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UPDATE: FEMA Gas Relief Arrives In Hampton Bays


Very, very helpful, thank you" Nov 3, 12 8:54 PM

Maybe Corporate told them to hold out? Maybe there is no delivery tomarrow and they don't want a riot? I can't think of any reason the abused, hourly employee would refuse you otherwise.
" Nov 3, 12 11:13 PM

Calm down and get some sleep RR .And just be grateful today that you don't work at a gas station.
This will all be restored to normal soon.

" Nov 4, 12 12:02 AM

Oh, wait, I DO see why an abused, hourly employee would refuse to sell to you," Nov 4, 12 6:42 AM

UPDATE: LIPA Says It's On Track For 90 Percent Restored By Wednesday

Just saw the Katrinaesqe spray painted signs on Noyac Road.
Sunset Shores how can we help?" Nov 5, 12 11:41 AM

I went without everything for a week last year so I feel your pain." Nov 5, 12 1:07 PM

UPDATE: FEMA Gas Relief Arrives In Hampton Bays

7 pm. Both Cumberland Farms and Coastal have gas with no one waiting so if you need it, get your keys." Nov 7, 12 7:08 PM

Montauk School Mourns Loss Of Teacher's Aide

But, where is the dog?" Nov 8, 12 10:51 AM

Long Island Officials Implement Odd-Even Gas Rationing

After witnessing the gas nightware up the Island yesterday it would be helpful if stations take the pricing off their signs and instead put HAVE GAS or NO GAS " Nov 8, 12 7:37 PM

Sigh.. Well, Ok, but do I have to put on a costume to get gas at a self-serve or only at at full service station?

" Nov 9, 12 12:03 AM

Small Alligator Found In Southampton Village, Transported To Animal Rescue

Sandy,did you do this?
" Nov 13, 12 2:36 PM

"Mr. Gross wouldn’t divulge the contents of the letter"

It has been leaked:

"To Whom It May Concern,

I will release another reptile every day until power is restored to Shirley."." Nov 13, 12 6:57 PM

Donations Needed To Help Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

I was there yesterday. There was MUCH more food than people to eat it. The Distribution items are being looted by people from out of the area who filled up their cars by the wheelbarrow. Then they took the wheelbarrow. They were taking 3 turkeys each.If it wasn't nailed down they took it. It's too bad these situations cannot be organized somewhat to keep the freeloaders out. " Nov 23, 12 7:47 AM

UPDATE: Sag Harbor 7-Eleven Reopens After Raid By Feds in ID Theft, Labor Exploitation Probe

'New York State Police hollered out to drivers" Really?" Jun 17, 13 5:38 PM

UPDATE: East Hampton Village Police Identify Driver In Crash That Killed Springs Girl

And I really do think your comments and all of the comments blaming the driver are inappropriate. I see someone on a bike dart into the path of a car on a regular basis and am only surprised this doesn't happen more often. 20 feet is not a long distance for a car to travel before stopping.

Have some respect for the people involved.
Do you really have to hit someone yourself to understand the meaning of ACCIDENT?

" Jun 17, 13 5:46 PM

One Injured When Car Crashes Through Dinosaurs In Southampton

Yikes, what a mess. I certainly hope for the store owner's sake that it was caused by a licensed and insured drunk." Jun 18, 13 10:25 PM

UPDATE: Sag Harbor 7-Eleven Reopens After Raid By Feds in ID Theft, Labor Exploitation Probe

Thanks for your 2 posts. Bad news, you'll be back to 1 by tomorrow." Jun 19, 13 8:17 PM

Fowl Play: Water Mill Turkey Found With Its Legs Bound

I hope the relocation works. I can't believe he's survived so long walking directly into highway traffic." Jul 2, 13 10:43 AM

I have a great idea GH!! Why don't you adopt Jake. You can drive around with him as co-pilot, his neck craning out the window in the summer sun. Oh, the stories he must have!

Just make sure you hid him come November..." Jul 2, 13 10:54 AM

State Wildlife Experts Confirm Coyote Sighting In Water MIll

Hey Mr. Coyote! I heard raccoons are quite tasty" Jul 3, 13 10:16 AM

Threatening Calls Still Plague East Hampton Residents

Well, this is a very well thought out scam. If they really want the money, they're going to at least steal the phone of the intended victim." Jul 9, 13 7:05 PM

List Ignites Investigation Of Hundreds Of Hampton Bays Properties

FYI, Betts is being sued by at least 1 property owner, hopefully this will be public knowledge by Election Time." Jul 14, 13 7:15 PM

There is much more to this story. Be patient. Everyone should hear about it through the proper channels......" Jul 16, 13 11:13 PM

Southampton Town Officials Float Ideas To Help Alleviate Traffic Following Serious Accidents

I'm surprised cameras aren't already installed like they are in other areas where there are a lot of accidents. They may help with crime scene investigation and think how much revenue they would generate for the Town." Aug 7, 13 12:53 PM

Complaints Over Volleyball Games In Springs Lead To Proposed New Limit

A few years ago, the house next to me had weekly "volleyball games" here in Southampton, usually on Sunday. There were at least 3 families in the single family house to begin with (and still are thanks to Mr. Betts) including numerous children. Then the friends came over and blocked the entire street with their cars. It was like living next to a night club. The loud music and screaming went late into the night. One night they had a beer bottle launching competition into my yard. I got to pick up all the hundreds of pieces of proof the next day. When I complained to the homeowner, he promptly told me to go f-- myself. Code Enforcement did nothing although there were numerous complaints. Eventually, those people left and possibly moved to Springs. The new families apparently do not care for volleyball.

Now do you get it?" Aug 15, 13 10:50 PM



See my comments below." Aug 15, 13 11:11 PM

BS. The law can be used against any complaints against anyone. In my case, I didn't bother to call the police because I knew they would tell me it's not illegal to have a "volleyball game". Now at least the poor neighbors of these houses in Springs can have the police respond and take some sort of action. If that's too elitist for you, then by all means, please welcome the "Volleyball Games" to a house NEXT DOOR TO YOU." Aug 16, 13 10:26 AM

It's a cultural thing. We're not talking about a normal size group of people getting together for a friendly game of sport on a Sunday afternoon. These are excuses for parties with LARGE GROUPS OF PEOPLE, in my experience involving large amounts of alcohol, loud music and the resulting noise, traffic, parking issues, trash, drunken behavior and property damage. My neighbors parties started on Friday and lasted through Monday morning If these parties were thrown less frequently if it would be still an issue but less of one. " Aug 16, 13 11:07 AM

Route 114 Closed For Two Hours After Truck Crashes Into Utility Pole

Power went out in the area around 7 Pm. 114 was still closed as of 9 Pm. I saw a white pickup on a wrecker. Glad everyone is OK." Aug 17, 13 9:42 PM

Complaints Over Volleyball Games In Springs Lead To Proposed New Limit

Wow. They're selling alcohol on top of everything else???????

Shut this mess down, NOW.

And thank you PBR for your dedication to this board and attempting to solve our community issues." Aug 17, 13 9:56 PM

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