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Tuckahoe And Southampton School Districts Seek Merger Study

There is more misinformation on this page that any single person could ever address making you all exhibit A in the explanation of why a feasibility study is long overdue. "You have nothing to fear but fear itself". " Oct 18, 12 4:34 PM

Bishop And Altschuler Debate In Bridgehampton, Focus On Economy

More business owners should do this. It is actually in the spirit of full disclosure, ethics and good management that business owners would do such a noble thing. In 19 days it won't matter anyway. Obama and Bishop are going to lose decidedly." Oct 18, 12 4:43 PM

You guys are more entertaining than you know! I love it. Hysterical. If you think business owners are breaking the law, call the cops and have them arrested! hahaha. The biggest crime of all here?: I only get 2 comments a day to toy with you." Oct 19, 12 6:33 AM

Tuckahoe And Southampton School Districts Seek Merger Study

Public school remains the institution in this country that produces more leaders, notable athletes, ceos, scientists and the list is endless. If you want to make your own decisions and have more of a say in your child's education there is always private school. When it comes to public school, the ''public'' part mandates that the school operate with several different directives. You can't be for improving the quality of education and be against an effort that explores a possible way to execute it." Oct 20, 12 6:14 AM

Bishop And Altschuler Debate In Bridgehampton, Focus On Economy

Between Z and phil there are upwards of 8300 comments. That is quite an investment of time and effort, and to think all of it was completely wasted. The entertainment value of reading a press release from the DNC and seeing it parroted here minutes later is quite high in its predictability. In fact, it's downright uncanny. Its over." Oct 20, 12 6:20 AM

Oh, let there be no mistake, this is going to be ugly. It has got to hurt, hundreds upon hundreds of holier than thou comments and buffoonery. 17 more days until heads explode all over this site. If I had a nickel ever time phyllis told us the tea party and mittens are finished. The kids he works with are smarter than he is." Oct 21, 12 5:35 AM

Update: East Hampton Police Release Name Of Man Arrested For Approaching Child In Springs

I thought he came here for a better life and to do the work others don't want to do? " Oct 21, 12 5:39 AM

Bishop And Altschuler Debate In Bridgehampton, Focus On Economy

It is a very good morning and a terrific sign of things to come when you knuckleheads are already disputing the election results and we're still 16 days out. It tells me you know very well who is going to win. Everything is fair in love and war - innocent until proven guilty there party boy." Oct 22, 12 5:45 AM

Not only am I not realityfirst but I know that the challenged kids with whom you work are actually teaching you. just don't let mr. z drive you to work if you knowwhatimsayin. the nose knows buddy." Oct 22, 12 5:50 AM

Tuckahoe And Southampton School Districts Seek Merger Study

WESTHAMPTON WILL BE CHARGING MORE IN BEGINNING NEXT YEAR. Now, that you have the right information may I politely state that you are all the reason the study is necessary...to shut all you knowitalls up! You have no idea what you are talking about...not a one of you.

When you add that to the unbelievable tackiness and selfishness shown by mr cool surfer artist who doesn't want a sidewalk in front of the school because it will screw up his privet hedges you have one of the most ridiculous group of parents to ever send their kids to a public school. " Oct 23, 12 5:59 AM