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Results From County Road 39 Blinking Light Program Not Available Yet

Lets stop the band aide approach and deal with the real issue the bypass or highway should be built. Years ago when the Halt the Highway group successfully stopped the construction their claim to fame was build the highway and they will come. How wrong they were the people came anyway and many more than expected. I think that group should be turned into road pizza. I also feel that we have to stop catering to the trade parade and the second home owners/investors that are here. Safety should be the number one concern. If one travels in Centereach ans Selden there are many traffic lights but yet the traffic flows. Why? I feel there should be more traffic lights along 27 than less. All of us should be entitled to safely cross the highway at cross intersections with traffic lights. Instead we have to almost kill ourselves to cross the highway. All of this traffic has killed the villages of Watermill Bridgehampton East Hampton and Amagansett. North Sea Noyac road has become a major bypass and have destroyed the village of Sag Harbor with traffic backing up over the bridge to the traffic circle on any given day. Im sure the reason the highway will not be built as it will be in the back yard of some rich or famous person. This area is destroying itself. Many young working people cannot afford to live here and have to live further west which also contributes to the problem So lets stop the band aide and bite the bullet and do what's long overdue." Apr 29, 16 11:21 AM

State Senate Democrats Fail To Force Vote On Gun Safety Legislation

Simple solution Allow people to own the type of gun when the second amendment was written in 1789. I agree with the extra school safety issues but its not going to protect kids out on the playing fields or people in night clubs or concerts. Hence the whole burden does not belong on the schools." Mar 4, 18 7:50 PM

Embracing Students With Autism: School Officials Talk About The Need To Take Care Of Their Own

Yes so true A case in point in Sag Harbor we have a superintendent who would rather spend her time planning new administrative offices in the former Stela Maris building then spend time on developing and improving a program for special kids. After all let's remove ourselves as far away as we can from the school setting and build new offices over a gym floor which would be a direct benefit to the children and the community . The Sag Harbor program is clearly lacking and failing the students it's attempting to serve. The one advocate of the program has chosen to move out of the district. That says alot." Mar 14, 18 2:53 PM

Southampton Town Board Approves CPF Purchase Paving Way For Waterfront Park In Sag Harbor

Why John Steinbeck Can someone please tell me what has he ever done for Sag Harbor
Why not artists and writers park and recognize what many artists and writers have done for Sag Harbor " Jul 12, 18 1:22 PM

Town Of Southampton Ramps Up Sign Removal In Water Mill And Bridgehampton

Long overdue. Now go after the real estate companies who have billboard signs all over the town. Enforce the law for political signs instead of bending the rules for the politicians. The town looks disgusting during election time. I was beginning the think that the sign inspector was a no show political patronage job." Jul 27, 18 8:12 AM

Offer Is Reportedly Made To Sell McGann Mercy High School Property For Over $10M

It's always all about the money. Isn't that what the Catholic Church has become Sex and Money? It just proves in order to survive the church has to reform." Aug 31, 18 8:57 AM

Details Of Bridgehampton Pedestrian And Traffic Safety Project Include Six New Crosswalks On Main Street

Bridgehampton Main Street is one of the darkest areas I've ever driven through. I guess Dark skies are more important than saving lives." Aug 31, 18 9:04 AM

State Department Of Transportation To Reduce Speed Near Water Mill

Traffic calming its traffic snarling Let's try and solve the problem like work force housing. The new snow white laundry and the flying point complex both being built without second floor apartments how stupid. The railroad is a joke they haven't figured out the success of the Hampton Jitney. And to boot Southampton Town has a traffic director on the payroll. Its all a joke
" Sep 8, 18 9:46 PM

Car Flips On County Road 39 In Southampton Saturday

It doesn't take a brain surgeon but some simple things could help. Keep all trucks in the right lane and enforce it. Do not allow car carriers to on load in the center lane of the road. Make them unload on the car dealers property. Do not allow trucks to back into properties like the laundry, the nurseries, the car dealers, brick and tile, the lumber yards. There should be enough room on the properties for the trucks to turn around. And yes enforce a reasonable speed limit like 40 mph. Add more traffic lights at cross intersections the local people who live here should be entitled to cross the road safely. Address the lack of affordable housing two commercial building are being built without any second floor apartments. Open a public road behind Suffolk Lighting and have the Jitneys enter 39 at David whites Lane at the traffic light. Some simple suggestions but our government have their heads up their a??" Oct 29, 18 11:02 PM

What Happens To Our Recycling, Part One: The Recycling Myth

As reported if only 15% of town residents use the 4 transfer stations what is the cost of operation and would it be better to go to a town operated waste pick up and include it in our taxes " Dec 7, 18 10:01 PM

Community's Concerns Intensify Regarding Bridgehampton Gateway Complex

I support Ms Konner's proposed use of her property. A gym would be a great addition to the east end. The only place with a indoor pool is the ymca in East Hampton. The Southampton gym at the Hampton Jitney did have indoor pools but they made the foolish mistakes of taking them out. Assisted living is sorely needed on the east end.Its a shame that people have to fight against something instead of fighting for something. So much negative energy. What we don't need is more retail space. We need more service businesses.The traffic problem should be blamed on Halt the Highway who was successful in stopping the extension of the highway. Build the highway and they will come well they came anyway.. I question the size of the horse stable and indoor riding rink off of Newlight Lane probably built on preserved land." Jan 31, 19 9:49 PM

State Remains Silent On Determination Over Shinnecock Nation Billboard Work On Sunrise

Such an uproar about the Shinnecock Indians outsmarting the white man but nothing is said or being done about the red lit up roof top on Burger King which is against the Southampton sign law. Lets continue to persecute the Indians. I don't see any comments about boycotting Burger King. " May 14, 19 11:01 PM

UPDATE: Tribal Council Chairman Will Not Attend Civic Association Meeting Monday Night Due To Community Protest

Lets continue to persecute the Indians. They are a good group to focus all our negative energy on while at the same time continuing to ignore the red lit up roof on Burger King which is illegal under town law. I mean after all Burger King is a major US corporation and we should turn a blind eye to them and let them break the law. Justice? Double standard? " May 16, 19 9:28 AM

The point I'm trying to make is that I find the Burger King roof just as obnoxious and gaudy as you do the billboards. That red roof turns the whole building into a billboard. And yes it is in violation of town code I did check with the building department and nothing has been done. The second point is lets continue to crucify the Indians by trying to find anyway to stop them but let a major corporation like Burger King break the law and slide. Again Fairness? Justice?" May 16, 19 12:02 PM

Southampton Town Looks To Prevent The Dumping Of Household Garbage At Beach Trash Cans

The town needs to overhaul the whole landfill garbage recycling program. Mandating that people use green bags is so stupid. I have seen many people trying to do the right thing and bring their trash to the dump only to be turned away because they don't have a green bag. This causes them to dump their garbage at the town beaches or private dumpsters. There has got to be a better way or managing the town garbage situation. What does it cost to print the bags and distribute them and collect the money. A pay at the entrance seems to be a much better idea. The less the town takes the more litter and illegal dumping we have." Jul 16, 19 5:23 PM

Silver’s Restaurant In Southampton Closes Its Doors After 96 Years

Best of luck Garrett for a long happy healthy retirement. You sure deserve it." Oct 23, 19 6:34 PM

Residents Still Fighting To Stop Proposed Equinox Facility In Bridgehampton

Build the gym it's sorely needed. What we don't need is more empty retail space. " Oct 23, 19 6:45 PM

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