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Video Showing Deer Jumping Hedges, Crashing Into Car In Southampton Demonstrates Need For Caution When Driving

The above clip is:

A. A segment from a new Depends commercial
B. From of the NYS Driver's Safety Course program
C. A demonstration of "runners zone"
D. A preview of the new Jeep, "Deer Tough" ad campaign." Dec 8, 15 11:01 AM

Family Of Lilia Aucapina Demands Full Investigation Into Her Death

Friends and family who care form their own search parties. They don't sit back and do nothing and then wave signs, protest and throw the race card when they're unhappy with the outcome." Dec 8, 15 6:10 PM

I don't know what the protestors think is going to happen by yelling at Town Hall.The autopsies aren't done by the SHTP. If the Coroner found any other obvious COD he wouldn't keep it a secret. Any evidence at the scene is long gone. Even if someone carlossly strangled her elsewhere and took her out far enough that he thought no one could find her, there's no way, short of a confession, to prove that now. If he did that after the woods were searched then it's really NOT the cops/dogs fault. Next time get organized while the person is missing and form your own search party." Dec 9, 15 9:25 AM

How do you know the body wasn't placed there after the woods were searched?

What lack of urgency? It was here and in numerous papers in a reasonable amount of time. There is good reason for delays in the alerts of missing adults; they reappear.

If a wealthy person was missing, the family would take matters into their own hands and hire an investigator and offer a reward. And the husband would have taken a few pages from OJ's playbook to deflect the attention from himself. " Dec 9, 15 9:35 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Animal Shelter Dog Set To Go To K9 Police School

Ok,2 questions:

Can this dog smell?
Can this dog look up?

" Dec 11, 15 5:38 PM

Family Of Lilia Aucapina Demands Full Investigation Into Her Death

And what would be accomplished by more protesting? What could happen now?

You didn't really say, "But us Americans are too stupid too do anything about it." did you????

There were more agencies involved that just SHTP." Dec 11, 15 5:45 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Animal Shelter Dog Set To Go To K9 Police School

Every person unhappy with the search team supplied by SHTP should be donating to causes like this instead of just complaining and protesting. We pay police 6 figures a year but gofundme accounts have to be set up to train animals that actually want to work?

I've donated to cowboy's fund. Now, how much do police robots cost?" Dec 13, 15 10:07 AM

I'm sure there are sick goldfish or similar accounts set up. There are lots of people requesting money for jams they got themselves into. There's even one for the kid high on drugs that just killed CP. I guess noting helps the pain of knowing your son is a murdering loser like cold, hard cash.

Think about it, pit bulls should be a good fit for K-9 work. They're working alone (no pack issues)." Dec 13, 15 10:32 AM

Anna Throne-Holst Closes Out Six-Year Stint As Supervisor

Unfortunately, the taxpayers of Southampton will be paying for the lawsuits brought forth under her reign long after she's gone." Dec 24, 15 10:21 AM

UPDATE: Driver Of Car In Fatal Friday Bridgehampton Crash Identified

There's nothing wrong with the photo. It's called Journalism." Jan 12, 16 11:21 AM

Southampton Village Police Release Description Of Vehicle Involved In Last Month's Shooting

....released a new bit of information: police are looking for the driver of a 2011 white Toyota Camry. Or, it may have been another color. make and model of a car just covered in snow."" Feb 9, 16 11:54 PM

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