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Audit Finds Southampton Town Overpaid School Districts From CPF

forgot the word am damnit" Nov 27, 10 3:20 PM

Tuckahoe Superintendent Would Rent District-Owned Home Following $95,000 Renovations

You just can't make this stuff up. I've considered renting a house for my seasonal employee's. Its good business. They mess up you fire them and toss them out of the house. That's probaly not the motivation here (sarcasm intended). If the Tuckahoe school district is thinking along the lines of good business then good education should be the goal. For those who want to put students first I refer you to studentsfirst.org. There is a revolution starting in education. This is so wrong on so many levels I hope the voters who are not vacationing or traveling for the holidays vote NO and those who can vote absentee ballots will also vote NO. " Dec 8, 10 4:52 PM

White Files Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Southampton Town

How bout we look at Mr. White's department and evaluate his effectiveness. Lets look at the progress SH has made under his leadership. If we do look the only question would be why he's been employed for so darn long. His first year in the positon we met and I gave him a copy of the Mt. Laurel Doctrine from NJ. He had nothing to say about it as it related to affordable housing in Southampton or did very little to stop exclusionary zoning in this Town. I say just move on John. " Dec 24, 10 12:03 AM

Group Pushing For Religious Boundary Files Suit Against Southampton Town, Westhampton Beach And Quogue

Where is the person suggesting that the Eruv association should purchase stock in LIPA and the phone company thereby being part owners of the poles. Then a map could be drawn up using the identification on those poles. There are numbers and letters burned into the poles I've looked at and elongated yellow and black signs with numbers on them. But that would not satisfy the need to publisize and bring this issue out that there is a precieved level of discrimination going on. Now that's worth pouring money into a law suit about. Just keep these issues out there so the rhetoric never fades. Only when the courts start rewarding victims of these law suits with defenders court costs AND DAMAGES will this stuff end. Send lawyers guns and money I think the song goes. " Jan 16, 11 9:45 AM

Town Measure Seeks Simpler Financial Reporting

Hey all you board members, I think what Mr. Nuzzi is asking for is a clerifcation of the books. If he doesn't understnad it in its present form than I guess you or Ms Wright can answer his questions. If that can't be done than the format of the reports HAVE to be changed so that everyone on that board understand it line for line. If no one except the comptroller can interpert the numbers than we lose our voices in govt spending. If I were on the board and I did not understand the report I would be in that office from morning coffee to closing bell every day making sure that the work being done and paid for by taxpayers is not just going towards accounting slight of hand. We have been there and done that before. So board members how's about you (the collective you of course) take up the task of deciphering the numbers and dumb it done for us non accountants. " Jan 16, 11 10:02 AM

Oh PS the next department head who asks for more staff to answer to the board put them on notice that their contracts will be null and void for non performance. Under these finacial constraints an job and salary should be under review. How about we start towing the company line with spending and with WHINEING. " Jan 16, 11 10:07 AM

View The Kabot DWI Police Tape

Was'nt there another arrest at the scene of Linda's stop. If you listen to the audio at the end of the tape one cop assures Linda that the other will check to see if her car was locked. I thought I read that there was a male who injected himself into this situation and as a result got himself arrested. Where is the video with that on it.
And not for nothin the video might show she MIGHT have been impaired but not exactly how much. She has "paid" for not blowing by not driving for one full year. No one was hurt, no property damage occured so the judge and jury will go with "time served" and expences paid as punishment to fit the alleged crime. Just my oppinion......" Feb 4, 11 10:28 AM

Former Fairway Restaurant Owner Is One Of Two Poxabogue Bidders

Spring is truly in the air and talk about Poxy is back. Just great that they removed the 7,500 per month price tag to see what real interest is out there. Great business move lets get some interest and talk price later. Why don't you sit down with Dan and LISTEN to what "your" property might be worth isnstead of guessing. Rumor has it that the rent there was about 3,500 per month. By leaving it vacant we the taxpayers have lost around 60,000 in revenue and more in golf activity that was unsuported by a cafe. PLUS the Town in its wisdom actually plowed the huge parking lot at every snow fall this year. At another cost to the taxpayers for what? How about Mr. Nuzzi call a "meeting" and really look at the Poxy lease for what its worth. Spring is a wonderful time to refresh and renew. How about putting some real effort into filling the hole (pun intended) that has been empty for over a year. " Feb 11, 11 11:27 AM

Sag Harbor Mother And Children Injured In Southampton Car Crash

My business has me going east on Co rd.39 at around 745am twice a week. I have a bumper sticker that says I drive 35 on 39. I count how many cars pass me as a way to occupy myself because at that speed its a little boring. I drive from the Lobster Inn to the railroad tracks and never count less than 30 cars passing me." Never" should be in caps and that is year round. The condiions that allowed Co rd. 39 to have two lanes in both directions require that we drive 35 its simply unsafe otherwise. Every local traveler should support this by adhering to the limit. Not 45, Not 40 but 35 to show respect for our local laws. If we don't why should our vistors? Thank heaven's all were ok in that accident. Drive 35 on 39. " Feb 19, 11 7:02 PM

Twenty-Eight Positions Could Be Cut At Eastport South Manor School District

"Chris Christie gets fat from tens of millions of dollars in tax breaks for big corporations..." New Jersey gets fat on the jobs and oppurtunities that come from those tax breaks. As far as a "Blame the unions. Typical chamber of commerce response." What a crock. I have personally been with a union for almost twenty years now as with my full time employees. I am not against unions the same way I'm not against business what I am against is BIG business and BIG unions wrecking the product or service they provide by being non competitive for the sake of controling a labor or goods and service market. Capitalism starts with C A P and I believe the govts role is to cap businesses before they get to big to fail or to big to alow competition. As far as the chamber of commerce reference it amazes me how many people think that the local chamber has anything at all to do with the one in Washington or any other municipality. We don't. Its like the Diner in Soutrhampton and a Diner in Deer Park. Both are diners but one has nothing to do with the other. So back to spending at any level. Here is the thing..... If you spend more than you make then you will never make enough. That's it in a nut shell. Money in money out if there is an imbalance on the spending side you will NEVER balance. The unions have to realize that and the tax payers have to realize the same thing. The problem with it all is that you all have a "picture show" mentality when it comes to accepting reality. The movie lasts for 2 hours and by the end it will all work out for the best. Someone really really smart will figure out the best way to not have the world come to an end. Just keep chanting how you want it to work out long enough and everthing will work out, roll the credits and there you will be under the "I told you so" cast of characters. Wake up.

" Feb 20, 11 7:44 AM

Thanks Razza5351 for pigeon holeing me as right wing. You keep spewing taling points instead of actually listening. You are a willing participant in the polarizing affects of our political system. Its like chinese hand cuffs the more you pull the tighter they get. Wake up or don't that's up to you but stateing that teachers have given concessions over and over is a fools arguement. The diference between what you want and what you can have is not a concession. fact is its all not working and if we use the same thinking that got us into this mess (partisan politics) we will never get out. Again I ask where in the new budget INCREASES are the kids the focus. Schools like our auto industry have gotten complasiant with the same bad result. If people don't want to buy inferior products or services you can't stop them. You can compete however and that is what will regain our place again as exceptional. But that's just right wing talking points right? " Feb 20, 11 11:02 AM

Springs Superintendent Responds To Teacher Layoff Rumors

ow about we evoke the Ralph Kiner approach. When he led the majors in home runs he asked for a raise. The owner told him we came in last place with you we can come in last place without you. Teachers and their unoins need to come down to what's real. When times are good.... well they are good for all of us. When things get bad we all feel the pain. I think its an imposible problem when you have politicians negotiating with their finacial supporters. It can't work and there is no part of that equation that directly addresses the kids and thier education. Sometimes the only thing good about last place is that things can only get better. " Mar 10, 11 3:42 PM

UPDATE: Sunrise Highway Crash Cleared; Traffic Flowing Normally

stop in the chamber office Karen might still have some bumper stickers the CAC made up that say I drive 35 on 39. And yes it drives people batty. BOB SCHEPPS" Aug 7, 13 2:26 PM

Senior Housing Project In Southampton Village Raising Concerns With Some Residents

I have a question. If the as of right for the property is 20 single family homes and the proposal is for 56 senior units in 14 buildings how would the total square footage match up. The homes would be about 60,000 total maybe 56,000 senior living space. So where is the increase in density? Or is the increase in people the higher density? So 20 homes at 4 per means 80 people. Senior units at 1.5 per unit is again about 80. But with senior houseing you have more restrictions to seasonal group house schemes and out of control rentals. What i would like to see is that they are NOT Condos as they are taxed at a much lower rate. Also they should be designated senior housing and built that way. One story units only." Jan 11, 14 9:12 PM

Tuckahoe Exploring Tax Options For School Merger

There are no obvious solutions but a there is a lot of finger pointing. Unfortunately trying to improve our kids education is on the bottom of everyone's todo list. Maybe its time to rethink the whole system we pay for education. As far as the teachers union is concerned it needs to be renegotiated. The governors 2 percent tax cap changes the conditions that the contracts were drawn under. That means we go back and create an aggreement under the new conditions. But we need a voice for the kids and the community at the table not just the unions that throw political leverage across the table. That system has lead us to today....chaos and poor scholastic rankings. " Jan 11, 14 9:43 PM

Senior Housing Project In Southampton Village Raising Concerns With Some Residents

I spoke with a senior living in a 55 and older community in amagansett. Some interesting observations.. the units are filled with 75% single occcupancey..less than 50% own cars..only one grandchild lives there..each unit is 600 sq ft..So the knock is higher density than current zoning alows. But there is a provision in the zoning for senior housing within a specified distance of the office business district. So the local property owners who assumed that 1/2 acre zoning is what they are buying into is really just an oversight on their part. If i were a bettin man i would put my money on the developer. Instead of railing against it i think we use whatever tools we do have to negotiate in good faith. In good faith acknowledges property rights and existing zoning even if you were ignorant of those provisions. " Jan 12, 14 6:41 PM

Tuckahoe Exploring Tax Options For School Merger

Reference to Becket interesting. But no we are waiting for leadership and someone to start rebuilding trust not the pursuit of power." Jan 12, 14 7:12 PM

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