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Scammers Claiming To Be From IRS Target East End Residents

The sad part is that we live in a country where the IRS has been used as a tool of intimidation by the federal government. This scam is able to perpetuate because off the starkly negative perception people have of the IRS- and rightly so." Mar 8, 16 12:12 PM

Southampton School District To Hold Community Forums On Purchase Of New District Office

Based on the spectacular amount of misinformation in the comment section here, I hope people will attend. You will hear about the vast benefits of this purchase, the availability of the money that has been long ago earmarked for this very purpose and how this is easily the most cost effective option there is." Mar 9, 16 11:54 AM

Gee, that's not like you and your daughter?" Mar 9, 16 1:37 PM

Again, please attend the public forum if you are interested in the facts instead of wild hyperbole from the perpetually virulent.

There you will learn about Wicks Law,..this requirement has the effect of increasing state and local construction costs, delaying projects and, in some cases, preventing projects from going forward at all. Previous studies estimate that the Wicks Law adds anywhere from 8% to 30% to municpal project expenses.

You will also learn why moving the administration from a terribly inadequate double wide to a sports equipment storage space on Majors Path is also not workable. Unlike others, I don't think the administration is lying or that there is any conspiracy. This is the most cost effective alternative in my objective opinion and I arrived at that conclusion after watching a very informative presentation that described the current options is great detail. Everyone is free to make up their own mind, obviously, but please do it AFTER obtaining the information with an open but discerning ear." Mar 10, 16 7:06 AM

It's not a speculative real estate investment. Your comments has no relevance." Mar 10, 16 1:41 PM

Joan, please explain in detail how tax dollars that were levied 25 years ago and have been sitting in a fund, doing nothing is a good use of tax dollars. Further, you should explain in detail how this expense of tax dollars that were collected decades ago, for this very purpose costs you a dime. There are no new taxes and not a penny that needs to be borrowed. There won't be an iota of new taxes incurred. These are funds that have been collected and are doing nothing. To the extent you want to pay taxes and have that money sit, unused forever, that's great...but THAT would be an utter waste of money. After a while, between the eruption you and your family caused about bake sales and everything else seems like you need to explain your very public and extended hatred of everything Southampton School District. " Mar 11, 16 5:10 AM

Joan, my posts clearly suggest that people are free to make their own decision but that attending the public form would be beneficial if you want to get the facts. To the extent that you do not like that I cannot help you." Mar 11, 16 10:32 AM

Tuckahoe School Superintendent Resigns

Joan, you and Lori need to butt out of Tickshoe District's business. Unless someone asks you for your opinion it is considered highly impolite to offer it unsolicited. " Mar 13, 16 7:27 AM

UPDATE: Over $18,000 Raised For Photographer Who Lost Equipment In Water Mill House Fire

Are you people serious? How about you Columbo wannabes move on to a more productive use of your time than callously weaving fiction about my friends that are hurting after a personal tragedy. " Mar 13, 16 7:33 AM

Tuckahoe School Superintendent Resigns

I'm a taxpayer in Tuckahoe and Southampton and my kids will be in both next year. Last I checked between homeschooling and not paying taxes as a Tuckahoe taxpayer -so you care to explain the chip on your shoulder and why you care what occurs in "sd13" or even 6 for that matter ?" Mar 14, 16 8:58 AM

You care to elaborate on how the voice of whether to have a super or not impacts a Southampton taxpayer ?" Mar 14, 16 9:00 AM

Precisely. You cannot explain how staffing decisions in a school district to which you pay zero taxes, costs you a dime. That's because it doesn't. My original point stands as do all the rest. " Mar 15, 16 5:17 AM

Southampton School District To Hold Community Forums On Purchase Of New District Office

you're probably right. Better to have those questions asked anonymously here and rely on gossip, misinformation and toxic hatred for your response than attend a public information session where you can independently seek the information for yourself. " Mar 15, 16 5:23 AM

Tuckahoe School District Still Has Not Released Details Surrounding Superintendent's Resignation

Right on schedule, Joan. The paper publishes an article about Tuckahoe, a district to which you do not pay a dime, and there you are with an unprofessional and petulant response. The Tuckahoe Board answers to their taxpayers, nobody else." Mar 16, 16 11:16 AM

Southampton School Board Postpones Decision On Changing Name Of Columbus Day Holiday

Columbus was not the first European to cross the Atlantic Ocean.
That distinction is generally given to the Norse Viking Leif Eriksson, who is believed to have landed in present-day Newfoundland around 1000 A.D., almost five centuries before Columbus set sail. Some historians even claim that Ireland’s Saint Brendan or other Celtic people crossed the Atlantic before Eriksson. While the United States commemorates Columbus—even though he never set foot on the North American mainland—with parades and a federal holiday, Leif Eriksson Day on October 9 receives little fanfare." Mar 16, 16 3:58 PM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Opposes President Obama's Plan To Close Guantánamo Bay Prison

1. “Whose Ass To Kick”
Obama got very defensive when questioned about his inaction on the BP oil spill during an interview for American television on June 7, 2010
2. Bring a Gun to A Knife Fight
During a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania furndraising stop during the campaign on June 13, 2008, Obama echoed Sean Connery’s famous “Chicago Way” monologue during the election campaign.
“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” Obama told the audience. “Because from what I understand folks in Philly like a good brawl. I’ve seen Eagles fans.”
3. “Argue With Neighbors, Get In Their Face”
At another campaign stop on September 18, 2008, Obama advocated that his supporters “argue with [people], get in their faces”
4.“I don’t want to quell anger… I’m angry!”
At the height of public resentment at bonuses being paid to Wall Street investment bankers, Obama said on March 30, 2009 that “I don’t want to quell anger. I think people are right to be angry. I’m angry.”
Although Obama did say he wanted to “channel our anger in a constructive way,” he did not specify how that anger would be channeled.
5.“Get out of the way”
On August 8, 2009, Obama lashed out at Republican critics of his handling of the economy.
“I don’t want the folks who created the mess to do a lot of talking. I want them to get out of the way so we can clean up the mess. I don’t mind cleaning up after them, but don’t do a lot of talking.”
6. “Gearing up for a Fight”
During a weekly radio and television address on February 28, 2009, President Obama laid out his plan to reform healthcare in America. He also had a message to the special interests opposed to his agenda.
“I know they [the special interests and lobbyists] are gearing up for a fight as we speak. My message to them is this: so am I.”
7. “Hit Back Twice As Hard”
During the town hall meeting protests of the summer of 2009, Senior White House adviser David Axelrod and deputy chief of staff Jim Messina told Democrat Senators, “If you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard.”
Although the quote is attributed to Messina, it has been tied to Obama and did come from an official top source in the Administration.
" Mar 17, 16 6:16 AM

UPDATE: School Board Accepts Eastport South Manor Superintendent's Resignation; Continues To Deflect Questions About Decision

ESM had the worse financial distress marks in the region, had spent all of its reserves and were facing a budget deficit with no aid from the state. It might have something to do with that." Mar 17, 16 7:18 AM

UPDATE: Tuckahoe Appoints Interim Superintendent; Will Pay Former Superintendent $92,500 To End Contract Over 'Irreconcilable Differences'

Keep up the good work and thank you for managing a difficult situation in such a professional manner." Mar 18, 16 5:19 PM

UPDATE: County Road 39 Reopens To Traffic Wednesday Morning; No Serious Injuries Reported

Last Wed. a truck flipped on a straight away and this Wed. a Porsche ends up totally underneath a flat bed. Another week, another child airlifted. Cty Rd 39 has become a mismanaged hazard. Driver's are ultimately responsible, but there has got to be civic engineers and experts who can devise a strategy to remedy what must be issues with the roadway....not to mention issues with the speed of the drivers on said roadway. How many deaths and injuries are required before the county addresses the expensive elephant in the room?" Mar 23, 16 2:05 PM

Gregor Argues Against Use Of $3 Million Grant To Raise Dune Road

Raising the road to stop mother nature is about as silly as a suggestion to lower the oceans." Mar 26, 16 6:19 AM

Accessibility to the ocean is not what this is about. It's about accessibility to homes that were built where the ocean goes. " Mar 26, 16 7:48 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman Explores Idea Of Buying Farmers' Chemical Rights

It's time to stop charging people to contribute to this slush fund. It has now become a vehicle used to score political points." Mar 29, 16 7:25 AM

Yeah, really. If homeowners want to stop the use of pesticides NEAR their yards, they should stop using them ON their yards...." Mar 29, 16 10:48 AM

Southampton Publick House To Close, Relocate Soon

Hey Don, wherever it is...I'll be there!" Apr 5, 16 5:28 PM

State Budget Sets Aside More Money For Schools; $7.5M For Upgrades At Stony Brook Southampton

Returning tax dollars back to the school districts and our hospitals, especially in light of all of the unfunded mandates of the PPACA, is the right thing to do." Apr 7, 16 9:30 AM

Southampton Publick House To Close, Relocate Soon

ride a bike." Apr 9, 16 6:07 AM

Engineers To Collect Traffic Data In Southampton Town This Week In Preparation For County Road 39 Blinking Light Program

Here, save he time and money: People will drive faster and the side streets are going to be a mess. " Apr 12, 16 7:37 AM

If Blinking Light Program Is Successful, County Road 39 Could Get A New Underpass Instead Of Light

When translated from political-speak to plain English - "preliminary observations suggest that traffic flow improved in that corridor during its three-day run" means that they have already decided the program was successful." Apr 21, 16 7:33 AM

It doesn't make sense to have the only stop light from which to go straight or make a right be the one where the school is on Magee. " Apr 21, 16 5:27 PM

UPDATE: Farina Will Receive Nearly $300,000 After Resigning From Superintendent Position

Besides superindendents what other public administrators are allowed to skate with with well over a quarter of a million dollars of tax payer money without any accountability? The Garnett PA school district promoted Scott Farina several times and put out glowing press releases only to have him suddenly resign under a gag order. This should have been a major red flag, not to mention it happened again in EH.

How can 1 person go to 3 different schools and abruptly resign under a cloak of secrety while absconding with taxpayer loot? It's pretty outrageous.

One can only surmise that there will be a 4th school and a 5th school to follow. Seems like quite a racket to me." Apr 22, 16 1:46 PM

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