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Protesters Gather In East Hampton Village To Oppose Deer Culling

Is anyone at the town listening to us I wonder, seems to me they may have sold out" Jan 22, 14 1:23 PM

UPDATE: Driver In Fatal Crash Pleads Not Guilty To DWI, Held On $250,000 Bail

can't delete the truth no matter how hard you try and spin it" Jan 22, 14 1:33 PM

New York State Plans To Cull Or Capture All Mute Swans By 2025

They are beautiful, what is wrong with these people, i am sick of these nuts with there only native and indigenous garbage. if they are here the ecosystem will adjust you cannot micro manage everything. leave them be!" Jan 23, 14 6:59 PM

"until then, it is an insensate organ which can be excised electively"

ya sure and insensate organ that is capable of screaming out in horror and pain and fear

What a cold monstrous statement" Jan 26, 14 7:30 PM

wow sure is a good qestion" Jan 26, 14 7:32 PM

there is no such thing as a war on women, sounds so foolish,

it is something that is said when losing an argument.

like pulling out the imaginary race card or talking about disproportionate wealth or global warming,

give it up already, no one is buying into your scare tactics anymore unless they are also profiting from the script.

like britney's new song says you gotta work b**ch" Jan 28, 14 10:05 PM

just so everyone understands your position at what month do you concede a fetus achieves a sentient status" Jan 28, 14 10:14 PM

mr z the story is about swans" Jan 29, 14 9:33 AM

my favorite part is the swan on the shirt" Jan 30, 14 9:36 PM

i thought the commercial was adorable" Jan 30, 14 11:13 PM

27east.com To Implement Metered Subscription Plan

this is so disgusting, i have no words to describe it, yet a bunch of you voted for this twice. now own it. it seems to me our president has declred war on successful hardworking people by incentivizing sloths and has sought to punish hard workers. in the long term this will bring down our society to the likes of a third world country.

so disgusting" Feb 6, 14 3:42 PM

i fail to see what is " off the rails " i watched the u tube video and found it very interesting thank goodness there are still some hard working family men with values left on long island. i learn alot from these boards that i would never find out from average news shows. thank you" Feb 7, 14 5:00 PM

i should have known you would not watch a movie about your god and answer my proposal intelligently, oh well guess you like getting you news from far left propaganda sites.

I repeat

i watched this video 65 outrageous lies by president obama . i would like to hear your reaction to it phil , so watch it and get back to us
" Feb 7, 14 5:53 PM

joe hampton the man the whiners love to hate, tee hee, you always brighten my day with your wit, you and the rest of the hard workers on this site have nothing to apologize for.

thanks for providing so many good paying local jobs, don't let them goat you, enjoy the sun " Feb 9, 14 6:21 PM

me to dnice, me to" Feb 9, 14 6:22 PM

Suffolk Republican Committee Picks Zeldin To Challenge Bishop; Snubs Demos

i saw this creep on tv and it was clearly he who is playing the race card not joe and not dnice" Feb 28, 14 5:24 PM

yes by this creep spike lee who ever he is" Feb 28, 14 5:48 PM

marlin don't bother just look at these lyrics that he wont publicly denounce. Instead he says.

"the conservative requirement to adhere to their definition cultural norms shows a rejection of diversity. ???

conservatives come in all colorers if you do not like living in the greatest country ever devised then move instead of trying to bring down the country with hate like those songs you wont seem to rally against. " Mar 1, 14 11:19 AM

sick " Mar 1, 14 11:20 AM

i was just watching cnn and found it interesting that john king said If you're the democrats, I know it's only march, but you have to look at the poll numbers and think, "we're about to get thumped."

wow that from cnn

" Mar 2, 14 10:22 PM

really what is he supposed to pay them $70 per hour? your funny mets fan, you made me chuckle

thats over 55,000 per year

sounds pretty generous to me" Mar 2, 14 10:25 PM

omg, how did the media not know of these pictures and associations before he got elected it is like nobody vetted this man.

or i guess nobody wanted to vet this man.

it is amazing, and also amazing is how some people on this site could care less.

where did you get that picture? is it really obama and that ayers creep back at collage?" Mar 19, 14 2:28 PM

ud, wow!

i read that 3 times and passed it on to everyone on my email list. mr. z even liked it a little i think

tee he" Mar 30, 14 2:40 PM

Joe Youn should read more so you can be less dangerous, lol" Mar 30, 14 3:07 PM

Deer Slaughter Under Way In Southampton Town

Ice as Dan said, ever here of a fence" Apr 9, 14 7:42 PM

i personally will be voting out any incumbent that had anything to do with this, it was horrible, dishonest and sneaky the way they went about it. they said the mass killing was off due to public out cry, and did it anyway!

now we must vote them out and show them not to play us for fools.

don't forget" Apr 9, 14 7:42 PM

Woman Hoping Local Cops Can Be Educated About Breastfeeding

of coarse we wouldn't btime , i guess we were raised differently" Apr 22, 14 2:03 PM

its you that is living in a special world blank. omg have some decency not everything has to be on view for the world just so you can advance your progressive agenda. if a man wants to (well you know) with another man fine just do it in private please and thank you in advance for your respect " Apr 22, 14 2:09 PM

wow you guys are good, how do you know all this stuff." May 2, 14 7:27 PM

they seem too have the facts layed out phillup, as usual you sound like the school yard naynay naynay nay whinnier .
I noticed you did not respond to uds very well researched and presented facts.
the exchange speaks for itself maybe high hat size will bail you out at least he does not cut and paste" May 2, 14 7:52 PM

phil is a academic, he will never stop till you see it his way. that is why they advocate common core, the try and pretend if you like local control of your schools, you can keep it,
If you like your local curriculum you can keep it, and people don't believe them for very good reasons.i was reading this is a thin end of an enormous wedge of federal power that will be wielded for the constant progressive purposes." May 6, 14 10:30 PM

most transparent administration thats the one i find hysterical" May 6, 14 10:32 PM

The only war on women I see is in muslim country's but when asked by dan phil you could not even support that. you just deflected and said what does the bible say ??? i can not believe you counsel children. stop wasting your time captain" May 7, 14 9:27 PM

so people are just vile" May 7, 14 9:30 PM

for me the issue is a simple one did hillary clinton lie about benghazi while standing in front of the victims families and caskets
" May 8, 14 4:56 PM

try reading what some one else posted for a change. joe has you pegged on his post above, so sad

I repeat, did hillary lie about benghazi while standing in front of the victims families and caskets !!!

that is all i want to know !!!

" May 8, 14 5:22 PM

Its called being a man and providing for his family" May 11, 14 11:00 PM

philup likes to side with the courts when they say abortion is not ok instead of murder but is mad when the courts say it is ok to mention god in the pledge

hhs is also ok with abortion and defends the actions of local child pervert jay seers as not criminal but says killing a deer is the work of insensitive evil people

i don't get you two." May 13, 14 7:05 PM

alec baldwin is a egotistical narcissistic idiot " May 13, 14 7:10 PM

he also suggested yesterday that we baptize aliens when and if the come to earth" May 15, 14 12:06 AM

well it would seem we are getting closer to an election " May 18, 14 7:22 PM

i agree if people would get two jobs get off the couch and stop whining they would be fine" May 18, 14 8:49 PM

yes yes, just move on . Its much easier not to think of such things,

hows the weather" May 19, 14 1:57 PM

As you wish , I try not to preach,

Its just the way you belittled the topic "your words your issue"

it struck me as cold. It is really something we should all condemn as a barbaric selfish act of convenience.

besides how long can you discuss a fabricated topic like woman hoping local cops can be educated about breastfeeding. the women is obviously looking for attention, its so ridiculous.
" May 19, 14 2:30 PM

Prices Skyrocket In East End Real Estate

i hope your right nature we just tried to buy there but could not afford it, :( hampton bays home values have gone up 6.6% over the past year. we are still looking and will find something somehow.or we will continue to rent but i will never ever move out of the hamptons!" May 20, 14 3:02 PM

Woman Hoping Local Cops Can Be Educated About Breastfeeding

yes, and there is not a day that goes by that i wish someone would have preached to me before i made the worst mistake of my life.
now please leave me alone philip i know you will only try and upset me more its what you like to do." May 20, 14 3:19 PM

Prices Skyrocket In East End Real Estate

yes it will be missed" May 22, 14 8:56 PM

Woman Hoping Local Cops Can Be Educated About Breastfeeding

rotflmao, you tell him philip i don't have the hart, besides he is your friend. ~ giggle" May 22, 14 9:00 PM

thank you captn but he really does not bother me. in my opinion he has some issues he needs to work out and probable should go talk to someone " May 23, 14 11:34 PM

big fresh is exactly correct, this is a travesty on the american people and very scary that this administration would 5 of these radical islamic killers back out on the streets.in a trade for terrorist sympathizer at the very least.

can we talk about impeaching this radical man from power now? " Jun 4, 14 5:53 PM

MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski: Why Would Susan Rice Repeatedly Say Bergdahl Served Honorably?

i also would like someone to answer that question

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: I want to put this into context with John Heilemann, and ask you a question. I think it's three tough questions. The question about his health, it's a controversy. Why, then, also given his background and everything that we are finding from people who served with him and people who have covered this story and letters that he's written home -- why would Susan Rice be sent out, Susan Rice, be sent out repeatedly to say he served honorably and really push that as one the fundamental reasons behind this swap? And thirdly, with the White House contending they consulted Congress -- am I correct, that happened, right? Yes? Yes? They said they consulted Congress. And members of Congress saying they weren't consulted. What's going on here? What is going on here? Seriously, I don't understand it.

nor do we mika, nor do we" Jun 4, 14 6:49 PM

Thirty-Foot-Tall 'Walking Girl' Statue Causing A Stir In Westhampton

it really is awful so out of character for the area, just terrible" Jun 9, 14 11:29 AM

Woman Hoping Local Cops Can Be Educated About Breastfeeding

it feels like when you were 16 and your parents went on vacation and all hell broke lose for a week,

who is running things ?

it is very scary it feels like the train is about to come off the rails and the engineer is passed out with his arm on the accelerator and the door is bolted shut!" Jun 17, 14 10:20 AM

wow, thanks for spotlighting that disgusting quote from the achieves they call me, omg

very disturbing way of thinking," Jun 24, 14 11:00 AM

Hobby Lobby Ruling Called A Setback By Tim Bishop And Victory By Lee Zeldin

phil you are among a wilting ideology the gig is up, the curtain has been pulled back and just like that little wizard of oz the people see your propaganda for what it is.

the guy was a loser and a taker like joe and dnice have pointed out " Jul 18, 14 6:53 PM

welcome to the new world, where evil is good and good is evil. i'm thinking there's probably a lot of brittish and french that are regretting their loose immigration policies about now" Jul 20, 14 11:38 AM

if i need to learn more about animal behavior i can go to the zoo" Jul 20, 14 12:09 PM

I am a true believer in the saying where there is smoke theres fire and in this case to just close the door when smoke is coming out all 10 windows seems a tad bit dismissive to say the least.

maybe captain or mr z or joe could answer this for me? if it was proved he was born in kenya, would his presidency and all the laws that come with it be nullified" Jul 22, 14 1:05 PM

Bishop, Zeldin Gear Up For Rematch In November

109) Supports installation of hidden cameras on private property without a search warrant

In October 2012, Obama’s Justice Department argued in favor of installing hidden cameras on private property without a search warrant.

creepy !!!" Jul 28, 14 1:01 PM

just crazy, it really is just crazy, where is the media? payed off ?" Jul 28, 14 5:21 PM

Illegally refused to fire Kathleen Sebelius after she violated campaign finance laws.

fire her ? correct me if i am wrong but didn't he promote her

the whole administration seems so out of touch and corrupt its disgusting

" Jul 29, 14 11:59 AM

mr. obama: we the people demand that you enforce our laws! 77% of us do not want your amnesty. you, barack barry hussein obama sotoro or who every you realy are , seem to be in violation of your oath to our constitution. close the borders this is insane!" Aug 1, 14 11:23 PM

so let me understand you, if i belive in personal responsibility that makes me a right wing extremist?

154 falsely said the newton shooter used a “fully automatic weapon”

must be where phil got that idea from" Aug 2, 14 11:51 PM

if not us than who, fool" Aug 2, 14 11:52 PM

not imperialism free will" Aug 3, 14 3:38 AM

hamas rained missiles down on tel aviv for 3 weeks, they break every cease fire within hours they destroy monuments and kidnap people to use has bargaining chips later. they claim to have 3000 suicide bombers ready to become marders, and say they will not stop until the people of israel are swept into the sea and you want them to do nothing. these animals you protect are using there own children as human shields it is as disgusting as your defending them. " Aug 3, 14 3:46 AM

there is no war on women, just a war on people who have something to show for themselves in life" Aug 7, 14 6:11 PM

no doubt about it captian !" Aug 7, 14 6:14 PM

Three Of Wainscott's Seven Oceanfront Homes On The Market

wow , looks like we will be renting a while longer" Aug 11, 14 7:29 PM

Bishop, Zeldin Gear Up For Rematch In November

omg, just watched the video it is very ,very disturbing, i had no idea how easy it is. why has no one shown this on the news or in the papers. i think it is beyond explanation for this to be going on and know one is doing anything about it ?" Aug 11, 14 7:32 PM

phillup you forgot your life vest,

to funny tcm,

is mr. hat going to go down with the ship? lol" Aug 12, 14 11:47 AM

ya from where ? berkley, lol" Aug 12, 14 7:41 PM

Cyril's Fish House Liquor License To Be Cancelled

i would imagine it is because people have memories of their younger days spent at this good place gone horribly bad

they have a feeling of nostalgia for it but cant defend the in defensible

every one has eyes and can see the garbage it attracts, same with dream " Aug 21, 14 7:19 PM

KKK Recruitment Material Distributed Throughout Hampton Bays

I agree there is no place for any of these groups in hampton bays be it la razza, black panthers, the white knights or ms-13.

if these immigrants are legal and live one family per single family house they have just as many rights as anyone else.
wouldn't you agree kkettles" Aug 23, 14 12:14 AM

we don't want the unions or the kkk in hb they are both equally not welcome !

a fair days work for a fair days pay, equal rights for all LEGAL citizens no matter what race or gender,

close the bordy barn,

fix the cpi

enforce one family to one house laws !

proof of address needed to attend HB schools

the county must stop the disproportionate locating of section 8 housing in our community. We got rid of the welfare motel and now it seems they are doubling there efforts to promote section 8 single family homes here!

There problems solved." Aug 23, 14 11:47 AM

funny i am pretty sure my friends husband (a sh police officer) told me all three of those places were owned by the same people and that they give them the most reason for concern of all the bars. go look for yourselves what goes on around town and ask yourself if you are doing enough to make sure our town develops in a classy and responsible direction " Sep 1, 14 3:31 PM

we need to be active in the community we live in one of the most amazing and beautiful places in the country, public drunken slobs with no respect for property should be tolerated " Sep 1, 14 3:34 PM

i don't care what you all say i really miss president bush, i always felt safe like the adults were in charge, unlike this narcissistic, spiteful and race baiting disaster of an administration.

the poll numbers show just the die hard zealots are going down with the ship.

they seem so clueless and frozen, its scary" Sep 4, 14 3:42 PM

oh you cant be serious, please tell me your not serious joe" Sep 4, 14 3:43 PM

Bishop And Zeldin Say They Are Both Pro-Business, But Have Different Approaches

people under 30 need to know more government services mean more rules and regulations and less take home pay in there check fore the rest of there lives" Sep 8, 14 12:02 PM

i know the difference silly, just not has up tight about grammar as you, at home raising 3 children there is more important stuff to stress about." Sep 8, 14 3:04 PM

lol, if you say so mr hat,

nice find dan i agree with you all,

I miss president bush :(" Sep 11, 14 9:51 AM

if you say so mr hat, president bush was a better man than you give him credit for

did you ever think that a lasting presence of our military in such a barbaric Regine would help the women and the next generation of children to break the chain of as you put it "some other psychopathic, homicidal Muslim extremist group" from taking their place further down the road.

talk about a war on women. why would you support doing nothing to help? " Sep 12, 14 3:44 PM

omg, that is some very freighting stuff is all of that real ? what is going on anyway? why would we need all of that? if all of that is true why do we not hear about it on the news?

mr z, cap, joe ???" Sep 13, 14 8:14 PM

funny" Sep 13, 14 8:16 PM

Its no lye to try and rid the world of the scourge of twisted misogynistic cave dwelling Islamic extremist terrorist murderers. some of us want yhem gone.

this philosophy is barbaric, why don't you and hillary denounce it as such instead of pretend its not what it is the real war on women and the next generation" Sep 14, 14 7:22 AM

to all the real men on this board, thank you for all you do, and if they do ever come here again or the system does ever god forbid collapse, I know you will be protecting us with your lives if necessary. " Sep 14, 14 11:42 AM

i do not understand i thought the president said he was going to destroy isis but i was just reading how he is busy preparing some new global warming initiative for tomorrow and also today he announced he is going to be focusing on eradicating ebola from 3rd world country's and campaigning for the mid terms but no action against islamic terrorists since the administration said we were at war ?" Sep 15, 14 9:13 PM

why do you make fun of the situation but i'm a blank ?

i mean really this is getting a little to close to home now, the ny times today reported militants for the islamic state in iraq and syria have traveled to mexico and are just miles from the united states. They plan to cross over the porous border and will “imminently” launch car bomb attacks.and the threat is so real that federal law enforcement officers have been placed at a heightened state of alert" Sep 15, 14 9:19 PM

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