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Frisicano reverses decision to retire

She is probably one of the first casulities of Dr Grotto's administration Get ready for more The community should demand the resignation of the Board of Education for hiring another upstate administrator who came to Long Island to fatten his salary and pension Now we have to sit back and watch our school being dismantled Thankyou Joan for all of your hard work in making Sag Harbor elementery a school we can all be proud of" Nov 19, 08 10:37 AM

County Road 39 billboards defaced

The jerk who authorized those signs should be fired or resign from their position Obviously they have abused their power and have no regard for taxpayer funds or the esthetics of our town I thought living is a police state died with Hitler" Dec 8, 08 10:31 PM

Town loses appeal against former animal shelter volunteer

Thank God for people like Pat Lynch willing to go the extra mile and help make a difference Maybe the town should move the signs from county road 39 to the shelter and say keep out Pat Lynch " Dec 8, 08 10:36 PM

Following hate crimes, a new town policy

When things are directed toward one particular group of people it breeds hatred I think that My Levy made have figured that out. In the history of this country we have always had a group of people to direct hatred to blacks women jews gays and now the immigrants. What may seem normal to one person may have a different meaning to another. And yet we still put labels on people. Obama is 44th president of the U.S. but is always referred to as the first black president. I have yet to hear him being referred to as the first 1/2 white president. Until we move away from placing labels on people we will never end the racism that exists in this country." Dec 8, 08 10:53 PM

Former Town Supervisor Vincent Cannuscio dies

Thanks Vince for all that you did for our town you clearly loved it. My heart felt sympathy to your family. Your handling of the supervisor's job was beyond reproach. Our town became a better place because of you. " Dec 8, 08 11:00 PM

State wants small schools to band together

Finally the state has come to their senses. This is long over due. Smaller is not better. There should be local elementary schools and regional high schools. The costs of running small high schools has become exorbitant with fewer choices for students which results in an inferior education. " Dec 8, 08 11:15 PM

Gasoline prices are still inflated here, despite new law

Another blunder by Thiele hurt the independents and protect the big oil companies such as Mobil/Exxon All that hype that he was going to do something to benefit his constituents but once again he failed playing once again to the rich. I recently traveled to Key West Fl 170 miles away from Miami a dead end and the price of a gallon of gas was the same as in Miami. I think what Thiele needs to learn is that action speaks louder than words. All overcharging stations on the east end should be boycotted. " Dec 13, 08 8:07 PM

County backs Shinnecock casino effort

It's not the Indians who ruined the area but the white man. Look at all the development shopping centers and mansions that have been built on the east end. I think we have paved over most of the east end already. What's wrong with gambling I bet most everyone has bought a lottery ticket or a scratch off. To keep the indians poor and living in substandard conditions when they have the opportunity to better themselves is ridiculous and prejudicial. " Dec 13, 08 8:21 PM

Thiele, LaValle want LIPA investigated

Is my memory correct wasn't it Fred Thiele who was so instrumental in closing Shoreham nuclear power plant and saddling the rate payers with a 7 billion dollar debt which now accounts for us being the highest charging utility in the continental U.S. I know hind sight is 20/20 but wouldn't it have better to have the benefit of that plant producing electricity. But no Mr Thiele bought into the hysteria of a vocal group of opponents. Isn't the government starting to discuss the building of new nuclear power plants? Now the rate payers are stuck paying for a non operating plant for 30 years. Thus the high electric rates " Dec 13, 08 8:32 PM

County backs Shinnecock casino effort

My comments were not meant to soaked with racial overtones just factual. Racism still does exist Obama is not referred to as the 44th president but as the first black American president when in fact he is 1/2 white Why are we still attaching labels to people. Beach gal is right it is impossible to obtain a mortgage on the reservation. It was not the Indians who built the Kmart shopping center and the Mc mansions on the ocean and in the farm fields. If anyone has a chance to better themselves I would say that they are going to pursue it. As I said before most people have purchased a lotto ticket And I bet most people who are opposed to casino have gambled sometime in their life. To try and say that racism does not exist is wrong look at what happened in Patchogue and Brooklyn in the past month" Dec 16, 08 8:13 PM

Gasoline prices are still inflated here, despite new law

I would first like to see Thiele defend his law and put it into practice in other words enforce it and then see what happens To boycott the Hess stations does not make sense when they are the cheapest on the east end. It's sad many of us have to travel to Riverhead to grocery shop and save on gas but the trip is worth it. Let's face it everyone charges more in the Hamptons gas groceries and all services painting yard keeping painting pool cleaning etc which adds an additional burden for all of us who attempt to try and live here" Dec 16, 08 11:40 PM

Construction worker killed in job site accident in Southampton Village

I guess one thing that we can say is that this poor man is legally dead It is disturbing to see so much prejudice and racism still existing on the east end by some of the aforementioned comments." Jan 9, 09 11:43 PM

I too am against illegal immigration but I am not against the illegal immigrants" Jan 10, 09 1:09 PM

Sally Pope introduces her first resolution

There just doesn't seem to be many good qualified people left running for political office. If the gender issue is at the top of Pope's agenda then God help the town. Pope needs a reality check." Jan 12, 09 9:47 AM

Construction worker killed in job site accident in Southampton Village

Most people jump the fence to try and achieve the American dream. There needs to be a path to become legal. Yes our government is fault for not addressing the problem. Yes it does provide cheap labor for many contractors and industries, Yes we need reform But what we don't need is the prejudice and that racism that exists. These are people whether they are black brown white yellow or green for that matter and what most of us are trying to say here is that they deserve respect. Let's remember that all men are created equal. " Jan 12, 09 7:59 PM

Immigration forum highlights work of young Latino activists

This sounds great a positive step in the right direction The Latinos are a big part of our community and now a big part of our culture, My best wishes for success" Jan 21, 09 9:25 AM

Supervisor proposes closing transfer stations

In the past Sag Harbor was closed on Monday's and I can vividly remember the mountain or trash outside the gate. I also remember the increase in the cost of green bags was done to keep the transfer stations open 7 days a weeks. Maybe the board should not have built the traffic circle at the North Sea transfer station.There has got to be a more effective way to handle the trash. Green bags are not the answer" Feb 4, 09 9:32 PM

County Road 39 signs removed

It's about time the billboard regulation was respected in the town. How ugly and how stupid those signs were." Feb 4, 09 9:34 PM

East Hampton editor to step down

Thanks for doing a great job Peter We will miss you Take care and I hope you enjoy life" Feb 4, 09 9:37 PM

Immigration bill to be revived

It's still a shame to see what racism and prejudice exists on the east end. It should be faceless but it's not. Are we forgetting that all men are created equal. All four of my grandparents were immigrants. I find most of these people are hardworking good people in search of the American dream" Feb 4, 09 9:43 PM

Marienfeld fired as Pierson hoops coach

When a person is paid more you come to expect more and in this case it did not appear to happen. We are talking about a high school sport and I can never recall a high school coach being fired or removed as in this case. " Feb 5, 09 12:43 AM

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