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Donna Bennett Is First Female President Of The South Fork Fire Police Association

Nice to learn of good things happening in SH. Congratulations to a real trooper.
I remember Jean and Don. Good strong foks. Congratulations Donna. " May 28, 12 4:52 AM

UPDATE: Hearing for Cellphone Antenna In Clock Tower Postponed

As a former member of the church in question I also agree with Mr. Corwin. As a matter of fact i wonder why this historic church was chosen? After all there are other churches in the area with OUT a clock in their towers. And in llight of how times have changed I agree with Mr. Hattrick the village should chip in with cost of parking in the churches private property, as a gesture of charity surely." May 30, 12 8:39 AM

Two Convicted Drug Dealers Released From Prison; D.A. Cites 'Credibility' Of Arresting Street Crime Unit Officer

All I have ever heard about Chief Wilson is good. One of the "pulled up by his own boot straps" kind of person. Clean and decent. " Jun 1, 12 2:45 PM

John Behan, Former East Hampton Republican Committee Chairman, Endorses Bishop For Congress

Z, you have gone over the top. You might have a point there some where in that rant. If I could lfind 2 cent beef I'd buy it today. " Jun 5, 12 10:48 AM

Being local ought to qualify, serving as Tim did in the academic world ought to quallify, being a decent common sense man surely does qualify to serve the citizens. " Jun 5, 12 10:54 AM

Tuckahoe And Southampton School Officials Discuss Exclusive Tuition Deal

F Y I Tuckahoe students went to SHS exclusivly until 1970 or thereabouts. The families of professors at the college changed that practice. One must look to the under lying reasons for the disparity in costs to each school. " Jun 10, 12 7:28 AM

I am so sorry to read the above posts. Back in the day OMG it is really so long ago, BUT Southampton students were well prepared for college. Many had multiple acceptances to their colleges of choice. Now you tell me my grandchildren are not weel educated? Eliminating class rank? Wow how dumb can that be? Sorry news." Jun 11, 12 2:43 PM

Hampton Bays Students Urge School Board To Keep Spanish Teacher

Reality first, You are a first class idiot. EVERYONE living in this country (or those living in another country) should follow the laws of the land. How can anyone say and or believe your posts after reading that?
Oh wait maybe you ment that just to bait someone like me? Nah, " Jun 13, 12 8:09 PM

John Behan, Former East Hampton Republican Committee Chairman, Endorses Bishop For Congress

whaat historical parallels Name 'em please. I love to read history." Jun 13, 12 8:17 PM

Pavilion Gets Green Light From Southampton Village Officials

They tack on a catchy name "Founders Committie" indeed! Who are those founders? They destroy the very look that Southampton had. Certainly the people (board members) pushed through this just to say they were doing a good thing for the village. I deplore the idea of a iceskating rink in that Parrish park. I thought there was one already in Agawam Park. Since that site, Parrish Museum, was given to the Village back in 1931 yes the taxpayers own it. " Jun 16, 12 1:10 PM

UPDATE: New Owner Of Former Library Building Is Former Goldman Sachs Partner

What could people do with that popular corner? Will I still be able to sit on the Library wall? could I meet my friend there after hours? like the olden days?" Jun 18, 12 8:05 PM

Overturned Camper On Sunrise Highway In Hampton Bays Snarls Traffic For Miles

Guess what I'm coming out there to join all the other 'from away' drivers and add to the conjestion. I'm heading straight to the ocean so clear out and let me thru! And I know where the healthy clam beds are too. " Jun 18, 12 8:29 PM

New York Knicks' Jason Kidd Charged With DWI In Water Mill

So who give a damn? You can see lots of famous (?) people in the Hamptons. But I don't see you getting excited because I was in CVS at the same time!!!!" Jul 24, 12 11:35 AM

The way things are going today (as opposed to pre 1964) the workers are working past Labor Day. Now a days ya can't roll a bowling ball down Main Street at noon on that once upon a time wonderful day. " Jul 24, 12 11:42 AM

OMG you area still wet behind the ears. How refreshing to see a post from the innocent." Jul 24, 12 12:02 PM

No Injuries In Sagaponack Blaze

The cause of the fire has yet to be determined? Unoccupied? Now let me guess. The dogs were after the cookies!" Jul 24, 12 12:06 PM

Head-On County Road 39 Crash Backs Up Traffic For More Than Six Hours

Oh NO NO On a main highway! Have you no idea of the trouble that would cause?
We'd rather pay extra cops on duty to control Speed." Jul 25, 12 3:55 PM

Have you been on the 'road' behind the shops on the s. side of Jobs Lane? I thought it was a dead end just a parking lot next to the Park." Jul 25, 12 3:59 PM

You want ta know what the renters told me .... they go to NJ for their rental cars It is cheaper. They do not need a car in NYC. So they do not need to know how to drive. all that bottled up tension during the work week in a cubical and it's got to go somewhere." Jul 25, 12 4:04 PM

Do you drive a car of a business/construction truck? If a car and only one occupant, pray tell why couldn't you use the train? I know you need transoportation to work and if enough workers would do it the daily traffic would decrease and be more manageable. after all y'all are making the area a city. " Jul 25, 12 4:11 PM

Motorist Beaten By Three Women In Bathing Suits During Traffic Jam

It would be a hit on You Tube" Jul 28, 12 1:05 PM

UPDATE: Police Identify Victims In Fatal Crash On Sunday In East Hampton

Ah to be young again... younger than 60. The young think they are invinceable. I do remember that feeling. A couple of accidents cured that. Thankfully no human damage in my accidents. I wish there was someway to impress the danger to those who text while driving.
To get a drivers licence is it mandatory to take an accredited driving course?
Yes, I did take Drivers Ed in high school. " Aug 1, 12 10:32 AM

Obama Fundraiser Is Planned For August 24

Those of you who protest our President just don't seem to get it. The way this country has turned since the Civil Rights Law passed is just sad. I think it was inevitable. The southern white males just will not accept a black man or woman in any sort of power. It is that simple. It saddens me to know that a family in Little River, South Carolina is teaching their little girl to "cal that man what he is. He is a nig... Say it! That' what he is" this happened in 2011. I didn't dare say anything to that bigger than me white angry father.
But since we moved south of the Mason-Dixon line I learned a lot. Things I did not want to admit when I lived there in SHampton. Just sick at heart." Aug 1, 12 10:49 AM

Mr. you took the wrong line with me. The Mason Dixon line, just in case some others besides you need to be informed, is along the line of southern Pennsylvania and northern Maryland. That is what I learned in school with Mr. Cassidy. And appareantly you have not lived among the 99% in North Carolina like I did in the 1990's. And you have not lived among the folks in the county south of Ocala Fla. You have no idea what these people believe. My husband and I could tell you a lot about the education in these states. " Aug 2, 12 7:31 PM

All of you folks that love Romeny and the adlepated tea party should move the the villages in Fla. In that community of 96,000 souls there in one newspaper, one tv chanel, and one radio station all so censored that only republican view points are printed and spoken. Sounds like heaven huh? And ONLY Republicans are allowed to attend events wherein the speaker is a Republican. When GWB was wined and dined there the protestors were held 2 miles away and kept under strict control by the police. Any one that did not have a ticket could not get in and to get the ticket you had to proove you voted Republican. No I am not telling fibs. And Yes the citizens living there are able to buy other papers and can get the 100+ chanels on TV and they do have access to good papers like The New York Times. and The Wall Street Journal. No we do not live there but my husband is there every day. for coffee at Panera's." Aug 2, 12 7:48 PM

Deferred Action Program Will Affect East End Dreamers

How do you know? Where do you get your facts? I would llike to see in writing the tax forms you seem to know so much about. are you the legal cpa that helped those people fill out the forms?
" Aug 4, 12 5:36 PM

Obama Fundraiser Is Planned For August 24

Google it and get their video promo. we did and we visited." Aug 8, 12 9:08 AM

For Mr. Z I heard on the news this am that one of the "reporters" stationed at the olympics said he'd rather stay over there until Nov. 10 or so. This campaign season is really nutty.
I say congress should WORK 5 days a week, they work only 3 days in these past sessions. They have accompolished nothing to help move this country forward and they shut down business while the people in the west fry.
My prayers go out to those folks suffering from heat, bad air, loss of crops, loss of homes from uncontrolled fires.... and y'all sit there in comfort in the most expensive living conditions and wonderful weather and all you can do is complain about a president who has shovled against the bs.
He at least is trying to help the devastated farmers. " Aug 8, 12 9:31 AM

UPDATE: Police Identify Man Who Drowned After Jet Ski Accident In Mecox Bay

"Following rules". I like that the best thing I've read in this postl " Aug 8, 12 9:42 AM

Sag Harbor To Get Less Than Expected Revenue From Condos

Still and all it is better to see the building renovated and being used than boarded up. Sag Harbor is looking better all the time. " Aug 8, 12 9:53 AM

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