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County Executive Calls For New Fees On Water Use To Fight Nitrogen Pollution

You would have thought they would have changed the corruption model but nope, still the same old trick. Seems like there must be a Fleecing 101 class that all politicians take. This act of taxing people more to create a fund to be used by politicians to enrich their friends under the guise that it's for ''our own good'' has to stop." Apr 26, 16 1:44 PM

Notice how they don't actually announce any actual strategies to clean the water. Just a tax as if the taxes will clean the water. If they were interestd in fixing the problem they would simply get right to it. Somehow, they can't clean the water now, they need to implement a new tax. You have every right to be skeptical." Apr 26, 16 2:15 PM

Southampton School District Denies Press's Appeal Of Decision Not To Release Findings Of Investigation

The board is protecting itself from litigation. Farina gets to protect himself from this impacting future employment and and any humiliation. In other words the board is protecting the perp and themselves at the expense of the taxpayers which is the exact opposite of their charge. " May 7, 16 7:14 AM

That is not it. Sounds they they are in a major pickle. They have nothing to gain here. " May 7, 16 11:30 AM

Southampton Town Officials Suggest Increasing County Road 39 Speed Limit

Speed limit...hahahaha. Good one." May 9, 16 2:23 PM

Southampton School District Denies Press's Appeal Of Decision Not To Release Findings Of Investigation

People would be best served by ignoring the perpetually divisive and adversarial voice of self appointed, related, watch dogs. They don't authentically care about you. They care about themselves. "You catch more flies with honey, than with vinegar" Is still true. " May 10, 16 6:12 AM

Child Development Center Of The Hamptons To Close At The End Of The School Year

You should think of the families that appreciated this school and will miss it rather than sarcastically cheering on it's demise. " May 10, 16 6:42 AM

Southampton School District Denies Press's Appeal Of Decision Not To Release Findings Of Investigation

What makes you think I was referring to you, Joan....?" May 11, 16 6:59 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Village Public Hearing Draws In Over 150 People

It is imperative that Southampton Village, Suffolk County and Town leaders, Trustees, local attorneys and whomever else is charged with serving the taxpayers reaffirm the public's right to the beach. The public has an inherent right of access to and along all beaches and shorelines. Generally, local authorities have the primary authority to develop and maintain public access to and along the shorelines. It's no more complicated than that.

" May 15, 16 5:45 PM

Since when do authentic surfers and those that espouse that lifestyle work with officials and lawyers to help clear the beach of locals in order to make money ?" May 16, 16 6:15 AM

I'm not following you. They are evidently involved. Plaintiffs or not. And nobody should be ready to accept the arbitrary 175 as is inherent in your post. This is about who gets to claim ownership of the beach and the implications are spectacular. " May 16, 16 8:25 AM

Southampton School Officials Refuse To Explain Replacement Of Administrator, Who Is Still Being Paid

The headline here is misleading. It should read that the School Board is following NY State Regulations pertaining to which records are available to the public and which records are exempt from disclosure.

While there is always a presumption of disclosure under FOIL, the law specifically and very clearly exempts records such as would be applicable here from public disclosure. I'm not sharing any opinion, just fact, as an alternative to the nonsense above." Jun 1, 16 1:14 PM

Police: Influence Of Gangs On East End Remains Faint But Occasionally Violent

Some of the graffiti in the Tuckahoe area would lead me to believe that a gang has claimed the mean streets of Country Club Knolls....." Jun 6, 16 12:00 PM

Southampton School Officials Refuse To Explain Replacement Of Administrator, Who Is Still Being Paid

I'd suggest moving to a place on Long Island with lower taxes but there really isn't one." Jun 6, 16 12:01 PM

Southampton High School Seniors May Have Been Ticketed Wrongly

Joan, do you ever have factual information to share or are you satisfied just lobbing negative innuendo as a toxic demagogue. What is the real issue you have with the school. There really seems to be more to your achingly persistent hatred of the institution. " Jun 7, 16 5:41 AM

Tuckahoe Voters Face A Second School Budget Proposal This Month

Over the last year, in NY, the CPI or Consumer Price Index, a measurement of what things cost, show that in our area, costs were up 1.8% over the last year. When you consider that the majority of increases in the budget are fixed by the bargaining unit, I don't know how they keep the increase so low while preserving staff and programs. That is very admirable.
" Jun 7, 16 8:42 AM

Southampton School District Conducts Audit Of Special Education Department

i really sympathize with the administration and board volunteers for having to suffer you and your peculiar antics , Joan. " Jun 8, 16 5:07 AM

County Road 39 Blinking Light Trial Did Not Yield Hoped-For Results

Why would there be "hoped for results" in a study about blinking lights on CR 39? Sounds like there isn't a soul working on it that has any clue. In other words, it's a perfect model for NY municipal projects. Too much corruption to ever make a positive deference " Jun 9, 16 7:22 AM

Zeldin Says Missing 9/11 Report Pages Should Be Made Public

Lee is right. Again. Keeping pages of reports secret, taking the 5th, walking out on Grand Juries, requesting immunity from criminal prosecution....it all reeks of people that have something to hide." Jun 15, 16 7:58 AM

UPDATE: Schneiderman Unveils More Details About Proposal To Reroute Tuckahoe Road

There is simply no chance that so called Town Officials stuck up for the locals here." Jun 15, 16 11:38 AM

Musicians Decry Music Decibel Level Restrictions In Montauk

Sounds like Montauk is in need of a happy medium. It goes from Mardi-Gras to a convent in the span of a winter. Doesn't seem right to cure the flu with Chemotherapy. By punishing fans of live music, you punish the people that had the LEAST to do with the predicament in which Montauk finds itself. Don't hurt local business to curb outside disruption. It is NOW that our locals need to be making money for the next 12 months. Use your head, Larry." Jun 16, 16 6:57 AM

Hampton Bays To Keep Narcan At Schools In Case Of Emergency

Good idea. As we have seen lately, no matter rich, powerful, talented, loved or smart you are - you can succumb to addiction and even an accidental overdose. The district should be commended for recognizing that there are more opiate related overdose deaths in Suffolk County than in any other county in NY." Jun 16, 16 5:16 PM

UPDATE: Schneiderman Unveils More Details About Proposal To Reroute Tuckahoe Road

$5 seems cheap considering how much mileage the club has gotten out of their co-opting of ''Shinnecock'' for the last 125 years." Jun 17, 16 5:01 PM

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