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UPDATE: Southampton Animal Shelter Dog Set To Go To K9 Police School

Way to go! What a great idea." Dec 14, 15 4:46 PM

Governor Cuomo Authorizes CPF Extension, Including For Water Quality

Typical political move. Obtain access to a fund with tens of millions of dollars, claim it is for a noble cause and neglect to specify a single plan that requires the hard earned cash of the taypayer." Dec 15, 15 6:06 AM

Zeldin's Safe Bridges Act Becomes Law

this move by Lee Zeldin makes no sense to me, except if he's looking for positive press. NY State has historically raised about half of its transportation budget by gasoline taxes, highway use taxes, tolls, auto registration fees, other non fuel auto taxes and a host of other taxes and fees.

Governor Cuomo is about to announce a $1B state surplus in his budget and we have to enact a law that allows Suffolk County Roads to be eligible for Federal Funds for which there are always strings attached? " Dec 22, 15 5:58 AM

Officials Offer Explanation About Why Village Latch Inn Is Not Included In Southampton Sewer Plans

If it has been decided that the CPF funds can be used for projects aimed at cleaning the water and

The new sewer plans are aimed at cleaning up the water and

It has been shown that there is a stark imbalance between how much Southampton residents contribute vs. how much benefit they get from the CPF and

The CPF is experienced another record year of contributions from Southampton residents

Why doesn't the CPF pay for the sewers...it's chump change to them and a suitable way to thank Southampton for their generosity. " Dec 27, 15 7:07 AM

Prosecutors: Sean Ludwick Dragged Paul Hansen Out Of Car After Fatal August DWI Crash

So what recourse does the victim's family have against the numerous judges that let this guy skate or plead guilty to lesser charges umpteen times over the last decade?" Jan 5, 16 4:38 PM

Officials Offer Explanation About Why Village Latch Inn Is Not Included In Southampton Sewer Plans

From what I have been able to gather up to this point, the sewerage of the village district would be an extremely expensive endeavor with very little impact. It does not address the cause of Lake Agawam's continued toxicity, which according to experts, is the deep layer of phosphorous producing muck that covers the bottom of Agawam." Jan 8, 16 8:06 AM

Southampton Village May Tap Scientist To Conduct New Study Of Lake Agawam And Sewers' Impact

The primary reason for Lake Agawam being compromised is the deep level of sediment on the floor that is releasing phosphorous. You have to clean up Lake Agawam's muck if you ever want the water to be blue again." Jan 9, 16 2:14 PM

Court Won't Hear Appeal By Southampton Town Trustees; Decision Further Muddies Water In Terms Of Board's Regulatory Authority

It would seem that a new board with jurisdiction over the areas in question should be convened immediately. There should also be a regulation created whereby people that reside in towns that have destroyed their beaches with hard structures are prohibited from using those who avoided destroying theirs." Jan 20, 16 7:46 AM

UPDATE: Southampton School District Closed Monday

The people who run the Tuckahoe Emergency Weather Bunker off of Magee Street have an interesting take on this weekend's weather....

Tuckahoe Emergency Weather Bunker

Folks, we are the only ones who care about you enough to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth....at this point, if we get more than 3-5 inches...we''ll be surprised.

As Chuck-D and Flava-Flav say: "Don't believe the hype!"" Jan 20, 16 1:31 PM

Officials Eye Hampton Road Property For Southampton School District Office

In your experience, what is a reasonable amount of return a school district should expect from the building that houses it's administration....?" Jan 29, 16 12:22 PM

They most certainly do not list Southampton as being in financial distress, Joan. They list it as ''susceptible'' to financial distress with a ''score'' of approximately less than half of those listed as being financially distressed.

Interesting to note that Tuckahoe Common is listed as safe, with a score half of what it was 2 years ago. " Jan 29, 16 5:53 PM

I have never heard of a school administration that generated income either." Jan 30, 16 5:28 AM

Three East End Schools Facing Fiscal Stress

Outstanding job by Tuckahoe Common School District to stay off of that list under extremely challenging conditions...and with no help from NY State.
" Feb 2, 16 4:40 PM

Robert F.X. Sillerman's SFX Entertainment Declares Bankruptcy

This has nothing to do with trickle down economics....and as a matter of facts, there is no authentic school of economics that includes trickle down economics or trickle down theory. It's merely a political term adopted by critics of various policies with different names.

This has more to do with the waning fad of goggle eyed kids taking ecstasy and dancing for 24 hours with a pacifier around their necks. This company owned that space when it was in it's heyday." Feb 3, 16 6:24 AM

It's not an economic practice. No matter what you call it. It's a ficticious creation. No such thing.

Don't forget, wealth also "trickles up" through savings and investment. After all, the savings that lower- and middle-class people put into the bank are loaned out to businesses for profit. Similarly, their retirement savings are usually in the form of investments for big business." Feb 3, 16 8:04 AM

Now Widespread, Plastic Bag Bans Draw Mixed Reviews

The positive impact is obvious. There are significantly less of those cheap white plastic bags everywhere. " Feb 4, 16 11:52 AM

Sorry, I'm not going to support banning people and keeping the plastic if that is what you are suggesting....." Feb 5, 16 7:10 AM

Paper bags are made from trees, which are a renewable resource.

Most plastic bags are made from polyethylene, which is made from petroleum, a nonrenewable resource. Polyethylene, a man-made polymer that microorganisms don't recognize as food.

Those plastic bags will be with us for an estimated 500+ years...the paperbag....5-10. Makes sense indeed." Feb 6, 16 2:51 PM

East Hampton Energy Sustainability Committee In Favor Of Plans For Offshore Wind Farm

Deep water is run by lobbyiests, hedge fund managing directors, global investment firms, private equity banks and domestic oil/gas companies looking to diversify. They dont' care about Long Island. We do not need people like that building ''wind farms'' offshore. There has never been an iota of evidence presented that would indicate this will save the consumer a dime. These types of firms are known for making spectacular profits at the expense of anyone and everyone." Feb 10, 16 7:22 AM

I spent 10+ years in California where the landscape is littered with abandoned ''wind farms''. They do not work.

Forget when the owners take short cuts to maximize profit:
Welding questions join list of troubles compiled by CRMC

By TIM FAULKNER/ecoRI News staff

PROVIDENCE — Construction of the Block Island Wind Farm is once again raising red flags and upsetting state officials. Last month, the Deepwater Wind project caused alarm after inspectors found equipment damage and a number of hazards that threatened worker safety.

This month, attention shifted to the quality of construction — specifically welding procedures and construction practices by the builder, Weeks Marine of Cranford, N.J.

The list of problems includes broken testing equipment, unused moisture-extraction ovens and a lack of documentation. The problems were reported by ABS Group, a consultant hired by Deepwater Wind to monitor construction of the five-turbine wind farm.

“Every one of those issues to me is a major issue,” said Donald Gomez during the Sept 22 meeting of the Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC), the state agency overseeing most aspects of the project. “You don’t work that way.”" Feb 11, 16 6:27 AM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Opposes President Obama's Plan To Close Guantánamo Bay Prison

I invite anyone to explain how closing Gitmo is in the best interest of our nation and her citizens." Feb 23, 16 12:19 PM

You care to elaborate on the evidence that you have to back up your claim that gitmo is ''maybe the single most significant source...''?

" Feb 23, 16 1:00 PM

I didn't expect any of you to be able to explain how the President's suggestion was in the best interest of our nation or her citizens. At the same time, it's all moot because it was nothing more than political theatre yesterday. The law strictly prohibits moving the gitmo detainees to our soil. There is no authentic plan to do anything. " Feb 24, 16 5:46 AM

Man Who Defrauded Southampton Residents In Ponzi Scheme Is Sentenced To Nine Years In Prison

I can assure you that the victims did not deserve to lose their money. With $150m under management from 3800 clients, that's an average account size of less than $50,000. " Feb 26, 16 8:53 AM

The irony of your suggesting my comment about the victims not deserving to lose their money being a ''sweeping assumption''...juxtaposed with the completely unsubstantiated fictional concoction you have described is not lost on me!

" Feb 26, 16 12:39 PM

Marlboro Ends Southampton's Boys Hoops Season In 79-65 Victory In Class B Regional Final

It was a great season Mariners and you should hold your heads up high and be proud. Thanks for representing!" Mar 6, 16 1:03 PM

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