On Handling Of Ebola, Trade Barbs On Other Issues

Does the government have the right to infringe on the personal freedom of individuals by requiring them to be restricted to their homes for 21 days even if they exhibit no symptoms? absoulutly!

" Oct 31, 14 9:32 AM

Tim Bishop Defends His Seat In Congress

Not even President Clinton can save Bruce Braley or Alicen Slimes at this point,

and obama is where? " Oct 31, 14 7:08 PM

Southampton Town And Village Police Forces Receive Former Military Equipment

there's that pesky war on women again phillip, lol
its becoming a broken record with you, try something new next time, lol" Nov 1, 14 10:59 PM

please, how ridiculous and desperate you sound pulling that old stale race card

again and again and again.

You should feel as silly as you sound.

" Nov 2, 14 4:50 PM

i get it, funny,

but its sad that its kinda true

i just read those five killers obama released for no good reason have re joined the battle with isis

why did he make this trade, just tell me why ?" Nov 2, 14 4:52 PM

mr hat, seems you forgot to address the main point


pardon me for screaming." Nov 3, 14 12:34 PM

uhhhh ? mr. hat ?" Nov 3, 14 7:05 PM

UPDATE: Bishop Concedes Race To Zeldin

i just had to pop in and say congratulations to Mr Zelden and all of you die hards on this board who helped make it happen!

And most of all congratulations to joni ernst for giving us control of the senate and proving there is no war on women, proud of you girl, good luck to you !" Nov 4, 14 11:54 PM

war on women ???

what a joke! ask joni ernst or mia love if there is a war on woman


going out for a walk the air smells fresher this morning." Nov 5, 14 9:35 AM

Southampton Town And Village Police Forces Receive Former Military Equipment

Joe said, In the final analysis, the difference between the two candidates is that one wants to destroy the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and deprive poorer American workers of access to health care. The compassionate people of my acquaintance in New York's First Congressional District just won't do that.

We all look forward to Tim's reelection.

By highhatsize , East Quogue on Jul 20, 14 10:52 AM

In the final, final analysis you are dead wrong as usual !

mr hat pretended he did not see it , to funny!" Nov 6, 14 10:14 PM

UPDATE: Bishop Concedes Race To Zeldin

philip is out there lurking, he changed his picture, don't you feel his presence since Tuesday, breathing heavy on the side line just seething

" Nov 6, 14 10:29 PM

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