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Altschuler Endorses East Hampton Town Supervisor Bill Wilkinson

Golden Boy, humpf, what a name for a heartless empty head. All my friends there in the Hamptons WANT to work. The locals always have worked hard with their hands and feet when they can get work. Hard earned wealth? I never saw a wealthy man work to exhaustion. " Oct 19, 11 10:39 AM

Bulova Condos Project To Break Ground In Sag Harbor

The eighth paragraph tells the story. The locals in Sag Harbor will wait a long time before they see anything out of this project. Sad to see that the locals will have the wealthy (no, wealthy used to mean mannerly as well as rich) the rich carpetbaggers right there on in the middle of the village main street section.
At least the building will be repaired and put to use. " Oct 19, 11 10:51 AM

Lawmakers Break Ground On Bridgehampton Sidewalk Project

long overdue, apparently you do not see the sidewalk that was built about 30 years ago for the residents of the Turnpike area. admittedly the sidewalk was constructed crudely... asphalt spread over the path on the west side of the road. What amazed me when I rode on the Turnpike andter school let out the number of people still walking in the road. I do see that the population is changing out there so maybe this new sidewalk will be used." Oct 22, 11 12:36 PM

see my first post up there. You say they are spending a million dollars for this one? Wow I do not think the town fathers 30 years ago spent that much for the asphalt path. :)" Oct 22, 11 12:39 PM

Southampton Town Leaf Pickup Program May Strain Waste Management Department

I miss the smell of leaves burning in the fall at the edge of my property. I miss watching my kids play in the big pile of leaves before we touched the matchstick to the leaf. " Oct 22, 11 12:48 PM

Developers Ready To Submit Application For Canoe Place Inn Project

Going back up to the thread about the light house. All that information is in the Hampton bays Library. I do know this much; it was not the locals who approved of the demolotion. It was the Government. They said with the automation of light houses, and other technologies; That light house was not needed. The locals, one in particular Dr. Emma Bellows, who was a much regarded local who grew up to become was a doctor, led a protest for many monthhs. Many people cried when it was brought down. But you know the story 'money talks' and after the depression there wasn't much of that out here." Oct 24, 11 9:35 PM

Camp Developer Files $65 Million Lawsuit Against Project Critics

For a few summer months I lived on Little Fresh Pond Road 30+ years ago when the tennis club was there. I could hear the thump of tennis balls etc. But so what? That's what summer is about. Summer is about kids playing outdoors having fun and hey, it's called excercise! Yes, I am sick of seeing the 'people from away' always complaining, like 'they're taking something from me'. Well, you bought a house in a cheap area. What else do you expect? You didn't buy on Ox Pasture Road or you didn't buy in Southampton Shores. You bought where the houses are closer together and sound carries. For lying you owe an apology. " Oct 24, 11 10:49 PM

Southampton High School Student Will Not Return To School After Shotgun Arrest, District Says

The mother may not know the names of all the different types guns. but to her it is an assault wepon. A gun is a gun and bullets kill. " Oct 26, 11 3:37 PM

Southampton Village Drafts Law To Allow New Supermarket

I don't know what the answer is; seems like Southampton village is caught between a rock and a hard place. As much as we would like to see another supermarket in the village we have to admit #1 it is a business and a business, such as a supermarket, must have the needed size to be profitiable. To limit the size of a "supermarket" to 10,000 or even 20,000 is ludicrous. The men who run such business must have been laughing all the way out to the parking lot after the meeting with the mayor." Nov 3, 11 3:45 PM

Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Confirms Plan To Drop Most Small Group Plans In New York

If Squeaky is a dr. and she lets her patients tell her what to do , how to treat the patient in front of her, then I do not think she is a good DR. My Dr. in Florida orders the tests for me I do not tell her what to do. If there is excessive testing it is the FAULT of the Dr. not the patient. In fact this year a cardiolgist ordered a test that Medicare would not pay for. Medicare sent copies to me of the answers they sent to the dr. He had to eat the cost ... not me nor Medicare.
Some people do abuse the system and some "caregivers" abuse it too.
And it makes me laugh too at all you folks that have some form of insurance now while you are young. Wait til you get to be over 70 and need help. Oh one more thing, my husband is 80 and just beginning to use health care although he has paid into all these 15 years. Any one who remembers him on the milk truck knows he is a healthy guy,never smoked and doesn't abuse adictive substances." Nov 5, 11 10:34 AM

Dear Local, and at that I do wonder just how local YOU are. The saying amoung the real locals are nine generations before you can call yourself that. Never the less, my dear it IS the private sector and the insurance compainies that have stroked the golden goose for over 60 years and every year charging more for their services. I can remember paying $75.00 for my daughters delivery in 1952 in Southampton Hospital. We payed it ourselves as we had no insurance then." Nov 5, 11 10:42 AM

Are you ever mixed up or what?" Nov 5, 11 10:44 AM

You can't hire new people or you won't because you are pushing the ones you do have to do more?
As for the health care "problem" why don't you do like so many business are doing in your area... they have told employees that they will no longer carry health care and the employee must get their own from now on. That is happening all over the south and now reaching into the northeast." Nov 5, 11 10:50 AM

" Nov 5, 11 10:54 AM

Nope but you're close. We managed to avoid that oilgarchy even though quite a few of our friends from Southampton live there.
I do realize that ultimately we the taxpayer picks the cost up in the health care scene somehow. I do believe the Dr.s know the score and so inflate the charge; they know what they will get. Many Drs will not accept medicare patients. Many will not accept a medicare advantage patient.
It's all a game. But, I do not think Medicare is a joke. We all know we are going to leave this earth sometime. I just hope I go like my female ancestors did one heart attack and its over. " Nov 5, 11 8:15 PM

'High-End' Supermarket In Agreement To Move To Southampton Village, Pending Zone Change

some one mentioned Fresh Market. I was so very suprised and very happy last week when I was in our local Fresh Market (I have to go 20 miles to get there) and found Tate's Cookies on the shelf. OH my husband and I were so happy to buy 3 different kinds of our favorites from the little girl we knew so long ago. 1250 miles from Shampton. we have never been disapointed in Fresh Market." Nov 5, 11 8:50 PM

Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Confirms Plan To Drop Most Small Group Plans In New York

The British who are snow birds here go back home if they need care more than a tylenol." Nov 6, 11 9:12 PM

Well my sister lucked out with the Afforadble Health Care Act. Even after the diagnosis of Cancer she was able to change her policy to one that would serve her better." Nov 7, 11 7:30 PM

I also read the New York Times. guess you don't like that either.
What papers do you read? I mean besided this SH Press? Which has been Republican for over 80 years. I like the Press It's been my paper for almost 80 years. " Nov 7, 11 7:33 PM

I know the Afforadable CareAct is the right way to go. It is not perfect but it is a step in the right direction. My sister is happy that the President made that bill a priority ahd it happened before she was diagonosed with cancer.
I truely feel that if the adlepated right radical right wing wins in any of our debates we will be a lost country. What Alabama and Mississippi are doing to tear down women's rights is deplorable. Do you really want such uneducated people telling you what to do?" Nov 8, 11 10:15 PM

I am sure your insurance rates have increased while you watch as other prices rise. Welcome to the world of fixed income and rising prices. Prices all around us are rising, the gas prices are a joke and the laughs on me. We all know why our country is in this mess. Now it will take hard work and guts to get us on the correct road to lfiniancial health and it sure isn't the right wing nut mess we have now. We need to occupy the great pharma companies." Nov 9, 11 10:38 AM

Judge Denies Injunction That Would Have Allowed Temporary Religious Boundary

Why is this sect bringing up the question? If the women want to push baby carriages on the sidewalk (where it is safer) then let them. If it is a question of their religious values then fight out in the congreation. I almost said church but thats not right here in this case." Nov 9, 11 3:17 PM

I agree with lazymedic. Enough of this nonsense of bringing the courts into your religious disagreement. The public streets are free to everyone.
I am sick to the end, of people trying to push their religious dogma down my throat. The courts have decided in a woman's right to privacy which resulted in Roe v Wade. And I say thank goodness. I am in complete disagreement with any man (and the southern men seem to be at the forefront here) telling me what to do with my body. I never thought I'd see Mississippi voters turn down the asinine bill for Personhood but they did. Hooray!" Nov 9, 11 3:31 PM

Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Confirms Plan To Drop Most Small Group Plans In New York

Typica,l typical male. I'd love to see you in the labor room tryiing to push out a 10 pounder!
Actually you disgust me. You have no idea of a woman and her unborn baby. One only goes to that desparate measure when forced to either for medical reasons, probably beyond your comprehension, or reasons beyond her control. Like rape.. against our will. You must be like so many other uneducated folks who chose to follow Fox news. You like to be titlated by all that shouting and ranting ... leading the masses to their death.
And I hate the fact that you have chosen to defame our precious resourse, Big Fresh Pond out in North Sea. I honestly do not know of any of my male friends from North Sea who would talk like you do." Nov 10, 11 7:07 AM

And Big Fresh, I'd like to know just how much cash and foodstuffs you donate to the poor little kids born into a family with many small children and no jobe." Nov 10, 11 7:11 AM

Appeals Court Denies New Trial For Oddone But Reduces Sentence

Using your own hands to choke the lilfe out of a fellow human being should warrent the full sentence. No excuse for that heedless brutatity. After all the convicted was at fault in his actions. He was asked to stop and he refused.
I'm just sorry that no one steped in to try and break the hold. But I wasn't there so I really can't say. " Nov 10, 11 8:21 PM

Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Confirms Plan To Drop Most Small Group Plans In New York

Health Care thats what this post is about right? well wouldn't it be better to lhave EVERYONE pay into the system now rather than the way it is DONE now.
In case y'all don't know whenever anyone goes to the emergency room the hospital the dr's and nurse's duty is to care for the patient. They do not play favorites in the ER with the exception to the degree of injury.
So who pays... you and me through a variety of ways.
And do not bring up the illegal bit... I know of a local since 1640, family living in Hampton Bays that do not have insurance because of the cost and they do have to go to emergency care. They also have two jobs but they are listed as part time so no insurance is offered to them. But on the other hand they vote Democrat." Nov 11, 11 5:43 PM

Appeals Court Denies New Trial For Oddone But Reduces Sentence

I just got back to this and have a hard time believing someone anyone would be defending Odone after the trial. After all the evidence and withnesses and sitll someone defends this sicko?
If Odone does get out of jail then what do you think will be his first thing to do?... go back to caddying? " Nov 13, 11 3:40 PM

Car Rolls Into Shinnecock Bay Due To Brake Problem

Just another reason to buy American. The brakes on my cadillac work just fine. I pass a Mercedes just as easily too. " Nov 13, 11 3:47 PM

Fleming, Scalera Win Southampton Board Race; Throne-Holst Reelected

If you think your vote is anonymous guess again,kid." Nov 13, 11 3:50 PM

Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Confirms Plan To Drop Most Small Group Plans In New York

I'm not saying the Affrodable Care Act is perfect but y'all know we have to start some where. It certainly will be better than what we have today. I am fighting for the the sec. which compeles all to buy health insurance. Everyone should pay something according to his/her ability. As it stands now the hospital is compelled to treat every patient that comes in the door. That is also fine with me. A decent person would/should give to help to the injured. But the patient should have some form of insurance. " Nov 16, 11 8:59 PM

philathome, don't you realize what dbl std is saying? in my mind he is admitting? He seems to be referring to the true southerner way of speaking in code... so he's or is it she no I think it is a he, is accusing you of speaking in code this is in reference to the kkk remark. It took lme a while but I finally realized what a deeply prejudiced southerner, so lilly white, means by "you don't know who will be coming in the back door."" Nov 17, 11 8:28 PM

You are ignorant, or else you don't want to admit, that 90% of business owners are Republican. Those astute men/women have decided NOT to hire (Unless absolutely pressed by increased customers). They will start to hire after the 2012 election. I see it in the stores I frequent here near The Villages and Ocala. So leave this administration out of that argument. " Nov 17, 11 8:35 PM

You jerk! I once knew a young man who thought we should just let someone who was over 65 pass on. Today he is going to a dr. when he needs to for heart disease. His company offers the insurance. And he is glad to have it! You are just a complete snob thinking you have all the answers. Listen, when you go to the hospital your body is just the same as the the man next to you. And if you get uppity with the nurse just think... well, you don't want to know! " Nov 17, 11 8:48 PM

My reply above is for bigfresh and his republican rant. good night. I have to lget up early in the am to go to work. yeah, my post retireement jobha ha." Nov 17, 11 9:02 PM

It is easy when you listen and then watch to see what the prejudiced will do. I do believe Phil-- did not realize the significance of the kkk's; and that sentence of mine can be amended if I find out he grew up in the south... I mean south of the Mason Dixon line.
And if you can't decipher my post, try putting in the commas where I forgot to do so in my haste to get on line. " Nov 18, 11 5:33 PM

who will pick up the check? I will tell you and this from experience so listen up dbl std and fragger etc. I had a father in law many bucks so much he had to use mucho banks for all his dough but when we went out to dinner he pulled out his wallet and exclaimed "oh I'm sorry I thought there was more cash. You can get it bud." what I did not know at the time was he had another wallet in reserve in his jacket pocket. I found that out when he died. And from experience as a waitress the rich are the stingiest tippers. " Nov 18, 11 8:05 PM

I will agree with you on that point arguing about healthe care is stupidity. Just pay your share and all will shut up. And for all you family values and Pharissees out there, Jesus was the first liberal.
Think about it and maybe you will understand." Nov 18, 11 8:11 PM

I'll tell you tomorrow after work." Nov 18, 11 8:12 PM

Brad Bender Concedes Southampton Town Board Race To Christine Scalera

Guess I missed the bios of the candidates. Good luck to all. Ntiger has a good point but I wonder, will it happen? Like so many people I am sick of the mud slinging; all that to get such a low paying job!!!! " Nov 21, 11 8:41 PM

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