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Anti-Nuclear Noyac Journalist In High Demand After Nuclear Disaster

If there were more individuals like Karl Grossman in the world, the world would be a lot safer place to be." Apr 27, 11 5:45 PM

East Hampton Village Will Not Appeal Library Decision

I agree with johnnytax: the Village of EH has lost three major lawsuits in recents months in which the courts found egregious lack of fair play and due process. So much lost time, so many wasted taxpayers dollars." May 21, 11 4:16 PM

Independence Party Chairman Endorses Wilkinson

The so-called "Independence" Party is the biggest scam on the voting public since the now deceased "Liberal" Party. It was founded by McKay and some other snake-oil salesmen for one purpose only: to secure patronage jobs by providing a third-party line to candidates who run as spoilers. Most states outlaw third-party endorsements, forcing candidates to make a real choice instead of hiding behind misleading titles like "Independence". Voters should refuse to vote on the Independence party line which eventually will spell its demise, as well. Candidates who take their endorsement are suspect, at best." Jul 19, 11 8:57 AM

Southampton Village Passes Law To Keep Hedges Well Groomed

they should be more concerned with grooming the Post Office!
" Sep 9, 11 12:58 PM

East Hampton Town Supervisor, Board Members Sworn In Thursday Morning

What beautiful remarks from our new Town Supervisor. How lucky we are to have Larry Cantwell!" Jan 2, 14 5:35 PM

Southampton Golf Range Adds New Yet Vintage Snack Shack

I remember going to Gene's in Westhampton as a kid and the celebrity named sandwiches...I remember "Arthur Treacher"..lol but not what was in it or where the stand was...can you tell me where it was? I've been scratching my head for years trying to remember...
Charlene Cheshire ccheshire@suffolklaw.com" Aug 25, 14 3:18 PM

UPDATE: Seven Children Treated For Injuries Following Two-Car Crash In Southampton Village

This is for hamptonsnrcit: I drive a Mercedes (used) and am a local resident. I do not feel I am an "upscale" car owner nor do I feel I "always have the right of way". I do use judgment and do not discriminate of the basis of anything. Perhaps you might give that some thought.
" Aug 4, 15 1:10 PM

Vigil For Murdered Immigrant Held In Patchogue While Trump Appears At Fundraiser Down The Road

Ignorance is bliss...Medord is like...10 minutes from Patchogue...a bullying, racist is revered while organizers of a vigil for a murdered man are villified. Seriously...everything about the Trump campaign speaks to hatred, violence and ignorance. Here you go haters...go to Town!" Apr 15, 16 2:14 PM

NYPD Officer Under Investigation Found Dead In Hampton Bays Tuesday

Well he gets in the car and drives 100 miles in order to not be discovered immediately by those he knew. Are you perhaps suggesting that someone drove him there, hung up his body and made it look like suicide. I seriously doubt it.
" Jun 15, 16 2:01 PM

Patients, Healthcare Providers Concerned Over Possible Repeal Of Affordable Care Act

Using the term "Hussein Care" speaks totally to the racist and nasty attitude of all of President Obama's attempt to improve the rotten and broken system dropped in his lap by 20 years of Republian government mismanagement. I don't have to call anyone names to make my point.
" Jan 17, 17 2:20 PM

East Hampton Community Mourns Death Of High School Student

Just heartbreaking. Such a loss. If you know someone having a hard time...let them or someone they know that someone cares to help. A lot of lip service is given to prevention of bullying...but it is indeed alive and well...and people who know need to speak up. It could save someone's life." Jan 23, 17 2:55 PM

Interest Grows In Former Friendly's Building In Hampton Bays

I think the key work is "good". There are very few "good" breakfast/lunch places around...lots of crummy fast food...but how hard is it to have something "good"...I live in Riverhead and will (and do!) travel to Souhold/Greenport/ or wherever if the food is really good. We don't even have a decent deli in Riverhead (land of bad fast food)...how hard is it to have a soup bar or decent salad bar like Schmidt's in Southampton (where I also travel to!) Help!
" Oct 20, 17 11:25 AM

Former Employee Challenging Gregor In Southampton Town Highway Department Race

I had a project on which I was working several years ago....met with Mr, Aldrich and he was helpful and informative. I had to go back again and he was not there...I was referred to Mr. Gregor. He was, to say the least, difficult and abrubt. I relayed this to my employer, thinking perhaps he wasn't used to dealing with a woman. He spoke with him and found the same attitude. Someone in that position needs to deal with various departments, as well as the public with respect and cooperation. Mr. Aldrich could not have been more helpful...and seriously, the people on here quibbling about his salary after 30 years????? I don't think he was paid enough considering my experience. All the best to Mr. Aldrich!
" Oct 26, 17 2:40 PM

Suffolk County Planning Commission Approves The Hills Golf Course Resort In East Quogue

I was disappointed Gregor's opponent didn't win...a very helpful and cooperative individual." Nov 16, 17 2:50 PM

New Riverside Traffic Circle Is Rid Of Traffic Jams, Official Ribbon Cutting On Friday

Are you kidding??? This is death trap #2...death trap #1 is the Northern circle by Dunkin Donuts....don't kid yourself...you take your life in your hands entering the Northern one...and imagine the addition of a Medical building to replace the old Howard Johnson's...if you don't already have a doctor, you may need one. I am a long time resident and the other day, on Rt. 24, going west, I followed the car in front of me onto the painted lines going toward the circle. We both ended up on the western side of the gas station parking lot facing Peconic Ave. and had to then try and get into traffic going toward Main Street....stupidity of the highest order...traffic circles with no direction...and let's not mention the traffic lights on Main Street coming off Peconic Ave. make a right and you are stuck on Main St. trying to go left on Roanoke or simply stuck....is there any such thing as a traffic study in the Town...I'll answer: NO!" Oct 25, 18 12:51 PM