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Prized book fuels ownership dispute

As someone who has done a lot of prospecting at thrift stores and sold the items on ebay, and as someone who has authored a book, I think I'm pretty impartial here.

It does sadden me that authors make no profits once their books are used, and we all make mistakes sometimes in throwing away items we may later need, but Dr. Baker is out of his mind. Not much of a bedside manner there.

If something is donated, it's donated. The whole idea of prospecting items at thrift stores and other such places is that you spend a lot of time doing it, but occasionally strike oil. What Dr. Baker is proposing would seriously hurt all thrift stores and similar not-for-profits if a previous owner could take back any item he had ever owned.

Sounds like donor's remorse. The doctor should stop trying to practice law. He's way off." Sep 24, 08 10:57 AM

Rollover halts traffic on County Road 39

There were massive delays on all highways heading East today again; perhaps due again to an accident. Then a few years ago, the whole South Fork seemed to shut down for four hours due to a traffic fatality.

I don't mean to sound cold, but, having traveled to western Suffolk and Nassau a good bit and seeing how fast they clear an area of an accident, perhaps our emergency personnel should pick up some accident strategies that keep in mind that moving traffic is also important, and a public-safety concern, as well.

If traffic isn't moving for long stretches of time -- that's not safe, either." Oct 10, 08 11:06 AM

State: East Hampton lowballed costs, overstated revenues in 2009 budget proposal

Has anyone investigated yet what it would take to impeach the current supervisor?" Nov 7, 08 2:17 PM

Pope, Schiavoni score wins for Dems

You can't blame Obama for everything. Perhaps Russo didn't campaign hard enough. He should have taken into account the national mood and addressed that. His final ads that tried to pull a switcheroo and say TRUST DAN (as Sally's motto was TRUST SALLY) were a bad idea, putting him in the position of underdog as a front-running incumbent should usually ignore the advertising of an insurgent. Why play on an underdog's ads? An underdog is supposed to be treated as less qualified. That, and the Independence Party nod going to Pope, due to a GOP misplay, were the beginning of the end for his campaign. " Nov 10, 08 9:50 AM

Grafitti mural honors Jordan Haerter on Rt. 114 Bridge

Can we see a larger picture of the mural? It looks nice. " Nov 11, 08 11:59 AM

Well, seeing it now, some of the text is goofy. But does anyone see the bottom of that bridge anyway?" Nov 13, 08 9:46 AM

Frisicano reverses decision to retire

She's a nice, hardworking lady whose only weakness -- if this can be considered a weakness -- was her lack of self-promotion. The school board in Sag Harbor needs to start paying better attention to its homegrown and talented employees. " Nov 18, 08 11:15 AM

Construction worker killed in job site accident in Southampton Village

I agree that we shouldn't assume his immigration status, but, perhaps, a larger issue is, are immigrant (legal or not) workers expected to do more and work harder for less money than native-born American workers?

Are workers seen as "expendable" not given the same safety precautions?" Jan 7, 09 12:37 PM

Marienfeld fired as Pierson hoops coach

Let me also add that Fred is a class act, works hard and relates to people well. I've known him since his Greenport days. According to The Star, some were offended by "boorish" behavior. Have the Hamptons gotten so snobby that we expect our coaches to be Jeeves? " Jan 30, 09 3:28 PM

County Road 39 signs removed

I have seen A LOT of cops on morning traffic patrol on that 35 MPH stretch lately. In SH Village, too. Great way to start the day. Go after the working stiffs. " Feb 5, 09 9:04 AM

East End community struggling to recruit and retain doctors

Many of these doctors, including my daughter's Southampton pediatrician now, don't accept all health insurers. My insurance is pretty mainstream and a lot of regular working people here have it, yet it's not accepted everywhere in the Hamptons (but is everywhere else on the Island). Perhaps these doctors preferred New Yorkers with cash or premium private plans? In any case, this taught us to just go to Riverhead and elsewhere for our medical coverage. Now, with the recession and fewer rich people around, these Hamptons doctors need us working joes? We're already gone.

(Yes, Diaz and Garabedian are great -- I'm not being specific here!)" Feb 17, 09 10:05 AM

Venerable radio host Paul Sidney, 69, dies

In this era of the Internet, the idea of a "local celebrity" is slowly fading away. We'll miss this era and Paul. RIP. " Apr 7, 09 10:08 AM

Alternatives sought after village shuts down Southampton Tire soup kitchen

There's a McDonald's right there. I know it's not the healthiest food in the world, but maybe give them a couple McDonald's $1 gift certificates. They could get a burger and fries with that. " Apr 8, 09 11:47 AM

Southampton Starbucks to close on April 24

That location has always been a failure. It's just too hard to get into. I think the best restaurant they had there was The Greasy Spoon.

I do think a more traditional coffeehouse -- with folk music and poetry readings, for example -- could work well there. " Apr 16, 09 11:34 AM

As trade parade slows, coffee doesn't flow

Good article. I'm a big coffee drinker, but prices have gone up a bit to the point where coffee and a buttered roll at 7-Eleven in Southampton is about $3.50, which, if you really think of the relatively modest ingredients involved, is a bit of a gouge.

The other influence on the decrease in coffee sales may be that many employers now have one-cup machines for employees, where it only costs about 40-50 cents per cup. So, for many, why not wait for that caffeine hit until at work? " Apr 22, 09 3:15 PM

Poor economy exacerbates persistent East End tension over immigration

I have to admit, with all the drama, I rarely go to that 7-Eleven anymore. Do other people also avoid the place? It does seem emptier when I do manage to get in. But the Mobil across the street has just-as-good coffee, and no drama. " Apr 29, 09 9:26 AM

GOP passes over Kabot; nominates Conservative Party chair

This guy has no chance. " May 19, 09 12:22 PM

Shinnecocks reach settlement that could bring federal recognition by 2010

They should have gotten recognition a long time ago. Congrats.

And gaming and a high-end resort town can mesh. For example, Saratoga Springs is as nice or nicer than Southampton, and they have a "Racino" with two horse tracks and slots.

" May 28, 09 9:48 AM

Bishop named co-MVP of congressional baseball game

With third baseman A-Rod batting .229, maybe the Yankees can use him?" Jun 19, 09 4:03 PM

Guldi is considering another bid for public office

It's closer to 1500 signatures for a truly independent run. " Jun 25, 09 10:44 AM

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