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Arson Suspected In Fire That Destroyed Gaming Authority Trailer

Only the Shinnecocks could be granted a license to print money(casino) and screw it up.Their greed and inability to get along because of that greed will forever doom them.Who doesn't think that this arson wasn't used to cover up some criminal activity.Sad !!!!" Oct 31, 13 12:26 PM

The Shinnecocks are far from poor.Gaming companies have been giving them millions of dollars a year for the right to partner with them in their casino.Tribal corruption ,greed and infighting are dooming the casino plans," Oct 31, 13 5:01 PM

Shinnecock Tribe Considering All Options For Educating Students Next Year

So when it comes to paying cigarette taxes the Shinnecocks claim they are a sovereign nation and don't have to pay the state. So why is the State picking up 4 million in their children's education costs.I wonder if the reservation pays any school tax to Southampton schools??????????????" Nov 26, 13 7:15 PM

UPDATE: Police Identify Victim Of Fatal Shooting During Home Invasion Burglary

The story was reported here http://www.27east.com/news/article.cfm/General-Interest-Southampton/39621/Armed-Men-Rob-North-Sea-Home

This has been buried by both the police and the news.Not sure why????
" Dec 9, 13 4:06 PM

Former East Hampton Town Councilwoman Theresa Quigley Signs On With Saunders

Quigley certainly was not cut out for public service !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't ever remember anyone nastier or disagreeable serving in Town hall.
" Jan 7, 14 1:47 PM

East Hampton's Spay-A-Doe Program Raises Financial Questions

The saddest part is now due to the toxic chemicals injected into this deer by White Buffalo Inc this deer can not be consumed and will go to waste.To say nothing of the 114 forced abortions performed on these animals.I wonder how many more of these animal will die in the upcoming weeks due to the stress of their ordeal at the hands of White Buffalo Inc.Word around the village are that the numbers of deer already dead from this experiment is being hushed up!!!!Anyone with a backround in biology knows that mortality rates of captured and released deer are extremely high.To say nothing of the stress of being sterilized and having it's fetus aborted.................." Jan 26, 15 4:14 PM

Martin Drew To Run For East Hampton Town Supervisor As Write-In Candidate

Gotta give you credit Billy you never give up...... If elected will you give up withering in Puerto Rico ??" Mar 31, 15 6:25 PM

Doroski Bolts Hampton Bays Football And Returns To Mercy; Coaching Search Is On At Hampton Bays

This is just another example of the lack of support for athletics from the administration in Hampton Bays. While I agree bringing back Mike Ostreicher back would be best,better would have been not to force him out in the first place.Mike ran the most successful of all the sport programs in Hampton bays ,particularly in the area of student accountability .Young men who participated in Mikes programs were taught respect and accountability both during the season and the off season. Many kids who would of found themselves drifting into trouble thrived in his program and stayed out of trouble due to Mikes stringent discipline policy .Overall there is an ever increasing lack of support for all of the athletic programs which will only increase due to the financial pressures of the 2% cap.Pretty soon we will have the finest athletic fields on the east end but no kids participating.
" May 27, 15 3:54 PM