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Southampton School District To Host Meeting On Thursday To Discuss Potential Merger With Tuckahoe

I'm a Tuckahoe Grad and SHS alum from 1971. I'm really not qualified to chime in as I moved away 25 years ago, but I'll do so anyway. It seems Tuckahoe has changed quite a bit since my time there. It must have been difficult for them to absorb those from away that spoke different languages and lived in different ways. No wonder the cost of schooling there rose so quickly. Still, it remains a district of working people many of whom service the needs of Village and Town residents. I just don't understand the choice. Seems to me you do a decent job of educating those children from working families and begin the process of lifting up each generation, or you continue on denying that they're here and hoping they'd leave. I can't see that the second option is working for you. Either pay it through expanded social services programs or pay it through schools. I'd rather do it through education. " Sep 10, 14 6:28 PM

Patrick 'Whitey' Lanahan, 63, Was Bartender At Fellingham's And 'Unofficial Mayor' Of Southampton

I knew Whitey well from HS and beyond. He and a few other friends frequented the east side of Barbados (Bathsheba) in the late 70's surfing and hanging out. It was 10 -15 years later that I finally made it there . By then the area had changed and had a danger element. When I mentioned I was from SH, they warmed, asked about Whitey and I was in. He cast a wide net. So sorry that I'm away and could not be at his service. RIP. " Nov 17, 16 8:24 PM