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Complaints Over Volleyball Games In Springs Lead To Proposed New Limit

Wow. They're selling alcohol on top of everything else???????

Shut this mess down, NOW.

And thank you PBR for your dedication to this board and attempting to solve our community issues." Aug 17, 13 9:56 PM

Hampton Bays Vigil Calls For Renewed Push For Immigration Reform

Excellent post T" Sep 16, 13 3:21 PM

Agreed. I'm always amazes when I go to Florida that there are no visible loitering areas like our 7-11 and that there are non-Hispanics doing lawn work, construction, cleaning, etc. I don't need to speak Spanish to do anything there. (I'm not talking about south FL). Is it because you have to establish residency there for 1 year in order to get any government handouts? Same day freebies in NY.

I have a hard time trying to explain to people from out of the area what has happened to The Hamptons." Sep 16, 13 3:34 PM

Hey Vicious,
I never said there aren't illegals in FL. Maybe they're all doing farm work and not taking or/or lowering the wages for the jobs that Americans do want. What I did say was that the loitering. housing, and speaka no english issues that have deteriorated The Hamptons just aren't TOLERATED elsewhere.

And while I'm on the subject, just DAYS after the story appeared about the prostitution sting in Riverside, I drove past women standing on 24 and cars were stopped and talking to them through the car window. The women weren't wearing rabbit fur jackets and sequin hats but I doubt they were waiting for a bus at midnight. Are you going to try to tell us this is an old problem here????" Sep 17, 13 3:06 PM


As of Jan 2013, I am no longer a registered voter in NYS but I still show in the NY books entitling me to vote in 2 states. The system is sloppy and therefore ripe for fraud. " Sep 19, 13 11:47 AM

Google Street View Car Spotted In Southampton

I looked mine up, nice picture of the trees, house not visible, privacy intact. Thanks Google car!!" Sep 20, 13 12:05 PM

Community, Police Respond To Concerns About Suspicious Incident In Flanders

Just FYI. My personal experience for the past 20 years with the ST police and their reports is that they didn't write down what I said or got it all wrong, got the names, times and dates wrong, etc. The reports get lost or they don't file them at all. They do a truly amazingly terrible, unprofessional job. So, you cannot base your opinion on the sloppy, half-ass way they do their reports." Oct 14, 13 10:21 AM

UPDATE: Police Correct Identity of Woman Found Dead Along Penny Lane

Obit says she was a Sunday school teacher..." Nov 6, 13 7:33 PM

UPDATE: BOE Now Says Numbers Are Final: Glinka And Bender To Join Board; Throne-Holst, Gregor Both Reelected

I can't speak for all but I do know one machine just would not accept the key needed to print out the reports. " Nov 7, 13 6:01 PM

Armed Robbery On Sag Harbor's Main Street; Suspects At Large

They may have been looking for specific brands, e.g. Gucci. This was a consignment store so the people who left items there are hurt more than the owner. " Nov 20, 13 7:22 PM

This store is full of high price designer goods, it's not just a consignment store. Sounds to me like they cased the place and knew there was no camera and not much traffic on a Tuesday. " Nov 20, 13 7:27 PM

Yes, by the competition. And she was also robbed in June and told the Star that she was going to install cameras." Nov 22, 13 1:37 PM

UPDATE: East Hampton Man Charged With Grand Larceny Also Wanted In Florida

Because it's not an ARMED ROBBERY genius." Nov 22, 13 11:21 PM

Minor Accident Sends Three To Hospital

I also saw some kind of emergency vehicle leading the way in Watermill but did not notice what kind it was. I remember thinking it must be a very bad accident; it was highly inappropriate for a minor accident." Dec 3, 13 6:37 PM

Really PBR? You think the ambulance crew has NO IDEA about the severity of the injuries? Then they have zero business in EMS. And you clearly have zero idea how the entire process runs." Dec 4, 13 7:58 PM

UPDATE: Town Says Code Enforcement Action Saved Lives

So, they did their job at one house and they're patting themselves on the back? The tiny single family house across the street from me divided up into apartments with numerous families upstairs and people living in the basement with no CO is still operating. And Code Enforcement has been inside, confirmed to me that they know all of this and chooses to do nothing." Dec 7, 13 10:45 PM

UPDATE: Police Identify Victim Of Fatal Shooting During Home Invasion Burglary

I looked it up in another news source. That was on Oct 22. A home invasion wasn't reported here?" Dec 9, 13 12:42 PM

Dozens Rally In Southampton Village For Immigration Reform

Nature, if you have to ask these questions you are really truly clueless" Dec 9, 13 12:47 PM

You need to ask the people who only hire immigrants and not Americans and will not hire anyone who does not speak Spanish. Get it directly from the sources.

The only thing worse than a Liberal is a Liberal Idealist." Dec 10, 13 5:43 AM

Especially in an area like ours where they are mainly doing seasonal work. Once the season is over and that work dries up, what do the Liberals think they are doing to survive?

Realists, not Idealists, can see that our crime rates are climbing and as long as they remain there is no end to that in sight." Dec 10, 13 5:56 AM

UPDATE: Town Says Code Enforcement Action Saved Lives

I'm guessing his insurance company might...." Dec 11, 13 7:16 PM

UPDATE: Police Identify Victim Of Fatal Shooting During Home Invasion Burglary

You forgot to add Don't Deal Drugs" Dec 11, 13 7:17 PM

Oddone Conviction Overturned By Highest Court, New Trial Possible In 2008 Killing

Martinspike et al

Don't lose any more sleep over it. Yes, it's a tremendous waste of time and money but he killed a man and the outcome will be the same, only the length of sentence may change.

" Dec 14, 13 11:49 AM

UPDATE: East Moriches Man Charged In Eastport Home Invasion Murder Held Without Bail

"In court today, prosecutors said the shotgun allegedly used in the crime was discovered at Batterson's home, along with other evidence allegedly linked to the murder scene.

Batterson has been charged with second-degree murder and was remanded without bail today. His father appeared in court and declined to comment.

Batterson's attorney also refused to comment, and he pushed and attempted to cover up a News 12 camera with a notepad he was holding.

Another man, Shane Moore, was arraigned in court today on charges not related to the Eastport case. He says he was sitting in a holding cell with Batterson and says Batterson told him he was being framed. "He had admitted being at the crime itself, but then he said he didn't do it," Moore told News 12."

" Jan 19, 14 7:25 PM

UPDATE: Former Officer Of The Year Identified As Trespass Suspect

It was 11 AM not PM but this Galeano has a History of poor judgment." Jan 19, 14 11:48 PM

That's odd because even the Mayor said, "This alleged incident is unacceptable, inexcusable and most importantly, unlawful". I guess you think you know more about the case that he does.

Or, or you just a crooked cop too?" Jan 20, 14 11:51 PM

And it's impossible to know how long he, or others who think they are above the law, have been using this or other private homes for their escapades." Jan 23, 14 10:17 AM


"A fellow traffic control agent, who asked that her name not be published, said that Ms. Rosa knew where the key for the house was because she had previously worked at the house as a cleaner."


Handbag Dispute Leads To State Court Suit

A judge has already thrown this case out once and should wisely do so again, Unless this woman can produce a receipt guaranteeing authencity from TC, she has no case. Used Birkins don't go for $4K but lawyer fees sure do.

And Tracy Tooker as a character witness? Now that's funny." Sep 2, 14 5:30 AM

Builders Appeal For Basement Bedrooms In East Hampton

It;s called sarcasm Pacman.
Now, eat your words." Aug 26, 15 6:13 PM

Southampton High School Assistant Principal Stars In Music Video

Adler-O’Keefe, your desperate and pathetic attempt to "be cool" has failed.

" Sep 19, 15 10:48 AM

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