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Town Police Chief Appointment May Be Clouded By Politics

I never condoned the mass protest at Town Hall, even though I understand the emotional volatility of the subject matter. It was clearly in poor taste.

Your support of Tenaglia has merit, as does mine of Wilson. Both are long time law-enforcement practitioners who have ample ability to run the STPD. My objection to your candidate is that he is currently the head of the STPD union that represents all the superior officers; he recently negotiated a tidy little contract with the current Town Board. He also has an abominable relationship with many of his labor force. I support Wilson because he has demonstrated competency as a Chief of Police for several years now, and he may bring a fresh perspective to an agency, that we can both agree, desperately needs a change of vision. I don’t know where Wilson stands on the idea of 12 hour tours, I doubt you do either.

The pool idea is outstanding! " Apr 16, 11 5:02 PM

Town Board Opens Up Chief Position To Lieutenants

I wish you would stop spinning this story into a political drama…If the Southampton Town Board wishes to interview other Town or Village Chiefs, in addition to their own internal personnel, then so be it. I am in Town Hall almost every day and this whole debate has been self-created by those that happen to be in the minority opinion concerning who should replace Chief Overton.

In addition, isn’t Wilson a registered Republican, Reg Rep?
" Apr 25, 11 11:42 AM

Sagaponack Will Hold Public Meeting To Discuss Forming Its Own Police Department

The only police service that the Town of Southampton provides the Village of Sagaponack is lip service..they have misrepresented their intention to amp up coverage for YEARS. It is common practice for the STPD to shut down one of only three eastern sectors, leaving two officers on duty from the canal to East Hampton. SH Press, foil how often C43 and B31 are actuall manned and how many times that they are shut down. . The Town has promised a second car in HB and Flanders forever, where are they?

Any incorporated municipality is perfectly entitled to explor options to increase services within their community. Why do you think HB is exploring incorporation? Look at the HB citizen group that just forced the Town Code Enforcement into taking action on hundreds of violations in their neighborhoods.

Villages should not have to plead for services that they pay handsomely for. Why allow another governmental entity to decided what services are offered. They incorporated to release themselves from the shadow of a township that had been broken for a long time. How long before North Haven contracts with Sag Harbor? Police mismanagement and Town arrogance has finally caught up with them..." Jul 18, 13 8:54 AM

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