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Beaches At Shinnecock Will Be Rebuilt With Sand From Inlet

They should just turn it into a cruising port. Tenders to the Hamptons. Book your shore excursion today! Lol!!!!" Oct 3, 12 8:35 PM

No Charges In Fatal Flanders Road Crash

I was nearby when this happened. Unfortunate as this is, I believe this was a result of the gentleman in the Jeep Grand Cherokee moving over to allow the fire truck responding to a fire alarm at the Crohan Community Center by, (another false alarm by those who use the building at night) and he subsequently struck the bicyclist. As traffic stopped, the fire truck was next behind Jeep. IMHO." Nov 3, 12 10:27 AM

Southampton Town Board Cancels Day Off For Town Employees

At Nature: You should not write statements that are not entirely true. If you think that all CSEA/Union employees were compensated for all of their work time during Superstorm Sandy think again. The morning before the storm I was told that I was deemed "essential" personnel. The day of the storm a letter was circulated stating that if we did not report to work disciplinary action may be taken against us. Town Hall was closed for two days. I worked for 40hrs straight. I am not part of SHPD and I am not a "political buddy." I am a union employee who was told I had to report to work when town hall was closed and received no extra compensation for the two days town hall was closed. For 16 hours "two full days," worked I received the same pay that all other employees received while they were home with their families and not working. So please don't jump to conclusions when you are not aware of all of the facts. Stop misleading people. I take great pride in what I do. This "civil servant" greatly appreciated ATH's thoughtfulness, unfortunately politics and power seem to have interfered with a nice gesture made by our supervisor. Unfortunately, the civil servants that help to make our beautiful town of Southampton an extraordinary place to dwell are getting the bad end of the stick again." Jun 26, 13 1:15 PM