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East Hampton budget officer to be arraigned Thursday

Ted didn't leave the Town to save anyone's job. Ted stayed on with the Town until he had enough time in the retirement system to get his pension. As soon as he did he was out the door. Now I guess our tax dollar will be paying for his lawyer, now that he gets his State pension." Jun 10, 09 4:36 PM

Bridgehampton Pulls Its Rescue Divers Out Of The Pool

As a certified rescue diver, search and recovery diver and certified underwater crime scene investigator, I have a few thoughts on this. By the time a call of a drowning or missing person comes in, and by the time any fire department responds to get the equipment, than responds to the scene and than gets all his or her equipment on, you are 99% of the time, all ready in a recovery, so waiting for other departments will not change much. Most brain damage happens within 8 min. an I know of know department that can get on scene that fast. What Bridgehampton needs are ways to get to a person who gets pulled out in a ripe tide or for some other reason, floating out to sea quickly. They make many types of Jet Skies that are setup for rescues. This may be what B.H. needs to have a better chance of saving someone.If that doesn't work, let the other fire Dept.'s or Police dive teams do the recovery because that is really what it will be, just a recovery." Jun 2, 12 6:10 AM

Remember that all our other South folk fire department have Harbors where their boats and equipment are all ready to go. Maybe Southampton Town should step up and build a small building that could store the equipment like jet skies right at Sagg Main beach so responding B.H. fire department members have what they need on scene and not have to go to the fire house It wouldn't cost much to do." Jun 2, 12 6:33 AM

Gregg Saunders, Whole Foods Developer, Lost In East Hampton Crash

I have it from a good source that the driver of one of the vehicles, reached over to get something that fell into the floor board on the other side of the car. While doing this, his car went into other lane." Aug 10, 12 8:01 AM

Young Man Surrenders To Police After Fleeing In Springs

To much use of Police resources? Really? What do you think they should do? Send one cop to look for him? You have to wonder why a person would run like this over a larceny charge, and that is just what the cops would think. Did he have a gun or drugs packaged for sale on him? To not do a good search for him would be very poor Police work. What if there is or was something to this and he ran into a house to hide and held someone against there will. This is the reason for a good search. They have to protect the public from the unknown. Just think what would happen if they didn't do much and this guy went out and hurt someone? Most of the time that doesn't happen, but the Police can't sit around and wait to see what happens." Sep 27, 12 8:00 PM

Southampton Town Police Lieutenant Kiernan Hearing Begins

The Town not using binding arbitration is just plan dumb. Because it is part of a lawsuit somewhere else doesn't mean a thing. Lawsuit or not Lt. Kiernan has the right to what is in his contract. Lets say after this hearing, the board fires Lt Kiernan but a year from now after that other lawsuit is done and binding arbitration was upheld. Than what? That would mean that the Lt's right's were violated under his contract. He would file suit against the town for violating his rights and to get his job back. That would take more money for the town to defend and if they lost, they would owe the Lt. a lot of money, plus sick time , vacation time, ext.. Do it right the first time and use binding arbitration. Everyone knows a pending lawsuit doesn't mean a thing. A pending lawsuit doesn't change any case law that would not let the Lt. use his contractual right to binding arbitration. This will cost the Town a lot of $$$ later." Sep 28, 12 4:32 PM

Southampton Village Nixes Sidewalk Sales During SeptemberFest

They started doing this in Sag Harbor several years and now have seemed to include the sidewalk sales in all of the down town events now. I have never hear any have a complaint about it. When they first started doing it, I thought it was going to be bad. Well it isn't bad and I have come full circle and now like it. I think Southapton should try several times, work out any problems and I think you will see that most people love, like they do in Sag Harbor." Sep 28, 12 10:20 PM

Prices Released For Watchcase Condos At Bulova

This reported date states taxes are $135.00 a month. Is this just the Village part of the tax? It would seem to me that they left of the Town part of the bill." Dec 21, 12 6:34 PM

Southampton Hospital's Facilities And Engineering Staff Wins State Honor For Superstorm Sandy Work

These people did a great job and that can not be understated, but the backup generator starts the second the power goes out and no employee has to do a thing. Sounds like they did their job and did it well but I think that giving them one of the states highest awards, devalues this awards. They should be saved for when someone really does something great so that getting the award has meaning. If they are deserving of it, what about our high dept.'s that kept the roads open at all times. Compare the roads on the east end to ones up west. Who should get the awards? And most of all what about the Fireman and Ambulance people who stayed at their firehouse or Ambulance barns the entire time so they could answer calls? I know in Sag Harbor, there were several calls at the worst parts of the storm. Even though the the Fire Dept. in Sag Harbor has nothing to do with the Ambulance, they went with them on every call to assist in any way they could. These are the people the should be recognize. Not someone to watched a generator startup just as it was designed to do." Feb 24, 13 8:13 AM

Sagaponack Will Hold Public Meeting To Discuss Forming Its Own Police Department

State law does not allow one village to share Police services with another village. The Village of North Haven at one time wanted to contract with Sag Harbor for Police, but was unable to because of this law. It sounds dumb, but it is true." Jul 17, 13 3:38 PM

UPDATE: Police Identify Woman Killed In Fatal CR39 Accident

Really, why would you take to time to post such a comment that is so speculative and serves not purpose at all?" Jul 25, 13 1:33 PM

Route 114 Closed For Two Hours After Truck Crashes Into Utility Pole

As a local news agency, you would think that 27 East would know that it is State Rt.#114, not County Rd. #114. If you can't get the type of roadway right, how do we know any of the facts in the story are right?" Aug 17, 13 10:10 PM

North Haven Residents Want Ticks Gone Regardless Of Cost

On the larger pieces of open land in the Village, maybe a control burn would be a good thing to consider. Not only would it kill a large number of ticks, but it is also good for nature. Like the trees and plants in the area. It is also a good way to protect homes from future fires that are not controlled burns. All the fuel that has built up over the years near homes may really cause a problem one day. Here is a link on why controlled burns could help on many different levels.


Just maybe one other thing, to add to multi level approach to the problem" Aug 18, 13 10:34 PM

Update: Man Killed In Sag Harbor Blaze On Monday

I think it is very poor reporting on this story by 27East.com. What credible news agency reports the death of a man, with his name and address listed by getting unofficial confirmation of his death. A fireman at the scene as well as multiple neighbor's. None of these are credible sources. I'm sure the name of the victim was out for all to see before his entire family, if any were notified. Very poor on 27 East parts. And as far as the fireman goes, he should be suspended for several months for that from the FD.. I'm 99% sure that he, like the ambulance personal can be sued under the HIPA law." Oct 1, 13 2:52 PM

Arrest Made In String Of Sag Harbor Burglaries

"Admitting to robbing eight homes", please get it right if your going to write about crime stories. You can't rob a house. Robbing is forceable taking of property from a person." Oct 8, 13 3:25 PM

Sag Harbor Resident Says His Historic House Is In Shambles Due To Construction On Watchcase Condos

Granite foundations fall apart all the time. The granite came to Sag Harbor as ballast from the sail boats coming in to the Wharf in the 1800's. They used these stones as foundations as a way to get rid of them and because there were so many, it was a cheap way to make foundations. These rocks were all different shapes and didn't fit tightly together. They filled these voids with mortar that doesn't stay together for 100 plus years. Today, you wouldn't even be allowed to use that mortar. I was given an entire granite foundation from the same time period also from Sag Harbor and not one rock has mortar on it because it simply fell off. They need to put a piece of this mans mortar under one of the presses machines to measures the P.S.I. it will hold. That will ans.. all the questions. If the mortar passes the test, than the company should fix it right now. If it doesn't pass the test, the house needed a new foundation years ago, but I'm sure the construction played a small part in this and at least should replace the foundation. They have some of the best masons working over there and could put in a new block foundation in, within a few days. Also houses from this time period, used Locus tree trunks to hold up the center of the house. After all this time, I'm sure they are in fair shape at best, and if they are weak, they would cause the walls to crake. all that being said, we have be dealing with this construction for a long time, so do the right thing and just replace the foundation and continue to show Sag Harbor that you want to work with us. You never know, you could be doing another project here and it will not be so easy for you to get the job if you don't keep people happy." Jun 13, 14 8:19 AM

Great White Shark Found On Amagansett Beach Being Studied At Stony Brook Southampton

Sharks are all over the shore line of the entire East Coast. The chance of one of these coming into contact with you are slim. You have more of a chance of getting killed crossing the street. Sharks are miss under stood. If it were Bull sharks around here, than I would have concern. Bull sharks attack much more than a Great White by far. Below is a link where you can track sharks (not all just ones that were tagged) it's just for information, but is very interesting.

http://www.ocearch.org/#SharkTracker" Aug 3, 14 7:43 AM

Here is a better tracker. Click on the names to right of screen to see the sharks. I bet you will be very surprised at how many sharks are in our waters." Aug 3, 14 7:49 AM

UPDATE: Man Arraigned On Felony Charge After Springs Shooting Incident

I'm sure "active shooter" scenario's have been well planed out between all schools and Police Dept's by now. In fact, I seen on more than 5 occasions, the combined East Hampton Town P.D., East Hampton Village P.D. and Sag Harbor P.D. emergency response team use the old Stella Maris School to practice different types of scenario's. For the school, police Dept or the press. to comment on what action they took at this time regarding this situation would not very smart. The "shooter" could also read what action they took if 27 East wrote about it. In fact, the school, police and press should give little or no information they took. Doing so would just inform, god forbid if we had a planner to make a school attack, knowledge of the plan, like evacuations. Would you want them to know what the schools plan on doing with the kids?" Oct 3, 14 12:55 PM

UPDATE: Pilot Of Missing Boat From Montauk Hit-And-Run Comes Forward

There is no danger for a 20' boat to be out there in the weather conditions we had.They were most likely within sight of land and not far off shore. The person that left the scene should be serverely punished. Accidents can happen, but I would guess alcohol played a part in this. Either way, anyone who would leave and not lend aid the the boaters that had to jump into the water should never be able to operate a boat again. What kind of person could leave someone in such a bad situation? I hope Jamie Zahl, the writer of the artical does an update with more infomation, like how they knew it was a 26' center console with twin Yahaha engines. That's a lot of info to have seeing it was dark." Sep 20, 15 8:15 AM

Police Chief Raises Concerns Over State Plan To Legalize Marijuana

The Chief is grandstanding and I think 27 East should have looked into the facts to see if he can do this. I hope that the Chief can interpret the proposed law law better than it appears.

“both individual counties and cities with more than 100,000 residents to opt out – and therefore not permit cultivation or retail pot facilities in their jurisdictions – if their governing body adopts an ordinance, law or resolution to “completely prohibit the establishment or operation” of any of the pot-licensed entities Cuomo is proposing. Those localities that permit them are barred from enacting their own local-specific laws regulating growers, distributors or retailers, except for such things as setting times and places where pot can be sold.”

I maybe wrong, but the last time I knew it, Southampton was a Township, not a county or city, so Southampton can’t do anything.
For great information go to

" Feb 28, 19 12:53 PM

Mr Z, no marijuana will be able to be sold where alcohol is sold" Feb 28, 19 12:55 PM