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Most East Enders OK With Postal Service Ending Saturday Mail Delivery

The Postal Service is going bankrupt, 16 billion in the red this year alone. Only an idiot liberal like Tim Bishop thinks that is a good thing, no wonder our country is so bad off with people like Bishop in charge." Feb 7, 13 6:47 AM

National Democrats Place Bishop On Fundraising Priority List For 2014

Bishop is a moderate Democrat, he only votes with Pelosi 97% of the time. " Mar 15, 13 12:14 PM

Bishop: Nation Missed Opportunity For Tighter Gun Regulations

Put a sock in it Tim and keep your little fascists hands off the Second Amendment. " Jun 13, 13 2:37 PM

You just can't 'own' an automatic weapon. No new automatic weapons have been available to the public since 1986. Top own one of the weapons still out there you need a class III Federal permit; you don't just walk down the street to get that. Every one of those existing automatic weapons are registered; they know where they are and who has them. Lastly, none of them have been used in a crime in 40 years.

If all you care about is destroying our Constitution YOU ARE A BAD PERSON. God did help this nation of ours because he bestowed upon us all certain unalienable rights and the means to defend them. Molon labe." Jun 14, 13 8:09 AM

If you are measuring our recovery solely on the stock market you are looking at merely one measurable aspect. Yes, the market is doing great considering the Fed is pumping in, what, $85 billion a month?

It is just another bubble, one that can not be sustained. Real recovery is measured in jobs...oh yeah, still 7.6% unemployment, lowest work force participation rate since the Carter years; fitting really. Youth unemployment is at record highs and forget about it if you are black.

The only reason we see any improvement is that you can not keep the American people down. Despite the fact that we have an incompetent moron in charge we are still going to find a way to rebound. If anything, Barack Obama is an impediment to recovery." Jun 14, 13 3:18 PM

UPDATE: East Hampton Bowl Owner Saddened To Close Business

The place is a dump,over priced and machines are ancient. It is not hard to understand that when you put the bare minimum back into your business the returns are going to decline. It is telling that people are willing to drive right past his place all the way to Riverhead to do the exact same thing. Don't shed any tears, this clown probably has a buyer for the lot/building and is going to walk away with a nice little check.
Good bye, good riddance now get lost. " Jun 18, 13 6:42 AM

Bishop: Nation Missed Opportunity For Tighter Gun Regulations

Keep wishing, it is not going to go away. What is vanishing is any hope that the democrats were going to make any significant gains in the House and they'll be lucky to hold the Senate. After the 2014 mid-terms Barack Obama will be a neutered has-been as every eye turns to 2016. " Jun 19, 13 6:36 AM

Nice, totally ignore what a man says..I guess Mr. Guillory must be a bigot in your eyes too?

Let's just say it like it is...the Democrat Party is the slave party but it does not use chains. It perpetuates reliance on Government handouts, it destroys the traditional family structure and cultivates a culture of dependency. The Democrat plan to hold onto power is to be Santa Claus and give 'stuff' to anyone and everyone for votes." Jun 19, 13 9:19 AM

110,000 Square Foot Sagaponack Estate Has No Room For Pilates Training

Yeah, why not. It is his house, it is his property, he does pay taxes, probably a lot. If you don't want him or anyone else to build; buy their land/house at full market value...other wise get lost. " Jun 20, 13 6:23 AM

Bishop: Nation Missed Opportunity For Tighter Gun Regulations

Oh look, Bernake even hints that the Fed might start winding down QE and dumping billions into the market and we get a sell off and expect more.

Nothing more than another bubble, false security to prop up a failed incompetent of a President. His domestic policy has failed, his economic policy is a joke and world leaders could give a crap about what a loser like Obama has to say.

By Jan of 2014 Obama will have no power as the Democrats scramble to cling to power. 2014 will be a banner year for the Tea Party, a repeat of 2010 and will lay the foundation for Democrat demise in 2016. " Jun 20, 13 9:08 AM

Southampton High School Teachers Wear Black To Protest Student's Testing Accommodation

What happens when this young person has to face anxiety in college...at work...in life? You are not helping them, you doing them a dis-service and setting them up for failure in the future." Jun 21, 13 2:46 PM

Look, it is one thing if the child has been identified as a child with needs and in a program where such practices are normal. It is entirely different if the Principle said do this special thing this one time; that is not acceptable. Life is about difficulty and over coming obstacles; what will the kid do when they have a job and have to deliver a tough report to their boss....ask for a time out? No, this only helps no one.

Any parent of another child who did not get special treatment should protest this this and have every test thrown out. Was it a regents exam...alert the regents board to the irregularities. How do any of us know what happened, this child could have gotten help, could have cheated." Jun 23, 13 6:16 AM

Bishop: Nation Missed Opportunity For Tighter Gun Regulations

Like Syria and Libya, right Phil? " Jun 23, 13 6:19 AM

Make sure you tell that to Obama and Bishop Phil. " Jun 24, 13 6:32 AM

Last time I checked Barack Obama was President and Commander in Chief and a Democrat. Nobody in the Senate or House can order indiscriminate drone strikes on civillians, they can't stop Obama from meddling in Libya and they can't stop Obama from shipping weapons to Al Qeada linked rebels in Syria.

Did you see the video of them beheading women in the streets...yeah good call there backing terrorists. Wait, wasn't it Al Qeada who killed our Ambassador in Libya? Yeah, good job Obama.

Call Obama and Bishop and tell them no intervention in Syria, no more war. " Jun 24, 13 9:49 AM

Bishop Dons Duct Tape To Support Marriage Equality

What a moron, so glad to see my taxpayer dollars at work. " Jun 25, 13 11:29 AM

Yeah it is great, our system works when you let it. No need for Tim Bishop to look like a fool but I do have one question.

Was Tim Bishop a bigot like Bill Clinton who signed DOMA into law or more like Barack Obama who just supported it when he was running for office?

Anyways, it was stupid law, just as bad as Clinton's "Don't ask, don't tell policy"; people should be allowed to marry who they love, no matter how little sense it makes. " Jun 27, 13 6:41 AM

I am neither happy or unhappy about the repeal; it does not apply to me. I don't see how saying "people should be allowed to marry who they love" marks me as being a supporter of DOMA. Are your reading comprehension skills that bag?

You still did not answer my question; if the Clinton did not support DOMA why did he sign it into to law?

If Obama is such a staunch champion of gay marriage why did he oppose it as a candidate?

More liberal hypocrisy; say one thing then do another rather than having the courage to stand up for what they believe in. " Jun 27, 13 10:12 AM

I don't get you idiot liberals, I did not like DOMA, it was a stupid idea, I did not like "Don't ask, don't tell". Who want to marry and who you love should not matter when you volunteer to put on a uniform. No, I did not jump up and down in the street when both Clinton supported ideas were undone but it was correct to undo them.

Oh yeah, I was 'served'...what are you, 10? I hit a g instead of a d and that is your big got ya? You two must have been picked on a lot in school, good thing there is the internet to correct your social deficiencies. You know you could never talk to some one in real life the way you do here.
" Jun 28, 13 6:46 AM

Recent Filming Raises Questions About The Hiring Of Local Police For Security

So when your wife is getting raped, you are getting your head kicked in or your house is being robbed you have the wonder are the PD not there because it is doughnut time or they are holding some richy-rich snobs hand at a film site? So nice that the liberal media can just hire our local police forces to keep us, the riffraff away. " Jun 28, 13 9:05 AM

Immigration: From Making Their Way To Finding A Path

Haha, always good for a laugh, thanks Phil. Are 'slave wages' really so bad when you don't have to pay income taxes but can still get government aid and services?

Doesn't matter, people like Phil are bound and determined to kill this nation and anyone who disagrees with them. The path of the leftist always leads to death; history does not lie. " Jul 9, 13 12:51 PM

Look, the immigration bill as passed by the Senate amounts to economic, societal and national suicide all courtesy of the liberal left who hate this country and the mindless advocates of big business on the right. Lost in all of this are those who want to preserve this nation and its citizens all because of political gamesmanship, over which party can give away more to this group or that to curry favor. Screw the middle class, screw the future of the country. " Jul 10, 13 8:54 AM

Scientists Stumped By Die-Off Of Bluefish In Shinnecock Bay

Its Bush's fault." Jul 10, 13 2:39 PM

Signs Tell Drivers To Be Aware In East Hampton

Yeah that is nice and all but are the people who put them up going to pick them up when they are faded, broken and forgotten? No. " Jul 12, 13 8:53 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Opens Cooling Centers After National Weather Service Issues Heat Advisory

Well if you do not use any common sense you deserve to have heat stroke. Natural selection does not care about your heat advisory." Jul 15, 13 2:52 PM

American Flags Vandalized In East Quogue Village Green Park

Bored young liberals. " Jul 15, 13 3:15 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Opens Cooling Centers After National Weather Service Issues Heat Advisory


This just in, officials have issued a darkness alert; it seems that every night it gets dark out and vision is impaired. Officials urge people to use caution and take appropriate measures. Some suggestions are use your car headlights when driving, flashlights when on foot and the lights in your house.

This concludes your Nanny State Alert. " Jul 16, 13 10:54 AM

East Hampton Town GOP, Still Without Supervisor Candidate, Tries One Last Tack

What a joke, EHT Stupublicans are in desperate need of new leadership, people with vision, guts and ideals as opposed to this mish-mash of lip biting hand wringing fools. What a complete dis-service to the community and how unfair it is for Democrat candidate who would probably look forward to running against an opponent. " Jul 16, 13 2:49 PM

American Flags Vandalized In East Quogue Village Green Park

That is not an American flag, it is an American themed flag. " Jul 17, 13 8:26 AM

Nope Phil, that new flag in your sig looks like a Revolutionary War era themed flag, not the actual flag of the United states. Remember we have 50 states (despite Obama saying 57) so there are 50 stars in the blue field. Keep trying, you'll find something eventually...you should post all those flags that replaced the stars with Obama's face or his idiotic 'O' logo?" Jul 19, 13 1:05 PM

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