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Around East Hampton Town Hall: Board Holds Off On Traffic Calming Measures

I would like to clarify two points in this story.

(1) "Originally, Ms. Mead supported..." suggests I no longer support the traffic control plan as proposed. Not so. I've repeatedly asked the board to approve the plan as it appears on the map that was the subject of the board's 9/20 hearing.

(2) "The proposal town officials drafted, though, included more signs..." suggests I don't support the proposal as it relates to the opposite side of Cedar Street. Not so. I have expressed no opinion about that either way.

Thank you -- Julia C. Mead" Oct 3, 12 9:54 AM

Woman Found Dead In East Hampton Had Difficult Life, Family Says

It's bail, just as in criminal court, meant to ensure the defendant attends court hearings." Oct 23, 14 1:02 PM

Residents Say Traffic Has Made A Hell Of Quiet East Hampton Neighborhood

This article does a serious disservice to the residents of my neighborhood. First, it fails to mention that the traffic problems extend throughout the entire neighborhood, including to Miller Lane West. It fails to note officials from three previous town administrations have acknowledged a three-fold problem here (increased volume, speeding, and big trucks). It does not provide any of the extensive background on residents' requests for help over decades, including discussions at town board meetings and two petitions each signed by more than 75 residents; failures by the McGintee and Wilkinson administrations to take substantive action despite acknowledging the problems; and the failure of the Wilkinson board to pass a multi-step traffic calming project designed by the town’s own engineer. The reporter did not talk to anyone on Miller Lane West who might have explained the nature of the problem here or our many attempts over the years to get the town to help us. Nor did he interview any possible experts, such as any of the three successive police chiefs who have acknowledged the problems, the town engineer who drafted the traffic calming plan, or the two highway superintendents who tried to help us with stop-gap measures. Finally, the reporter accepted Mr. Cantwell’s assertion that there isn’t much he could do and failed to ask any obvious follow-up questions, especially about the measures that were proposed in the past by town officials and cast aside without explanation: Why hasn’t the town board ordered completion of the North Main Street Corridor Traffic Study? Councilwoman Sylvia Overby and Councilman Peter Van Scoyoc both told me in 2012 they supported doing so. Why not make Indian Hill Road a one-way street? Why not install stop signs at either end of Downey Lane, as the town engineer proposed? Why not put a weight limit on trucks, as the village did on the other side of Cedar Street and as also proposed by the town engineer? Why, if Mr. Cantwell knows more police enforcement is needed, hasn’t that happened either? " Aug 29, 15 9:40 AM

BookHampton To Close In East Hampton and Southampton

And the employees...?
" Oct 22, 15 3:16 PM

East Hampton Hamlet Studies To Determine Future Developments

I hope the East Hampton hamlet study will look closely at the traffic problems on the North Main Street corridor (at the ever-growing volume of cars and large trucks as well as speeding and the need for traffic lights). A corridor study the town commissioned several years ago was meant to look in part at how the worsening traffic there was degrading the quality of life in feeder neighborhoods, including the Miller Lanes neighborhood. That study was never completed or adopted, and the traffic problems have only worsened." Oct 29, 15 4:17 PM

Wainscott Homeowner Sues Over Well Contamination

It says, "At last count, there were 398 homes using residential wells that had been identified as at risk, with 118 of the 224 tested so far showing some level of contaminants, including Ms. Shipman’s." Any updated story should contain some data on the testing results: how high levels are, how they compare to acceptable levels, how many houses are above the acceptable level, etc. " Mar 29, 18 1:56 PM

Contentious And Unconventional Primary Looms For East Hampton Democrats

I just mailed in an absentee ballot yesterday. I was able to vote on that ballot for my election-district representatives. Last column on the right side." Sep 6, 18 12:24 PM

UPDATE: No Arrest Made Yet After Violent Death In Montauk; GoFundMe Page Created For Funeral Expenses

Does seem an odd thing to say without any context. Are there even any gangs in Montauk? " Jun 6, 19 4:46 PM

State Approves Legislation To Open Adoption Records

Thank you, Lorraine Dusky. You fought this fight long and hard. All families touched by adoption should be grateful to you." Jul 7, 19 2:34 PM

East Hampton Firefighters Rescue Two Dogs From A House Fire On Sunday

They found the dogs by chance. Lucky, lucky dogs. The firefighters didn't know going in that any pets lived there, but they could have. Lots of pet supply websites sell big red stickers you can customize to alert emergency responders to the number and type of pets living in the house. We have one next to our front door and another on the back door. I learned a tough lesson years ago after leaving something on the stove for too long that dogs will hide in fear from smoke, which makes them harder to locate. I'd urge anyone with a pet to get the stickers up today." Sep 5, 19 11:34 AM