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Nuzzi Will Challenge Schneiderman For County Legislature Seat

Wow, what a bunch of bull. You got it "hb guy" biased political comments at it's best! Chris Nuzzi is the only honest, tell you how it is, political figure I've met in a long time. He stands behind what he believes is right, does not back down and is one of the most hard working, INVOLVED people I've seen in a long time! Get your head out of the clouds people, this is real life! Stop thinking Democrat or Republican...REAL PEOPLE need Chris Nuzzi! Go get'um Chris!!" May 1, 13 1:12 PM

Dear Turkey Bridge: Thanks for quoting some of the important parts of my post! I didn't realize that my lack of prior comments would be an issue..Wow this place is tough. Be as it is, I appreciate Mr. Nuzzi's ethics and all that he stands for. As an EAST HAMPTON TOWN voter, I wish we had someone like him here. Regards, mlynnking" May 1, 13 3:23 PM

East Hampton Town Board, Suffolk County Legislature Candidates Face Off

If you're happy with Jay's performance and feel like he's been there for us, then Turkey Bridge, you'll be thrilled with Chris Nuzzi. Honest, hard working, a what's right is right attitude..... You may not always agree with him, but you will always know where he stands. And, he won't be changing party affiliations with each run for a particular office. Maybe Jay will decide to run for EH Supervisor, again, as a Republican, again." Oct 22, 13 4:05 PM

UPDATE: DWI Charges Against East Hampton Real Estate Agent Upgraded

Three times the legal limit???? Do you still think the police rushed to judgement? Does your client still think he wasn't drunk? Thank God you didn't hurt anyone else, you jerk!" Jul 6, 16 4:11 PM