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New owner of Fairway Restaurant hoping to move in in late June

Mr. Wankel estimates a loss of 40,000 in revenue over the Memorial Day weekend. That would be revenue to who? How about the rent we are (Town of Southampton and East Hampton) due to your not READING THE CONTRACT. I should come out of your bottom line not ours. The negotiation was a sham and the new leasee is in for a rough ride if he doesn't protect himself from the very beginning. Just my oppinion but we need new management ASAP. Oh and by the way there is no BUILDING PERMIT on the premises yet so good bye summer revenues as well. The leverage has shifted to the new leasee as to what and how much we will pay to renivate the resturant. Will the public out cry to get it open and start collecting rent move the town board towards more deficit spending, oh I'm sorry deficit investing. Government has no place in all of this and the situation is a poster child for what government should not do. " Jun 7, 10 9:35 PM

Developers present new plans for Tuckahoe hamlet center

I think the main focus for those against this developement is simply that it combines one third commercial property with two hirds residential properties. There is the main objection. Yes we want an atlernative to Walbaums but the cost of lossing the residential properties to make it profitable is not enough of a public benefit.
Hey don't give them an "accepted alternative use" to a project that should be one third the size period. Just put up your super market and conform to current zoning on commercial property. Why push for an over use of the property. How many square feet of rentable space do you need to make the numbers work. Or are you not really interested in a public benefit of a super market going on an under used property or just concerned with hitting a home run. You have the wrong place at the wrong time and are facing the wrong people who oppose you. Cut your losses and stick to regular zoning. Just one guys opinion. " Jun 7, 10 9:51 PM

Town Board hears from 'Tuckahoe Main Street' developer

The focus should be on the fact that Mr. Morrow has combined one third commerrcial properties with two thirds residential. PLUS is there not a rule that new buildings can't be more than ten thousand square feet? Isn't that why the property next to Hampton coffee in Watermill has three buildings on it because of that zoning rule. How does that developer feel about the Town board considering an exception after he built out the right way? If Mr. Morrow was interested in public benefits just put up your supermarket and develop the rest for smaller building lots for affordable housing and use your proposed chromo glass system to increase the properties density for that affordable housing not the other stuff you propose with your current plans (forgive the runon its just the way it came out)." Jun 11, 10 9:38 PM

Southampton Village mayor foresees legal battle over proposed Tuckahoe commercial mall

Its all about the potential tax revenue. Just look north and see what the Town of Riverhead has given up for the almighty tax dollar. This should be completely discounted as a public benefit. Remember this is the same town that opted to bury LIPA's lines for 12 million dollars and pay for it over twenty years. Hey if you can't just say no than just say exclude the residential properties involved and give us a super market alternative plus a few stores to make the numbers work. In simple terms just hit a double instead of a grand slam. " Jun 23, 10 7:54 PM

Its all about the potential tax revenue. Just look north and see what the Town of Riverhead has given up for the almighty tax dollar. This should be completely discounted as a public benefit. Remember this is the same town that opted to bury LIPA's lines for 12 million dollars and pay for it over twenty years. Hey if you can't just say no than just say exclude the residential properties involved and give us a super market alternative plus a few stores to make the numbers work. In simple terms just hit a double instead of a grand slam. " Jun 23, 10 7:54 PM

Mold could close Poxabogue for extended period

Again not to repeat this again the Town is not, by its nature, in a position to negotiate a private lease agreement. By shining the light of the public on this you change the negotiations. This good guy bad guy thing should never enter these discussions. Its about money, and money over time, and money back on investment. This personality thing is absurd unless you just add government. Then you create a real special place where all these dynamics are given a life of their own. Lets call it "Public Negotiation World" because it is as unreal as any "reality" show we see on TV. You put two people in a room who want something from the other and after time they come to an agreement. You add an "audience" and egos stop the give and take process so no one wins. That's why town hall should not be in this business at all. I would bet that each board member would privately agree and publicly deny that fact. " Jun 24, 10 8:36 PM

Sagaponack and town still wrestling to rein in crowds at popular beach gathering

Got ta say I see no garbage in the footage from 27 East. I would venture to say that the parking is probaly over flowing, and the real complaint is the excessive use of apublic beach in what is normally a very private community. I have never been to the drum circle but I bet its a great get together. Many diverse people from all over having a good clean fun. I'm sure with all the publicity it will get bigger yet and there will be hightened sence to make sure the beach is cleaner than they actually found it. " Jul 19, 10 10:12 AM

Is Blowes retiring? This week, the answer is: maybe

The housing authority does WHAT??? How about Mr. Blowes just retire and the housing authority find someone who will actually do something in The Town of Southampton. Right now that position is basically a no show paid position. Lets consider some new blood here. " Jul 28, 10 7:36 PM

Restaurant owner will not open cafe at Poxabogue Golf Center

This is exactly the time for "back room negotiaions". The string of comments show exactly the reason that all this should be a private deal between land lord and prospective tenant. Most of you do not have experience in these affairs and your comments regarding the deal are laughable. Government should never be in this position in the first place. 90,000 per year means to me that the rent needs to be 5% of my gross sales. That means I would need to do 1.8 Million in gross sales. I have a seasonal food business and I do 65% of my gross sales during the 100 days of summer (Memorial Day to Labor day) That comes to 1,170,000 in 100 days. That's 11,700 per day if the average check were 20 dollars (average of breakfast and lunch, rember the town wants to limit hours of operation) it would take 585 customers per day. If the total occupancey for the new cafe were 50 every single chair and table would have to full and turned over 10 times over course of every day. I could call Mr. Murray and ask what his best day at poxy was but I can assure you if he reached that number it was an anomally. Needless to say I will not be bidding on the cafe at that cost and limited square footage. Speaking of square footage at 90,000 per year and lets say 1000 sqare feet that comes to 90 per square foot. Good luck Mr. Nuzzi and Mr. Wankel you are goin to need it. " Aug 8, 10 7:00 PM

"Next-generation" housing plan for Bailey Road moves to Southampton Village Planning Board

"non-essential people" what are we talkin about. What criteria are we gonna use and who will sit in judgement to who gets what? We blog about how strong and currupt police and teachers unions are and how costs of pensions are mathmatically unsustainable yet we want to somehow select which local professional gets to buy a below market priced home. You need to take applications from qualified buyers put them in a bucket and pull out the names. It should not be exclusive to a particular profession or professions. " Aug 8, 10 7:32 PM

Restaurant owner will not open cafe at Poxabogue Golf Center

PBR yes the residents do have a reason to know what is being offerred and negotiated however it would better serve the public to do it privately until the deal is sealed. As the landlord there are questions I have for the town board regarding their real estate investment stratagy. Are we (the town and its residents) a non for profit or do we plan on having money left over from our investment in Poxy and other properties? If we plan on a profit what is our vacancey tolerance? In other words the properties we own cost us X dollars. Our debt service for X is Y per year. Our actual yearly income is A and our operating expences are E and our capital investment into any given property is C ( the yearly cost to finance or the one time cost of the improvement over the length of the lease agreements for the property). So A - (E+C+Y) = Profit. What you have at Poxy is a managing agent who is paid a set fee per month (rumored at 10,000) with no profit incentive except to say that his proformance will be evaluated before renewal of agreement. At this point I don't see a renewal on the horizon so what incentive does the manager have? The profit proposed to the town was really the rent for the cafe so everything else was a wash. Mr Murray was NOT paying 7,500 but between 5-6,000 (rumor has it). that's a net loss to the TOWN of 60,000 - 70,000 per year. If the other properties that the Town own are paying the difference like a portfolio landlord its just fine BUT I don't think this is the case with the town they are in a deficit so every dollar they spend at Poxy is money down the drain. I have family that live and work in Las Vegas. When a "sucker" starts lossing they are then said to start chaseing their losses by making bigger and bigger bets. This is a clear path to disaster. " Aug 10, 10 7:58 AM

Scarlatto, Baldwin confirm unemployment impropriety

Fact is when you report to unemployment every week they ask if you are available for work. If you are putting together furniture for your future business venture you are NOT available. I landed in the hospital years ago and found that out. If you have any kind of insurance you should be aware of its nuiances because its our job as consumers. Ignorance is a function not doing the work, so in that regard they were "unemployed". " Aug 25, 10 8:45 AM

Southampton Village Board awards bid for firehouse demolition, wary of replacement fire vehicles request

That really is a big stick fdny7316 and johnnhampton. The problem with high false alarm penalites, which can increase with repeated false alarms, is the decision to install and arm these property and potentially life saving machines will likely decrease. So how do you balance that with the potential for disconnecting an alarm an having a fire destroy more than one business because it was allowed to get out of control. Would we prefer to deal with false alarms or real property damage? I would prefer encouraging detection devices than real fires. " Aug 25, 10 8:55 AM

East Hampton Town targets taxis

This taxi issue has become very difficult. I have spoken all summer long to the guys and gals that drive the local taxis. My business is open when the bars let out so we keep several taxi numbers on hand. The local caddies complain about the outsiders who stake out the Talkhouse and the like to push out the local cabs. However I've personally called several times for customers only to be told that there are no cabs available for hours. Its a conundrum and i have driven several people home myself just to get them home safe. so how do we maintain our draw from tourism that drives our property values and business values while keeping everyone as safe as posible? Maybe LIPA can spend 30 million on stageing pick up areas that will get the limos out of the middle of the road and shuttle partiers to safe cabs where no battle has to insue for positoning and local cabs can get their fare share. " Sep 12, 10 8:37 PM

I think the bar's responsibility ends after the parton leaves the property. The problem is that the public streets are being made unsafe by people trying to be safe and people trying to make a living. That is the problem. Again from personal experience I was driving to work at 2:30 am and a huge "limo" was apartently trying to paralell park on the south side of montauk hwy in a very dark area just before the rest area. I almost hit him because there were no lights along the side of this limo. There were cars and taxis parked and double parked every where and it was real dark. So areas for private transportation should be set aside in a safe way. Now during the Jewish Holidays the EH police make sure that the area around the synagoue is safe and the expected cars are accomodated on the public and private properties. I'm sure its funded by the Jewish center in some way. The same can apply to the property owners of the Clubs out here. A cost and value added to the clubs by accomodating their patrons, maintaining our status as an upscale party town, that we all benefit from in our property values. " Sep 13, 10 8:18 PM

Southampton Village begins search for Parrish Art Museum replacement

Before we get all warm and fuzzy about what will go into the Parrish Building lets look at what should stay. The Parrish building and grounds were donated by Mr. and Mrs. Parrish to the residents of Southampton Village. In the early 50's they had to be "bailed" out by the village residents and a committee of village residents ran the thing. Then in the late 50's some one had a brilliant idea to incorperate the committee and co op the Parrish name. All the money's contributed and collected from then on was for a private entity not the intended benifators of the Parrish grounds and name. All the monies solicited in the Parrish name was for the current organization called the Parrish Art museum. When they leave do we the residents get the name back? Do we the residents get compensated for the art inherited from the original Parrish Art museum that seeded this new organization? Who will pay for the repairs to the roof and grounds that are in need of replacement? How happy and fuzzy are we that it has moved out of the Village and into the Town? What of the library that we sold to the Parrish organization for a song? Are we placing any covenants or restrictions on the name Parrish since it will be a valued point of sale or lease to the building and grounds? We do have a huge oppurtunity to palce something there that is a benefit to the Village, however we've extended the lease agreement with the Parrish organization to fit their financial plans but we have waited till "ground breaking" to get serious about what is best for the Village? I know there have been informal talks to entities to occupy the Parrish but why not have gotten something done by now? There are many questions that need to be addressed and answered. " Sep 18, 10 3:49 PM

I've spoken to two mayors and numerous trustees. Challenging the "Parrish" organization while the politcs of their expansion was a non starter. After they decided to move it was wait and see if they find an appropiate site. Then it was lets see if they get approval and then all their finances in order. ow that they have broken ground I just its is a reality and out of the politcal footall arena. Lets see what proposals come from the new vision plan. " Sep 19, 10 2:56 PM

I agree that the museum is gone and have for a long time. What irks me is that the name has been taken and the cash from all the not so truthful fund raising is gone. We are going to do great things with the Parrish grounds and your ideas for a co-opertative community arts center is a great start, however lets learn from past mistakes and not allow the Ladies Beautification committee or any other organization to fund raise in the name of a philantropist (Samuel Parrish) and become so politically and finacially powerful as do what has been done over the last 6 years. That is to say that if you (the village) treat us like some lowly business entity we will take our organization elsewhere. That is what the Parrish organization did. So lets get it right for the next 100 years. " Sep 20, 10 8:16 AM

Thanks for the historical clarification. There have been several time lines and narratives that I heard surrounding the Parrish. But you have made my point, that the name was originally given with the grounds and the library to the Village residents of Southampton. Mrs. Littlejohn and her committee of interested women "bought" the name instead of philanthropically giving the Parrish the "wherewithall to get the job done". All the solicitations for support never sought to clarify that fact. What I'm saying is not to make the same mistake now. " Sep 20, 10 6:56 PM

So what you are saying summertime is that the committe that Mrs. Littlejohn created for philanthropic reasons was then taken over by other's that now own the name and all the art collected in that name. Again thanks for the historical facts but again you make my point. Because of finacial need an organization was created with the best of intent to revitalize the Parrish and the property, however at some time those whose intentions are for the community get replaced by those that want more from their investment. That's what we have today. The Parrish wanted to expand, just like the library, police station, Town hall , public schools and every other growing business venture. However when the village trustees shined to much light on their application and the debate became to political the Parrish felt un wanted. So they picked up their ball and went where they could do what they want and could afford. I don't think that Mrs. Littlejohn or Sam Parrish would approve of the relocation of the museum. Having said all this the point is clear. Lets not create an asset at the Parrish that is a private entity that can grow to the point that it can dictate to the owners (village residents). Lets not let the grounds fall into disrepair and be a target for a take over for whatever reason. Lets face those facts and move on. I am not blaming I am simply shining light on the situation. From what you have written summertime you should feel as I do. " Sep 21, 10 8:47 AM

Who has a copy of that small red book. If someone can get a copy to the Historical museum and get it in the hands of the Village trustees it will help to make our point that the name and wishes of Sam Parrish be respected. It would also help if there ever was a law suit over the name. Although with the polictical clout the Parrish organization has garnered over the years I think no real attempt will be made. Thanks for the help. " Sep 21, 10 10:14 AM

Condominium plan for Rambo site gets thumbs up from Southampton Town Planning Board

Just a note on the sewage treatment comment as a posible public benefit for the project. The plans I've seen have a maxed out chroglass waste system. That means there is no public utility for the un used compacity. So that's just false. " Sep 23, 10 8:51 PM

Dark Skies deadline extended after proposed amendment causes confusion

Hey itsamazing you stole my thunder. The link you posted has some really good posts on it so instead of repeating the whole thing just go to the article and comments. All I have to say is here we go again.

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" Oct 2, 10 6:45 PM

A call for PDD moratorium in Southampton Town; Supervisor willing to consider dropping controversial planning tool

Is it just me or in loseing the PPD process we give the town board a pass on development. We then just put everthing on the zoning board of appeals and politics is out of the equation. I see this as a lack of leadership. "Nature" is correct the board can ENC any application. The vague reference to community benefit is better NOT defined so that those that we elect (and unelect) are accountable. The real skinny on the PDD and its process is that current zoning has NOT produced acceptable development. The planners were taught the ABC's of planning, got degrees and went out into the real world and built ABC zoning. Looking at the result of that planning we see stuff that we don't want. By keeping the PDD process elected leaders can exercise, well, leardership and pick what is right and what is not. This whole conversation about the Tuckahoe Mall is a result of the ability for us, the citzens, to express and impress our views on elected officials. The more you try and pigeon hole things like community benefit the more you play into the hands of some really smart, resourseful, wealthy people. " Oct 3, 10 8:50 AM

Does Throne-Holst have support for a Planned Development District moratorium?

It is as obvious as the nose on my face that ATH is simply trying to remove PDD's to reduce the need for leadership on the town board. The sign of a real leader is the ability to say NO. Plain and simple say no and deal with the lawsuits and other distractions deveolpers can through at the town. Leadership decides what applications will fit our community. For those of you who repeatedly hold the point of view that the people we DEMORCATICALLY elect to make these decisions are never trust worthy unless they have your point of view is simply the crux of our lack of leadership in this Town and the whole country. Why would anyone sit up there in front of the town knowing that whatever they do whatever they say will be looked upon as curupt and criminal. The more we srutinize and accuse the less transparent gov't gets. PDD applications allow the public to put their two cents in and hold the elected officails accountable. Before PDD we got developement we don't like. So going backwards is, well, going nowhere. Just say no Anna. " Oct 7, 10 8:04 PM

Hey progressnow you are not getting my point. We should be engaged and scrtinize and question their motives HOWEVER it should not start with an all these currupt politicains (and by the way the spelling thing is getting a little old, suggest we get spell check on the blog) with their hands out for payolla. It actually disengages us for real conversation. Leave the conspericy (spell check) theriores (spell check) for the movies.
So quoting you progessnow "Respectfully" we can attract real leaders to positions of athourity not just poll takers. The majority rules democracy is to elect these people not to empower mob rule. Small local example is the closing of the dump in North Sea years ago. Everyone forgets that a vote was taken and the people voted to keep it open. The town board voted to close it stating that a large enough majority was not attained. Welcome to America. " Oct 8, 10 12:24 PM

the exchange or voice of the people is guarnteed. I would rather promote an exchange than drive them behind closed doors. That's why I support keeping the PPD. It can be used as a tool to work for the Town. Our questions about the community benefits of any particular project can be debated. The example of the Tuckahoe Mall is a perfect example. There were those board members who actually believed that we wanted another supermarket enough to down zone 2/3 of the proposed project's residential property into commercial. I believe after this debate and public out cry that misconception has been clearly pointed out. So the process works. I my indecipherable but interesting point of view. PS those spelling errors were to poke fun at the spelling police. We should also try and keep our sence of humor. " Oct 9, 10 12:48 PM

Altschuler, Bishop Will Take Part In Campaign Event On Thursday

Highhatsize how about a better question. What was Mr. Bishop and his "party"m doing while RA was outsoursing jobs. Answer nothing till it meant his political life and more rhethoric to use as word games. I use the quotes around the word party because the party in Washington needs to be OVER. As hard as it is to defend a vote for RA I will because we need to change the culture of our elected officals. We need some sound business sense. Look locally to Mr. Shummer. We have a MTA that is a utility to NY. By means of fare revenue it needs to be subsidied by all NYers. OK but that's not enough we now have an unpopular tax added on and Mr. Shummer is trying to give back our money to the people who use the MTA. So lets just take from here and give there for votes. It has to stop or the hole we are digging will be to deep to climb out of. " Oct 19, 10 10:54 AM

Audit Finds Southampton Town Overpaid School Districts From CPF

What this is is the politicalization of the CPF. Fred Thiele's "golden ticket" is now getting the tarnish that 22% of the voters of Southampton could saw back when it was put to vote. It is also an example of no matter how much you allocate to the gov't they will find a way to spend and grow the need for more money. The fact that a balance of repaying a district back for lost tax revenue even exists just says they knew exactly what they were doing and where the most damage would be done. I think the days of whine and roses are over and we all understand that the piper has shown up to get paid. Pay back what you misinterperted and take NO extra tax money to do it. Freeze your spending and start to put monies aside for future expences. Fiscal restraint and leadership will be the only way out of these woods. OR just borrow some money from CHINA. " Nov 27, 10 3:18 PM

2nd sentence should read voters of Southampton could see. Whoops I notice that there are now grammar police on this blog so I fessing up to my mistake." Nov 27, 10 3:20 PM

forgot the word am damnit" Nov 27, 10 3:20 PM

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