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Flooded Houses Must Be Inspected Before Power Is Restored, Southampton Town Officials Say

This article is incorrect I know of at least 4 houses in Hampton Bays that were flooded and the power was restored without any of them having electrical inspections. This is fact and an example of the local politicians pretending to care about safety while they really just care about how they look and sound. Which is why I am writing this so people can be aware of yet another lie coming from Southampton Town Hall. " Nov 12, 12 10:23 PM

DEC Estimates Cost To Close Cupsogue Breach At $6 Million; Work Begins This Week

You beat me to it Nature! I think Ms Moran will be hard pressed to find any science to back up her assertation. The dredging of the current inlet to provide the sand to fill the breach is more likely to have an adverse effect on the bay than the breach itself. The article states the breach is currently 4' deep in the center at high tide, so at low tide it is 1-2' deep in the center at low tide dependent upon the phase of the moon. Let's leave the breach and fill the inlet! It is dangerous to navigate and used purely for recreation. Let the breach run it's natural cycle and if it deepens so be it, likewise if it closes on it's own so be it! We have done an injustice to to ecology of Shinnecock Bay with the mismanagement of that inlet, as well as to the uplands surrounding the bay. Taking Shinnecock Bay from the brackish salt pond/lake it once was to it's current tidal salt bay state is what destroyed the largest productive area of wetlands in Southampton Town, not to mention the assault on private property rights which it usurped in the process. The environmental and legal ramifications too vast for many to comprehend. Forgive me for being so long winded here, but when I see someone from the core of engineers touting a plan for our coastine I cringe due to their past and ongoing performances and lack of efficacy. " Nov 16, 12 4:19 PM

Shinnecock Inlet Dredging Project Expanded To Tiana Beach

Indeed this is a money pit. The Jetties need to be extended incorporating a "dogleg" on the east jetty. This design modification will facilitate the transport of sand to the west of the inlet as well as make the inlet safer for navigation due to the reduction of exposure to ocean swells within the inlet. The current design is not sustainable and subjects Shinnecock Bay to excessive flooding during storm events resulting in damage to Town and County infrastructure and Property.
The deeper inlet brings more water into the bay and hastens the erosion of a CPF property on the north side of the bay along with private properties. The homes damaged by Sandy around Shinnecock Bay can be chalked up to poor engineering by the ACE...
" Dec 10, 12 6:10 PM

UPDATE: Baykeeper McAllister Says He Was Fired Illegally: Denies Charges Of Affair

Glad to see the Baycreeper go! Nothing like a guy who lives on a canal with a bulkhead opposing bulkheads and boat slips. He epitomizes hypocrisy, tooling around the bay in his boat polluting while looking for others to criticize for polluting the bay... He should've been rowing if he is so flipping perfect and green. " Mar 22, 14 2:35 PM

Tribe Protests Beach Work In Hampton Bays

Michael Wright,
Could you please explain your claiming the beach is owned by the State. It seems you have made an error. The upland property owners own to mean high tide, therefore they own the beach above mean high tide and have every right to exclude others from their private property. If this were not the case, why would Tide Water Dock Building need to get permission from the tribe to cross their property?" Jun 12, 14 3:04 PM

Any comment on Mr. Wright's misstatement of facts which are contradicted within his own article? Also, why did this article become buried?" Jun 12, 14 6:35 PM


Please read the first comment on this thread as you will find the specificity you seek there. These links address the ownership of the "private beach" above the mean high tide.



As for mean high tide there is only one mean high tide. It is determined by averaging tidal datum over a 19 year period. Seaweed or a rack line are not a valid guide to mean high tide, they are good for determining what a recent high tide was, but not the average or mean high tide. Many people think the rack line farthest from the water is the boundary, which is completely wrong and facilitates trespass.

Wether the Trustees truly represent the Freeholders interests is debatable, they are involved in many lawsuits costing a great deal of money that could be spent on things such as storm water remediation which would truly benefit the environment and intern the Freeholders. They have a litigious history that is no longer sustainable.

Their mismanagement of Far Pond for an example is a travesty, it has suffered ecologically due to their ill advised dredging projects. All one needs to do is go on Google Earth and view images from the last 12 years to see the despoilment and destruction of the salt hay and common cordgrass (Spartina Alterniflora). A flood shoal has developed which alters the composition and ecology of the bottom lands This is exactly what was advised against in the Town's original 1970 Master Plan.

"Far Pond is a beautiful natural area with an undisturbed ecology. Special effort should be made to protect all of it's marine edge and Far Pond from channel development and despoilment."

The dredging of Far Pond has been repeatedly ordered by the Trustees. Please, verify my facts as they are facts and verifiable.

" Jun 13, 14 5:46 AM

Michael Wright,

Wasn't worded perfectly is an understatement it was wrong and misleading, but that is an easily seen and corrected error. As for mean or average high tide being arguable, that is also wrong. The higher of the two rap lines is from an exceptionally high tide. The lower rap line is where mean high tide is located on that particular beach. I've been to the beach and saw both lines. This beach is wide and only during higher astrological tides with local weather conditions does the water venture far from the fairly steep incline along the shore.

I happen to be very familiar with this issue as I live on a tidal body of water and therefore have a great interest in watching the tides and knowing the tide cycles. It is important when you are a reporter that you strive for accuracy and objectivity whenever possible. When mistakes are made own up to them and don't try to save face by minimizing them or not fully acknowledging them.

As for the Trustees and the possible easement of between high and low tides, that is completely irrelevant, because the Public Trust Doctrine establishes the right of pass and repass along the foreshore which is the area between mean high and low tide. This is just another instances in which the Trustees are unnecessarily overlapping jurisdictionally with no public benefit.
" Jun 21, 14 8:03 AM

State Commits $2 Million To Clean Water Technology Partnership With Southampton Town, Other Agencies

The majority of our waters nitrogen is received via storm water runoff. Surface fertilizers enter our water easily with heavy rains. This summer on the east end no substantially heavy rain events. No Alga bloom either. Until SHT put the energy, effort and political will behind Storm Water Mitigation as they do eradicating thin plastic bags our waters will suffer. " Oct 29, 14 4:54 PM

EDITORIAL: The Press Endorses Anna Throne-Holst For The U.S. House

Any time l have a paper bag rip or have the bottom blow out and my groceries fall on the ground I think of how lucky I am to have had Queen Nanny Anna ban plastic bags for my own good. This women has no business in government as she doesn't understand or support our constitution. Lee is definitely not perfect, but he is a hell of a lot better than ATH. She is a globalist and has no place in our Ferderal government. " Oct 29, 16 11:42 AM

Southampton Resident Responds To Trump Criticism With A Bigger Sign

It is not unconstitutional, he was not told by a government representative or agency.
It is in bad taste and bigoted in that it shows a lack of tolerance for another choice and opinion.
It is sad that we must choose between these two candidates for president. Although for me the choice is easy.
I'll be going with "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN" " Nov 7, 16 11:40 AM

Pollster: Every Indicator Points To Zeldin Victory In Congressional Race

Get tears to lose Anna, enjoy your slide into irrelevance. Time to get a real job off the government teet..." Nov 7, 16 11:48 AM

Cause Of Massive Fish Kill In Shinnecock Canal Not Clear

“I think the bunker were so thick along the beach that they came into the inlet and got trapped because the locks were closed,” Southampton Town Trustee Bill Pell said on Monday morning

I think Mr. Pell meant "canal" and not "inlet" as he was quoted saying...

The tide gates are the conduit for red tide entering the Shinnecock Bay from the Peconic. They also cause a unnatural tide cycle within the bay and increase flooding during storms, especially Nor'easters. " Nov 14, 16 7:33 PM

Shinnecock Canal Bunker Situation Not As Stinky As Originally Thought

The dead fish are surfacing all along the north shore Shinecock Bay. Right now the smell is so bad it is unbearable to be outside. I cleared a 300' stretch of the beach Wednesday afternoon. Now there are 10 times as many fish washed up and many more floating towards shore due to the onshore winds. SHT needs to address this. " Nov 19, 16 6:03 PM

First Nitrogen-Reducing Septics For Homes Presented In East Hampton On Friday

This is a crock. The algae blooms are a result of quick release fertilizers used by homeowners and landscapers. To assert that nitrogen from skeptics is the main cause of algae blooms is pseudo science. One only needs to look at the timeing of the algae blooms, they happen after heavy rain events in the summer and early fall. Two summers ago we had no heavy rain events and no algae blooms. The heavy rains transport the quick release fertilizers into the bays. The town needs to upgrade and in many place create stormwater mitigation. Scuttlehole Road is a great example of the lack of stormwater infrastructure. It floods and is a danger to drive on during even moderate rain events. All over the Town of Southampton stormwater pours directly into the bay's where children swim and people food comes from. Nitrogen in the form of store bought fertilizers is only one of the things washed into our bays. There is also oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze and whatever else accumulates on out roadways between rain events. Time for the town to get the Stirmwater infrastructure up to EPA standards that they are lagging behind on, rather than make new guidelines to push on residents as they ignore their responsibility. There are clogged storm drains all over the town, filled will sand. " Dec 9, 16 10:06 AM

Early Demolition Work Begins At Canoe Place Inn In Hampton Bays

The building is not at all historic. It's less then 100 years old and has virtually none of it original features. The site is historic, but allowing overdevelopment on the east side of the canal in exchange for saving this building is hysterical, not historic....." Dec 10, 16 6:05 PM

Hampton Bays Wrestling Coach Arrested On Drug Possession Charges

Slander is spoken, libel is written..." Dec 10, 16 6:09 PM

MS-13 Has Presence On South Fork, Police Officials Say

Indeed, people often erroneously calculate Long Island's population without figuring in Kings and Queens counties. Leaving out Nassau is much less common. An Island is a geographical boundary, States, counties and cities are political. That Kings and Queens counties are part of NYC doesn't affect their geographical location upon Long Island. " Jun 20, 17 5:22 PM