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Independence Party endorsements cause rift

One can certainly understand the dissapointment of Dem Party Boss Mr. Herr and Indy Party Boss Mr. Gregor that their deal fell thru. But please spare us the hand wringing about a "transparent, thorough screening process" and "screening candidates, conducting exhaustive interviews, having a well thought out process to find the best candidates", when everyone knew they had aready sealed their deal. Fibbing to you fellow candidates and leaders acorss the aisle is bad enough but please stop muddying up everyone else with your sanctimonius "we are so pure and above board" self pitying. No one's buying." Jul 24, 09 12:12 PM

hshenry, I understand your fustration. But be honest. You may prefer to call what Mr. Gregor and Mr. Herr arranged as an "agreement to accomadate". And if they had pulled it off, it would have been more power to them. It is just too bad for them that both parties didn't have the final ability to deliver. But there was no more or no less inegrity to their "agreement to accomadate" than what happened. As Mr. Gregor might say, "that's politics sometimes". All the rest is just crying over spilt milk." Jul 24, 09 2:37 PM

hshenrym my point was simply there is little difference between one group of politicians making a deal for their own self interest and another. Anyone claiming a moral high ground above what is their own blatant self interest is kidding themself and insulting the intelligence of the electorate. BTW I apologize going forward and backward for any spelling mistakes in these posts. This typeface is smalll, I am getting older and I cannot push the kep board far enough away to see and type :)" Jul 24, 09 6:46 PM

Kabot: Loss of Conservative Party line a 'betrayal'

Mr. Right what direct basis do you make the claim that Jim Malone made a deal? If you have some basis directly, put up - if you have none, the next moveif is apologize and zip it up. He needed nothing from Ms. Kabot to become the Town Board nominee, absolutely nothing. Ms. Kabot was the only one to gain from following thru, and the question is, did she? Seems like your answer is no." Jul 24, 09 9:00 PM

by the way - brilliant headline writing by the Press showing their bias. You cannot take something away that was never given in the first place. " Jul 24, 09 9:15 PM

Mr. Right it is telling how quickly your decorum has sunk, generally a reflection of overall intelligence.
Golf Buddy, think it thru - what deal? What did Ms. Kabot have to give. The answer is simple, nothing." Jul 25, 09 12:51 AM

Independence Party endorsements cause rift

Actaully many do like Mr. Gregor. But Mr. Gregor standing up to the Republican machine is a myth of political convienence. He was all too happy to enjoy to the rewards of membership that led to appointments to boards and town employment until ithe party was no longer willing or able to satisfy his wants. At that point challenging the hand that once helped him became a means to an end not some heroic iniatiative despite his, his supporters and some in the media's effort to portray it that way." Jul 25, 09 6:51 AM

Kabot: Loss of Conservative Party line a 'betrayal'

MrRight it is you who has made the questionable claim and I asked you to back it up with direct knowledge.
"Then he reneges on the deal he made with Kabot."
What direct proof do you have of a deal other than the self reported claims of the current supervisor and what was the "deal"?
That post on 631 Politics is not going dissuade anyone that the wheels are coming off that little engine that could." Jul 25, 09 7:00 AM

As I suspected neither GoldBuddy or MrRight are willing or able to back up their baseless politically driven accusations with any presentation of facts and are just digging in deeper with harsher rhetoric. Revealing - " Jul 25, 09 12:37 PM

??" Jul 30, 09 5:05 PM

Supervisor Kabot will fight DWI charge, stay in race

Hey People First, before you go painting all Republicans with a single brush you might want to review your own comments here...I don't see where any of these are advancing a civil dialogue and are rather inapporopriate -
“you seem to have an odd obsession with sheep. Perhaps you should seek help”… “The conservative party is a bunch of out of touch neocons."…. “Right wing whackos strike again."… “Has anyone else noticed that Catholics and Christians are the least Christ-like people you'll ever meet”…. “neo-con bigots like yourself have been even more marginalized then you were before. You represent a dying breed of small-minded zealots”…. “I thought I had heard every nonsensical, baseless, ludicrous argument made on this issue, and then I read your post”…. “a liar spreading falsehoods. He is a blatant racist siting racist statistics”…. “Hey, Darwin – EVOLVE” " Sep 10, 09 12:56 PM

People first it is honorable that you stand by your comments, although you have little choice unless you repudiate them. What is dishonorable is to paint all people of a particular party with a singular brush, particularly when you have nothing factual to back it up. What seems so ironic is it is that type of behaviour which you seems to post so passionately against." Sep 10, 09 1:41 PM

peoplefirst, I looked through your comments because I sensed a kettle calling a pot black and from what I read, I was correct and I have issues with that. I have no doubt there are people on both sides of every issue making baseless and needlessly inflamatory comments. But your suggestion that they come disproportionately from Republicans, particularly as it relates to a local issue such as the Supervisor, is intellectually dishonest and lazy. And as a Republican insulting." Sep 10, 09 2:40 PM

Arrest tape could be used in Kabot DWI case

Golf Buddy is correct. Democrats had majority 2002-2003 during Heaney's first term when Suskind joined Zenk and Kenny on the board. From 2004 thru 2007 both Kabot and Graboski swung over often enough to to provide a third vote against Heaney on numerous occaisions.

One of the myths of Southampton town politics is the idea of some sort of iron fisted lock step Republican rule. While Republicans have clearly controlled the Supervisor's seat for much of the 30+ years rarely have they had solid contol over the board and mnay years were actually in the minority. Even when in the majoirty coalitions have been fairly fluid. Doesn't really change anything, but it is the way it has been. " Sep 21, 09 2:28 PM

Stinchi steps aside, Wruck takes reins of town GOP

hey yearrounder - speaking ot tired talking points, do you look in the mirror at all before your automatic knee jerk response? What twisted morality have local Republicans ever tried to impose in Southampton? Why are lower taxes, smaller government and job creation conflicting goals? While I would agree that lower taxes and smaller government do not automatically increase jobs without other corresponding smart policies, it is almost invariable that higher taxes squeeze out jobs. Larger government can create jobs but it is usually at the expense of two private sector jobs for every public sector job." Sep 23, 09 4:01 PM

SHNative why the need to debase the conversation with personal attacks? What is mindless about what I said, particularly in contrast with yearrounders post? Heck, I even aloowed that it is debatable, which folks like you dould read as an invitation do just that and advance the public dialogue.
Speaking of debatable, while as a taxpayer and resident of Southampton I am am and have been concerned with the growth of government at not only the national and state level, but the town level as well, there is a legitimate question of how much of it was necessary. The cost and efficiency of local policing aside, our town has grown significantly, and the growth of the PD seems to somewhat correlate with that growth.
Personally I think the town has overreached in the social services sector. I also think over regulation has in part driven bureuacratice bloat.
But let me ask you, it is easy to say "its too big", but what programs would you cut? And perhaps more tellingly what did you oppose from the onset?" Sep 25, 09 9:11 AM

Attorney: Linda Kabot will be vindicated

yearrounder there is nothing typically Republican about the strategy of creating a diversion to draw attention away from the main story. It's a tactic with bi-partisan appeal. In fact I would dare say it was raised to an art form by one William Jefferson Clinton. More to th e point, what other elected Republican official at the local level was ever indicted of a crime and deployed such tactic that you know of? Pretty unfair to keep painting all local Republicans with the worng brush. Though not surprising given the general nature of your posts." Sep 29, 09 1:09 PM

Campaign Diary: Gregor pushes plan for solar panels at town landfill

I am always amazed at how Mr. Gregor's supporters reinvent the past and distort the current, some change. Mr. Gregor is/was the chairman of the SH Independence Party. Most thought once he secured that title (which he earned straight up by besting then Supervisor Heaney in the Independence primary two years ago) that he would trade it's influence for a cross endorsement from the Democrats for highway superintendant - which is exactly, precisely and undisputably what he did (an astute and pragmatic maneuver but hardly one that qualifies him for the job or sainthood).

True there are over 1500 people registered in the Independence Party in Southampton. But probably less than 300 of them knew they were registering in the party. Go out and try to collect signatures on that line and you will know that most registered thought they were truly registering independent of any political party. It is what it is, but it defineltly not evidence of leadership abilty of a group of people 1800 strong.

Mr. Wheeler asked a legitmate question - exactly how many people has Mr. Gregor managed in the past. Highly relevent if you are taking over the second largest department in town with 70+ employees.

The answer he got was typically democrat. Anything but on point, because there is not a favorable answer." Oct 8, 09 3:43 PM

If a college offered a bachelors degree in Highway Superintendant 90% of the classes would be in management, adimistration, contract negotiation, labor relations and the like. They would be largely indisitnguishable from any other management curriculum because 90% of most management jobs are transferable across a broad spectrum of industries. Do you have the experience and abilty to manage 70+ people towards common goals? Have you ever and are you capable of admisitering a $10+ million dollar budget? Etc.

Conversely the roles of Town Trustee, Town Councilman. and Highway Superintendant are uniquely different. Yet Mr. Gregor would have us think he alone is qulaified to be all of the above without any of the management prerequisites that make up most of the job of Highway Superintendant.

Mr. McGann is the candidate with those experiences and qualifications and is the one in the race who is the new face to politics. Sometimes you can get what you ask for." Oct 12, 09 8:36 AM

Turkey Bridge I was not suggesitng that colleges offer the course. I was pointing out that Highway Superintendent is a top level management position. As such the skill set required is much more about admistatrtion, managung people, labor relations and negotitiation than ianything else. As evidenced by his resume, Mr. McGann has that level of experience in a municipal environment. I do not believe Mr. Gregor does beyond vague references to his own business.

However you are the one who has offered up Mr. Gregor's running of business as testament to his qulaifications. So what kind if business was this. How many full time emplyess did he manage in this business? How many years did he have this business? How successful was this business?

If you are offering it up as something substantial I assume it would be more that what Mr. Gregor did (while completely honorable) on a one man, project by project basis between regualr employment engagemnets to make ends meet." Oct 12, 09 12:14 PM

Turkey Bridge I think the questions you raise about the units Mr. McGann admisitered in the Sheriff's department are fair and valid questions for which I do not know the answers at this point.

I think top level management skils inn this case do trump hands on experince for a number of reasons. First and foremaost it is a top level management position that Mr. Gregor and Mr. McGann is seeking. Simply put it in that job at the level it is far more important know how to manage a fleet of plow trucks, than it is to have hands on experience changing the plow, which is not to take away from the hard working men and women who do that job.

I am not impliicating or insinuating anything. I was merely challenging your assertion that that Mr. Gregor's business ownership in someway qulaified him for the job and gave him the management experience and success necessary for the position. If his business required him to manage a large staff that would demostrate expereince with one of the qualifications for the job. Running a one person business as it suites your needs, while an honorable endeavour, does not demostrate the ttype of experinece we need in the next highway superintiendent.

Far from insinuating, I thiink if Mr. Gregor is offering his business ownership as a qualification those are as fair of questions as you have posed to Mr. McGann above.. I think it should be all of our hopes that the two canddidates would discuss the answers to those types of questions." Oct 12, 09 3:20 PM

Campaign Diary: Debate set for Southampton candidates

Had the same problem a while back. Would even try and log back in a copy and paste comment which took all of 10 seconds, still couldn't post. Was over a couple of days. Got fustrated and didn't come back for a week. Hasn't been a problem since." Oct 14, 09 8:53 PM

Southampton Town Highway Superintendent candidate John McGann (C,R)

Turkey Bridge, like in many of your postings on this site, you are off base. Mr. Gregor got his job in the highway department directly as a result of his belonging to the Republican Party. Which was the same way he got on the Conservation Board. In a different time and place you we be first in line calling him a Republican Party hack.
Mr Gregor had a personal association dating back many years with then Highway Superintendent Bill Masterson. Mr. Gregor had every opportunity, both legitimately and through his personal Republican connections, to walk in the front door of his boss's office and let him know he had a problem. Mr. Gregor himself and no one else made the choice to walk out without a timely and proper explanation.

That Mr. Gregor may have had a legitimate health concern does not change the facts of how inappropriately he handled the situation and how poorly it reflects on his abilty to now lead that same department.
" Nov 2, 09 1:42 PM

That's pure spin Turkey Bridge.

It's actaully a matter of public record, available on the archives of this newspaper and posted at "On The Beach Blog".

And it's first hand when the person says it themself. " Nov 2, 09 2:36 PM

What is pure spin is your assertion that the problem with Mr. Gregor's employment and subsequent termination is "all second- and third-hand hearsay about how Alexregor and the Highway Dept. parted ways"

It is a matter of public record. The article from the time is on this news sites archive and while you may dismiss the Beach Blog, what is not in dispute is that the public record was obtainable from the town.

It is a disqualifying liabilty for Mr. Gregor and you are trying to spin it as something else." Nov 2, 09 4:08 PM

Remember Turkey Bridge Mr. Gregor was a well connected Republican. In addition to his own involvement his late sistere was then Treasurer of the Party, soon to be chairperson. Despite his malfeasance there were still those looing to take care of him and wokr things out for him.

The factof the matter is he did not notify of his condition for many months and ontly then through hsi attorney, the referenced Carolyn Zenk, who had to abstain from a unanious vote to fire Mr. Gregor becasue she was represtning him.

Instead of falsing accusing others of exageration (humerous given your claims of Mr. Gregors management and admistrative expereince) you could always do the right thing, and ask Mr. Gregor for yourself." Nov 2, 09 5:22 PM

Then Mr. Gregor has changed his story Turkey Bridge. Like I said earlier what you are poopooing as second and third hand is actaully first hand. From the horses mouth, as they say." Nov 2, 09 8:42 PM

I like that line TurkeyBridge. While alot of what comes out of Mr. Gregors multiple campaigns for various town offices is entertaining horse crap, I can say it came directly out of Mr. Gregor's mouth." Nov 3, 09 9:28 AM

Southampton Republican Party screens candidates for vacant seat

Hey Fran - Did he earn his pension? If he were elected would he deserve to be paid like other memebers of the Town Board? Is he a good person? An upstanding member of our community? What are his postions on the important issues facing the town? Shouldn't the answers to those questions be whats really important instead of automatically disqualfying hime?" Dec 14, 09 10:20 AM

Special election date set by Southampton Town Board

That would be "Independence" Party. And yes they could." Jan 8, 10 9:25 PM

Wishful thinking perhaps? No Flemming will not be unopposed. The Republicans will meet tonite to select their candidate. Should be interesting as there are very good canddates to choose from. Not clear there is a friont runner yet, so there will be a tough choice to be made. Good postion for the party to be in." Jan 13, 10 11:29 AM

Southampton Town comptroller reappointment thwarted

Not to interupt the the enjoyment most of the posters here are geting wrking up their mock outrage, but isn't the practical impact of this vote, maintainig the status quo? Plainly put, Supervisor Throne-Holt's handpicked choice, Ms. Wright, remains as comptroller. " Jan 14, 10 8:44 AM

Lt. William Hughes named Republican nominee for vacant Southampton Town Board seat

For all of you already revving up your partisan attack machines, do you know the man? Do you have nay idea of his history here in Southampton or otherwise? Do you have any clue about his community involvement? Any idea of where he stands on the issues or just baseless assumptions? Any clue as to why the PBA may hnot be happy he got the Republican nomination? And HighHat Size, if you have questions go ask the man, he's not a stranger in our community hiding behind a nick name. If you want answers you can find them if you really prefer your pontification to be based on as much education as you claim." Jan 14, 10 5:41 PM

Since when is being 67 (if that is even accurate) make you too old? As a tri-athlete I bet he could run circles around some of the windbags around here. Again do you know the man or have any first hand idea of his motivations? Or is this just sport? As for those pre-judging him because he would have earned a pension from his time on the PD, are you saying that all public servants should be disqualified from public office when the retire on that basis? What would be the difference if he earned a pension in the private sector? Does the fact he or others earned it in the public sector some how make it dirty?" Jan 14, 10 6:14 PM

Suffolk County Republicans are screening candidates early to prepare for Bishop race

Equally forgetable by Summertime apparently was Democrats Chris "I didn't really get that big a break on my mortgage" Dodd and Barney "I am willing to roll the dice on Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae making loans to increase home ownership" Frank standing on the steps of the capitol chastising the Republicans for not being in favor of the bailout and guarenteeing that there would be strict oversight, meaning no bonuses. That was as big a joke as they are." Jan 14, 10 7:21 PM

Lt. William Hughes named Republican nominee for vacant Southampton Town Board seat

Hey Rocky - So how much he earned, and that is the key word here, earned in a pension disqualifies him to be an elected offical, despite what capabilities he may or may not have? Despite what his stand on the issues may or not be? Don't vote for the guy if you disagree with him on the issues, work you tail off for his opponent if thats the case, but at least have a real reason.
" Jan 14, 10 7:24 PM

The world will be a better place if you base it on the facts you learn rather than the ones you hear or worse yet read here, where turth seems to be a distant relative to most of what is posted. And yeah, I think that cuts both ways." Jan 14, 10 7:43 PM

So Publius are you saying that the working guy/gal can never become the boss because he or she would always be compromised by any friendships made along the career path? If that is the standard that applies no one in either the public or private sector should ever be promoted from "the ranks" and the only way to move up in your career would mean having to switch employers. " Jan 14, 10 10:33 PM

Suffolk County Republicans are screening candidates early to prepare for Bishop race

Except for the fact that maybe we are constituents too?" Jan 14, 10 10:35 PM

Lt. William Hughes named Republican nominee for vacant Southampton Town Board seat

EastEnd68's prongostication on this election should be taken with a grain of salt. He or she was equally certain of Jim Malone's certain defeat not long ago.
Goldenrod you clearly have no uderstanding of the dynamics of the Southampton Republican Committee. If you did you would know that at nominating conventions no one from the executive committee dictates to the rank and file committee members how to vote or not vote. That would be a sure way of causing their candidate's defeat.
Dr. Granger was a good candiidate. Scott Horowitz was a good candidate. Rebcca Molinaro was a good candidate. The Republican Committee members had a difficult choice to make and probably did not take the least path of resistance. But in the end William Hughes made the case and closed the deal with the most committee people, which is not a reflection on any of the other candidates all of whom if they desire have a bright future with the Republican committee if they so desire.....which they all indicated they did." Jan 15, 10 10:04 AM

First of all High Hat, you have no demostrated cred as a predictor of local elections so your "push" evalution if it was used in betting parlance is meaningless. Secondly until you have actaully spoken to either candidate directly on the issue you have limited standing, though unlimited right to continue to pontificate on the issue. Get out from behind the keyboard dude and find out for yourself firsthand where the cnadidates line up on this issue of such grave importance to you.....you migt surprise yourself in a variety of ways." Jan 16, 10 5:58 PM

Southampton Town Board candidate Fleming receives Independence endorsement

Some local "Independence" Party you folks got there. Has the local group ever not endorsed in lock step the Democrat candidates? Ever? It conducts itself in the complete opposite o the definition of "Indepenence"" Jan 18, 10 7:10 PM

More like game on and EastEnd68 likely will be crying in his or her beer come 10:30 PM on March 9." Jan 18, 10 9:00 PM

As a newcomer to politics Bill Hughes probably took the so called "Independence" party leadership at their word when they said it would be an open process. I think he could be forgiven for not realizing they have become nothing more than a rubber stamp for the Democrat party. Let alone that they were now invovlved in the same sort of deal making with up west special interests. The same ones and types you all howled about so loudly last summer." Jan 19, 10 8:42 AM

My reference was to the local "Independence" party leadership, which in various incarnations has never failed when it had the abiility to deliver it's line for the Democrat ticket, up to an including this year when it's local chairman and local vice chairman attempted to trade the line for their own cross endorsements on the Democratic line.It's a proud history that goes back to George Guldi trading the entire Democrtic line to the then Southampton Party for his own cross endorsment, only to have the rest of his running mates go down in flames." Jan 19, 10 4:07 PM

AlwaysLocal is right. The posters on this board arguing for balance were the same ones arguing for the need for a complete Democrat sweep last November. But given their candidate's, Ms. Flemming's. percieved weakness as newcomer to town without much of a record of community invovlement you can understand why they feel it is imperative to change the subject. Unfortunetely such blatant hypocricy only hurts and does not help their candidate for any true undecideds who might be posting or reading here." Jan 20, 10 8:36 AM

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