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Barrister's Restaurant To Close After 34 Years In Southampton Village

I will miss Barristers very much. Congrats Mike and Carol. " Dec 7, 12 8:10 PM

Empire Warns It May Go Out Of Network With East End Hospitals April 1

Happy to report that as of late yesterday, Friday, April 6, Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Southampton Hospital and the other members of the East End Health Alliance ratified their service contract. The contract is effective today, Saturday April 6th and will span 2 years. " Apr 6, 13 6:23 AM

Tuckahoe Eighth-Grader Writes Music Composition, Band To Perform May 28

Congratulations! You should be very proud and I look forward to hearing you play your piece. " May 17, 13 1:18 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Secretary Wins $1 Million In Powerball At Southampton Stationery

I love that she hasn't returned to work since claiming the winning ticket...enjoy!" May 17, 13 1:20 PM

Mariners Baseball Team Beats Mattituck To Win County Title

Congratulations to the entire team. Go Mariners!!" May 30, 13 6:01 AM

Willie Nelson To Play At Montauk's Surf Lodge On Sunday

I hope everyone has a great time. If this is "my tax dollars at work", I support it and would politely suggest that this is not another Max Yasgur's farm." Jun 5, 13 6:07 PM

New Ferry Proposed To Celebrate Historical Local Next Summer

George, if you actually have any questions or concerns, feel free to call the office. " Jun 6, 13 1:57 PM

Suspicious Letters Prompt Concern At Southampton Town Hall

The person who was opening the mail did the right thing and I commend him/her. Suspicious and sometimes tainted mail has been showing up at local municipal offices all over the country. Sounds like the detective checked it out, opened the mail and the business as usual. Good to practice protocol too. " Jun 6, 13 5:36 PM

When tax payer money is used to protect tax payers from whom said tax dollars are generated, it will always be fine for me. Whether it's at a concert in Montauk that is scaring the bejesus out of you or a non event such as this. Hindsight is always 20/20. Safety personnel and the like are employed and paid for in order to carry out the very tasks they completed yesterday. Have you seen the amount of tax dollars collected in Southampton Town? There is enough to go around - and still pay for the line dancing lessons." Jun 7, 13 11:21 AM

Why didn't you say I was in a discussion with people that actually would suggest that other desire a disaster so they can play hero. I wouldn't have wasted my time." Jun 7, 13 11:41 AM

Willie Nelson To Play At Montauk's Surf Lodge On Sunday

Agoraphobia (from Greek αγορά, "marketplace"; and φόβος/φοβία, -phobia) is an anxiety disorder characterized by anxiety in situations where the sufferer perceives the environment as being difficult to escape or get help. These situations include, but are not limited to, wide-open spaces, as well as uncontrollable social situations such as may be met in shopping malls, airports, Willie Nelson concerts and on bridges. Agoraphobia is defined within the DSM-IV TR as a subset of panic disorder, involving the fear of incurring a panic attack in those environments.[1]

In response to a traumatic event, anxiety may interrupt the formation of memories and disrupt the learning processes, resulting in dissociation. Depersonalization (a feeling of disconnection from one’s self) and derealisation (a feeling of disconnection from one's surroundings) are other dissociative methods of withdrawing from anxiety" Jun 8, 13 5:36 AM

Suspicious Letters Prompt Concern At Southampton Town Hall

Both the "If You See Something, Say Something™" campaign and the NSI underscore the concept that homeland security begins with hometown security. An alert public plays a critical role in keeping our nation safe. Strengthening hometown security involves creating partnerships across numerous states as well as the private sector.

Recent expansions of the "If You See Something, Say Something™" campaign include partnerships with numerous sports teams and leagues, transportation agencies, private sector partners, states, cities and universities. DHS also has Public Service Announcements which have been distributed to television and radio stations across the country. The campaign will continue to be expanded in the coming weeks and months." Jun 8, 13 5:43 AM

Surf Lodge: Those Without Tickets Should Hold Off On Willie Nelson Concert

Glad to see you loosened up. All on their own, people do the right thing...you just have to have faith. Surf Lodge knows how to throw a conscious party." Jun 9, 13 4:27 PM

Victory!" Jun 10, 13 5:59 AM

Life is going to happen all around you all the time. That will include balloons, mailroom clerks, waves, chains of command, panic buttoms, envelopes with no return addresses...all of it. You should try to get through it without being hysterical and calling people who think you are silly names. IMO. Have a great day!" Jun 10, 13 6:05 AM

Suffolk County Plans Spraying In Area This Week

How great. Low altitude helicopters raining poison on us with no "significant" human toxicity - which is good because I'm all for being covered is just slightly or medium toxic spray. " Jun 11, 13 8:58 AM

Harmful if absorbed through skin. Causes moderate eye irritation. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, or clothing.Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling. Remove contaminated clothing and wash contaminated clothing before reuse.
Mixer/loaders and applicators not in enclosed cabs or
aircraft must wear a dust/mist filtering respirator meeting
NIOSH standards of at least N-95, R-95, or P-95. Repeated
exposure to high concentrations of microbial proteins can
cause allergic sensitization." Jun 11, 13 9:09 AM

Bishop: Nation Missed Opportunity For Tighter Gun Regulations

What was the reaction of the crowd when Tim said that the focus in Washington right now was job creation? " Jun 12, 13 2:28 PM

UPDATE: Sag Harbor 7-Eleven Reopens After Raid By Feds in ID Theft, Labor Exploitation Probe

The national news services have all picked this up. 27east was the first to report on this, good going!" Jun 17, 13 6:02 PM

I am not sure...I sign on w/ Facebook and it lists my birthplace. Go Cats!!" Jun 18, 13 12:55 PM

State Awards $536,425 To East Hampton Town For Fiscal Efficiency

That is some model for municipal politics. 1.) mismanage the taxpayers money 2.) fire the local citizens working for you to make up for the wasted money 3.) get a half million dollars of the same tax payers money that you fired 4.) get ''bonus points because your application says you'll use the money for open space and finally, use the tax payer's cash to upgrade your building whereby the open space simply refers to an open space design of your upgraded building. Wow." Jun 20, 13 6:22 AM

The ''writer above'' is sorry to disappoint but has lived here since he was born there...but it does seem to throw people off. At least we disagree on what happened to my once great hometown. You may to go a little easy on the town that gave the world Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross and the Mustang though. " Jun 20, 13 5:45 PM

110,000 Square Foot Sagaponack Estate Has No Room For Pilates Training

Just for the record, 110,000 square feet of buildings on 63 acres is not a "private residence". That fact isn't still up for discussion is it? " Jun 21, 13 6:45 AM

Southampton High School Teachers Wear Black To Protest Student's Testing Accommodation

Most of the teachers I know would not protest a student needed a particular accommodation in order to better prove his/her mastery of the subject matter. This sounds like a union vs. administration issue in which an innocent child found himself in the middle. As far as teaching a child the life lesson that comes from getting through adversity, that's nowhere on the academic transcript and falls more under the job of the parent." Jun 22, 13 4:47 PM

Lewis L. Edson Of Cutchogue Dies June 20

My prayers are with Evans and his extended family. Sorry about your loss." Jun 23, 13 11:56 AM

Southampton High School Teachers Wear Black To Protest Student's Testing Accommodation

I agree, you should be teaching your child to overcome obstacles. A good example would be doing the best you possibly can on your Regents exam and not get distracted by things that aren't impacting you at all." Jun 24, 13 9:36 AM

Hot, Humid Conditions Can't Stop Hayward From Dominating 23rd Annual Southampton Rotary Firecracker 8K

Great article. Thank you for the support Press Newsgroup!" Jul 8, 13 11:42 AM

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