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Driver Flees Accident, Drives With Hood Upright Past Hampton Bays Carnival

Is this another illegal causing another accident on our roads?" Aug 9, 14 12:47 PM

Campaign Diary: Debates And Fundraisers

How about Bishops MONEY buddies on the eastend. Hollywood on the east coast." Sep 15, 14 12:04 AM

Hampton Bays Residents Blast Board, Again, Over Illegal Housing

Dont take away from our kids.
" Sep 25, 14 10:13 PM

Hampton Bays, the forgotten Hampton. Anna this is your second term. Do something. Stop talking in circles. Let's get rid of the slums and slumlords.
Our schools have kids living in these houses that have 4 or five families living in them with 3 or more kids per mother and one on the way.
There are kids in our school system that were put here by the federal government without parents. Who knows what they brought with them in disease.
Oh, we have another nail saloon. That makes 7 or 8 in a town with a main street less that a mile long. It could use a paving before the winter sets in.
Take a look at Huntington Station how it has gone down over the years with slums and gangs. Time to wake up Anna." Sep 25, 14 10:53 PM

Board Fires Westhampton Beach Boys' Varsity Soccer Coach

I guess the kid who reported him didnt get enough play time on the field.
" Oct 9, 14 7:56 PM

Revenge by a rotten kid.
" Oct 9, 14 7:56 PM

UPDATE: Cleaning At Southampton After Enterovirus Diagnosis Underway

OPEN ELLIS ISLAND . Oh! I forgot those people came here legally.

" Oct 14, 14 5:31 PM

Rechlers Trim Canal Townhouses As Part Of Revised Canoe Place Inn Proposal

Build town houses by the CPI. Get rid of that fire trap. Personally, I would not want to spend a lot of money for a town house with noise coming from Montauk Hwy, North Road, Sunrise Highway, and the LIRR." Oct 17, 14 11:44 AM

Put the restaurant on the water where Tiderunnwes was and lets get started. I think Southampton Town likes to see run down buildings in this part of "THE HAMPTONS".
It was a sad summer for all the people who lost their jobs. They could be working until the brains get their act together.

" Oct 17, 14 11:50 AM

Despite Projections, Bishop Remains Vulnerable In Race Against Zeldin

1st How about having an honest election where only AMERICAN CITIZENS VOTE.
2nd I'm tired paying the way for everyone that doesn't want to work or comes here illegally.

3rd How about the Southamton Press putting the Letters to the Editor on equal terms. Seems they all side with Bishop. Hmmmmm!!!!! I don't think the whole eastend is that dumb. If only they could listen to AM radio stations and get the view." Oct 31, 14 3:23 PM

Bishop Outpacing Zeldin In Donations, Spending

Bishop is getting his money from the Hollywood elite on the eastend.

Zeldin is with the working man." Oct 31, 14 3:27 PM

Southampton Town Will Tap CPF To Buy Hampton Bays Motel

Hampton Bays will soon be like Huntington Station, a dumping ground. Have you ever seen so much crime and DWIs and hit and runs ? Concerned Citizens are trying their best but need the help of the people and store owners also.
" Nov 16, 14 1:18 PM

It's time to clean up Hampton Bays and get rid of eight nail salons . We need shops for other things.
" Nov 16, 14 1:38 PM

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