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Complaints Over Volleyball Games In Springs Lead To Proposed New Limit

You cannot apply any regulation or rule to a particular ethnic group. It's called discrimination." Aug 17, 13 6:35 AM

Ethics Panel Extends Bishop Probe

You are indeed correct. The level of graft, bribery, extortion, criminal activity and unethical behavior being committed on a daily basis by our elected officials must surely be mind boggling to even the most seasoned observer. There is no question that low impact politicians conduct their career transacting these types of simple "a little contribution here, a little phone call there and voila' somehow a permit that was denied by a civilian doing his/her job is suddenly overturned''. Had Semler not been such so difficult, this would've been just another day." Aug 17, 13 6:53 AM

Complaints Over Volleyball Games In Springs Lead To Proposed New Limit

Hey PBR I watched the salient portion of the video too. It didn't change my opinion but it did put a human face on it as opposed to all of our pontificating here. I feel sorry for the female home owner but she is a victim of East Hampton Town and of an ineffective Code Enforcement Dept , NOT a victim of her neighbors. Giving ineffective ''enforcers'' more rules to ''enforce'' doesn't seem like a logical solution to me. Why add another overreaching regulation to the volume of them already collecting dust. The answer is to replace the civil servants who are appear impotent, incapable or simply unwilling to enforce laws that are currently on the books. This is a private dispute between a woman and her overly athletic neighbors and should be treated as thus. IMO
" Aug 18, 13 7:14 AM

Colin Powell Visits The Tuckahoe School

What an honor to meet such an accomplished statesman. Thank you Tuckahoe.
" Aug 28, 13 11:55 AM

Panel Will Explore If Southampton Town Should Buy Development Rights To Fund Farm Purchases

I am sure I am missing something here but why would the town give the Peconic Land Trust money so they can turn around and give it to farmers? SH Town should simply reach directly to the farmers and work something out. We should watch how that CPF money is deployed..there is a lot of potential for...a lot of things." Aug 29, 13 12:00 PM

Patti Smith To Play At Surf Lodge In Montauk On Saturday

oh no! I'm going to miss the Hotel Chelsea's Godmother of Punk. Have a great time everyone. " Aug 29, 13 4:08 PM

Panel Will Explore If Southampton Town Should Buy Development Rights To Fund Farm Purchases

If I have supported a point you have previously attempted to make it was inadvertent. The Peconic Land Trust and its founder constitute a national treasure as far as I'm concerned. " Aug 30, 13 6:25 AM

That's fine, but accurate information from objective parties should be the strategy. If you are going to work hard to drive public opinion and with a pr campaign and persuasive discourse in the paper's comment section - as a direct participant, it would be most suitable to practice full disclosure... Letting the voters decide is only a noble solution if that is coupled with an equally firm stance that the voters get the straight scoop. " Aug 30, 13 5:18 PM

Tim Bishop Weighs In On Possible U.S. Military Strike Against Syria

We have long been involved in the Syrian civil war so any discussion about consideration of a new front is moot.

The State Department has long secretly financed Syrian political opposition groups and related projects, including a satellite TV channel that beams anti-government programming into the country, according to previously undisclosed diplomatic cables,” reported the Washington Post on April 17 2011. It was WikiLeaks that exposed a US program founded and financed by the George W Bush administration and continued under Obama’s.

"The US money for Syrian opposition figures began flowing under President George W Bush after he effectively froze political ties with Damascus in 2005,” according to the Post. While Obama verbally set himself apart from his gung-ho predecessor, finally appointing a US ambassador to Syria in January, his administration continued to facilitate ties and secretly fund opposition groups and figures.

The US insists on enforcing the same failed policies of the past, but expects different results every time. Propping up an Iraqi opposition that took part in the destruction of Iraq (following the US invasion of 2003) seems to be the model used by US policymakers in Syria. And this too is doomed to failure.

I'd like to see an actual objective source explain what is really happening over there. The US media isn't trustworthy.
" Sep 1, 13 5:44 PM

State Education Department Approves Merger Study For Tuckahoe And Southampton

Excellent news. Fantastic to read about such great improvements in educational opportunities for all children of this area! The Southampton School Board has nothing to fear but fear itself!" Sep 4, 13 1:33 PM

There are too many to list here but they include a plan for a center of reading immersion, a new hi-tech learning center with all new computers and cutting edge technology, the stabilization and growth of SHampton's AP course offerings and a laundry list of increased educational opportunities. But I'm just a lowly taxpaying parent and have no desire to take on the gang of cowardly lions who roar behind fake names ,perpetual anger and effortless zingers. There will be 2 community information sessions where you can come and participate in the process. Then, you can participate again with your vote. Do with it what you will. Flame away. " Sep 4, 13 5:04 PM

I can appreciate that conservative approach of using an assumption such as ''assessed values of properties in the district will remain exactly the same''. As we know, this is most likely not going to be the case. Should assessed value of properties increase, the tax rates could potentially be even lower. Further, the study was prepared with data, text, charts and information sets provided directly by Scott Farina and his board to the firm who used that data in the resulting findings. There can be no conspiracy when there are 6 votes held before it can ever move foward. Any of those votes fail, its DOA. " Sep 5, 13 5:19 AM

That's an odd comment. I have seen nothing that would indicate manipulation of data. Would you care to elaborate?"

" Sep 5, 13 9:56 AM

Thank you. As much as I work, there is never any time to read fiction. If dagdavid is going to suggest that there is fraud being perpetrated in a scheme including people from Albany to Southampton and beyond, one would think that specifics are in face relevant. It's quite a charge.

With regards to the rest of your fluff. Unless you can find anyone else in the history of Tuckahoe that attempted to dismantle the 3 person board and create a more responsive and representative group of 5, please let me know. As for the quote of the SH Super and the school board. Like anything where there are politics being play, I would suggest you watch what they DO and not what they SAY. Therein lies where policy is made. Enjoy the pool, I'm getting out." Sep 6, 13 5:05 AM

UPDATE: Jay Sears Pleads Guilty In Federal Court On Monday

Luckily nobody except you and NAMBLA members believe this. It's a very gray area of the law but child pornography receives no protection under the 1st or any other amendment of the constitution nor should it." Sep 10, 13 12:48 PM

House Ethics Committee Says Reason To Believe Bishop Violated Law With Campaign Donation

That update isn't going to help the congressman. At all." Sep 14, 13 6:47 AM

After multiple re-reads I cannot understand your logic in the two posts subsequent to mine. You may have missed something, I'm not sure. The Office of Congressional Ethics, however, didn't miss anything and they are body officially charged with not missing anything. I'll defer to them." Sep 14, 13 3:36 PM

No. " Sep 15, 13 1:57 PM

No. It's clear as day what happened year. It's not difficult at all to see right through the agenda driven comments, the attorneys, the sudden amnesia and all of the other white noise. The bigger problem is that what happened hear happens 1000s of times a day at all levels of politics and the only reason this is in the headlines now is because a feisty neighbor got ticked off because he was looking to get a Bentley repaired. The only one who loses at the end of the day is the Piping Plover." Sep 16, 13 6:58 AM

I think the issue is you want to have a discussion and I'm not interested in the context of the comments section of a newspaper sight. It's not a real adult discussion if I have no clue who you even are. This is a ''comment'' section not a ''discussion'' section. You are getting what's going on here confused with an actual real adult conversation." Sep 16, 13 8:09 AM

Brawl Brings Abrupt End To Southampton, Hampton Bays Boys Soccer Game

Were any of you there? It doesn't sound like it was that bad of an incident. Was it really a bench clearing brawl? It sounds like two players were sort of staring each other down and then an individual jumped in and started swinging. The benches cleared to separate them. Division officials declared the game official and will meet with each of the coaches. Both sides seem to suggest that before hand the teams were helping each other up and otherwise conducting in the spirit of good sportsmanship. The coaches and young men on the Mariner soccer team deserve our support, not our armchair quarterbacking." Sep 22, 13 6:06 AM

I respect the difficulties you describe but am not sure they are relevant to the article. There is nothing in the article to infer that coaches and parents aren't taking responsibility for the kids' actions. Down below the perpetually hysterical are beginning to mention ''absentee parenting'' etc...I'll reiterate that this story doesn't support the critical tone of the comments which in the end are predictable and formulaic." Sep 22, 13 12:05 PM

Analysis Says Grocery Store In Tuckahoe Could Hurt Village Businesses

Just for clarification, I don't think Robert Gibbs is an economist. Robert Gibbs, ASLA, PLA, CNU-A is currently the Director at Urban Retail Institute and the President of Gibbs Planning Group. Robert Gibbs is a leader in "New Urbanism", planning and commercial market research and is considered one of the foremost proponents of sustainable urban retail planning in the US. He has published books with titles like "New Urbanism & Beyond" and "Sustainable Urbanism". Lecture's for the Clinton LIbrary and Harvard Graduate School of Urban Retail Planning and Development. " Sep 23, 13 6:05 AM

ObamaCare To Be Explained At Sag Harbor Chamber Event

I believe it's H.R. 3121." Sep 23, 13 8:05 PM

Tuckahoe Board Of Education Unanimously Approves Moving Forward With Merger Vote

Excellent editorial titled "Editorial: Proposed East End school merger a model for LI" in the Sept. 20 issue of Newsday addresses this topic at length. Of particular note is this quote:

"The plan is good news for residents in both districts, who would see significant budget savings, as well as more and improved class and extracurricular offerings. They would be wise to approve it in voting later this fall. The proposal also is food for thought for other districts where financial struggles are making it more difficult to strengthen educational programs and better prepare students for more rigorous state testing.
Merging certainly is not for everyone. In many ways, Southampton and Tuckahoe are an ideal pairing."

Whatever happens, I agree with the Editorial - the districts deserve credit for even exploring a merger - no matter how it turns out." Sep 24, 13 6:10 AM

ObamaCare To Be Explained At Sag Harbor Chamber Event

The success of the upcoming launch of the insurance exchanges will depend on how many young, healthy people sign up. If the individual mandate is not delayed, individuals are required to buy health insurance or pay a fine equal to the greater of $95 or 1% of their family salary. Because the rates are astronomical only sick people buy individual coverage in NY at the moment and they will see a fairly steep decline in prices. After year 1 the rates on the exchanges will no longer be subsidized and will be calculated using the same methodology as outside of the exchange. Without the money from young, healthy people who currently have determined that it's not worth it to them to buy insurance, the rates will increase exponentially in year 2. " Sep 25, 13 6:17 AM

Just to help clarify some of the above information, besides the fines for people not buying coverage, the funding mechanisms for the Affordable Care Act include:
+.9% Increase in Medicare Tax Rate (plus next item…)
3.8% New Tax on unearned income for high-income taxpayers= $210.2 billion ($200,000 for individual and $250,000 for joint filers)
New Annual Fee on health insurance providers = $60 billion (For calculation - Sec 9010 (b) of the PPACA.)[1] - passed on to consumers.
40% New Tax on health insurance policies which cost more than $10,200 for an individual or $27,500 for a family, per year = $32 billion (inland tax as opposed to an importation tax)
New Annual Fee on manufacturers and importers of branded drugs = $27 billion (For calculation - Sec 9008 (b) of the PPACA)[2] - passed on to consumers.
2.3% New Tax on manufacturers and importers of certain medical devices = $20 billion - passed on to consumers.
+2.5% Increase (7.5% to 10%) in the Adjusted Gross Income floor on medical expenses deduction = $15.2 billion
Limit annual contributions to $2,500 on flexible spending arrangements in cafeteria plans (plans that allow employees to choose between different types of benefits) = $13 billion
All other revenue sources = $14.9 billion
10% New Tax imposed on each individual for whom “indoor tanning services” are performed.
3.8% New Tax on investment income. Includes: gross income from interest, dividends, royalties, rents, and net capital gains. Investment income does not include interest on tax-exempt bonds, veterans’ benefits, excluded gain from the sale of a principle residence, distributions from retirement plans, or amounts subject to self-employment taxes. (The lesser of net investment income or the excess of modified Adjusted Gross Income over a the dollar amount at which the highest income tax bracket, typically $250,000 for married filing jointly and $200,000 filing as an individual). " Sep 25, 13 8:17 AM

Southampton Board Of Education Schedules Straw Vote On Merger

I would seriously hope that the authorities will review any incident whereby a local woman would publicly comment on visiting my children's school with a gun. " Oct 2, 13 10:21 AM

Progressnow, with the above on the table all bets are off. " Oct 2, 13 10:42 AM

Southampton Boys Soccer Defeats Hampton Bays 2-1 To Earn Playoff Spot

Congrats to the Mariners - you can do it!" Oct 10, 13 11:31 AM

Small Fire At Fellingham's Sports Bar In Southampton Under Investigation

I agree with the above. Glad all is ok and nobody hurt...just as long the Bambino is unscathed." Oct 16, 13 11:35 AM

Southampton Village Police Add A Third-Generation Officer To Their Roster

Good luck and welcome to the police force of Southampton Officer Knoebel. Your grandfather must be smiling up there and your family should be extremely proud. This young man follows a brave line of extremely good police officers who have served our village for a long time. Good call." Oct 22, 13 1:45 PM

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