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Southampton High School Assistant Principal Stars In Music Video

Adler-O’Keefe, your desperate and pathetic attempt to "be cool" has failed.

" Sep 19, 15 10:48 AM

UPDATE: Anna Pump Remembered For Grace In And Out Of The Kitchen; Memorial Home Visit Scheduled For Sunday

Ok, so this guy has at least 1 prior and has now killed somebody but was released. Can someone explain to me why he was not considered a flight risk?" Oct 7, 15 6:52 PM

Driver In Connection With Anna Pump's Death Says He Did Not See Her In Crosswalk

Was he "hospitalized for emotional distress since the incident" because he killed somebody or because he knows he's going away this time?

Who is paying his hospital bill?

Why is this even a story? Was is he going to say, "I was too drunk to see her?"

The rest of seem to be able to drive at night without mowing anybody down. Again, HE DRUG HER with his car. Sober, normal people stop immediately when they hear a noise like that.

" Oct 14, 15 11:45 PM

Thank you" Oct 16, 15 1:35 AM

Anna Pump's Family Asks Anonymous Letter Writer To Come Forward

Well, It wasn't me.

You're such a tease SP.

I did notice tonight as I was driving past the Post Office after dark that I've probably never gone more than 25 MPH there. It'd hard to imagine running over and dragging someone there." Nov 12, 15 11:06 PM

Absentee Ballots Could Decide Final Seat In Southampton Town Trustee Race

The ballot clearly said vote for any 5. Otherwise it would have said pick one per column. And yes, the BOE EMPLOYEES know that." Nov 13, 15 6:35 PM

Anna Pump's Family Asks Anonymous Letter Writer To Come Forward

No disrespect intended. I wish I did have more information for her.

But, there's nothing wrong with stating that it is difficult to understand how the accident happened considering the speed at which traffic normally moves there.

There is no need for name calling." Nov 13, 15 6:39 PM

Woman Charged With Petit Larceny For Stealing Campaign Signs

That's not the point now is it? If she didn't like your mailbox, is it OK for her to remove it? If she didn't like an artist/movie/event, is it OK for her to take down all the advertisements? Did she pay for the signs? Were they on her property?

Count some chads?You couldn't read 4 words on the ballot and color in 5 circles. AND you tried to blame someone else for it. Remember that before you make another self righteous comment about politics or anything else." Nov 14, 15 9:25 AM

East Hampton Homeowner, Others Face Charges Of Overcrowding And Illegal Bedroom Conversions

That's very common. They take it out to pass inspection and then put it back. They know CE only works on complaints so he's made plenty of money to pay his new fines in the time it takes them to catch him.

On the other hand, over the years CE has investigated me for the following complaints: no house number on property (um, yes there is), rats on property (WHAT???) and my favorite is a report from CE stating they discussed my insecure pool gate with me and I've never had a pool. So MAYBE CE can't get to the real issues when they have to sort through all the BS complaints.

" Nov 18, 15 3:36 AM

UPDATE: Body Found By Hunter In Woods Apparently About 500 Feet Away From Lilia Aucapina's House

Yes, other news sources report they searched that area with canines. I guess, just.... not too hard." Nov 21, 15 5:21 PM

Alisha, you need to edit this sentence:" Ms. Aucapina had sent a text message to both of her children a few hours after she went missing on October 10. It said something along the lines of, "Remember, Mommy loves you."

Unless you have bona fide prove that she, herself sent it." Nov 21, 15 5:25 PM

Really? How so? I came up with numerous scenarios. She did it to herself, a freak accident, someone else did it and made it look like a suicide; the jealous husband, the brother (she shamed the family!), the kids (for the insurance money), the sketchy boyfriend , a jealous lover of the sketchy boyfriend, the KKK or an unrelated person with impeccable timing." Nov 22, 15 12:00 AM

Agreed, but I would assume only certain members of the search team were assigned to search that area before it was marked off as completed. Those Officers need to be reassigned. No doubt many Officers diligently searched for her and were relying on the presumed competence of the rest of the team. As I understand. K-9 is trained to mainly seach the ground. It was the responsibility of the humans to LOOK UP.

Many thanks to the hunter, otherwise she may never have been found." Nov 22, 15 1:08 PM

A quick search shows the number one cause of suicide in Ecuador (where she's from) is hanging. You would think that someone involved in the search would have taken the 10 seconds to Google that and suggest they focus their search on that fact.

But then again, I'm only a certificate holder of a mail-in course from the Sherlock Holmes Handy-Dandy Detective School." Nov 23, 15 5:09 PM

No, I'm only a certificate holder of a mail-in course from the Sherlock Holmes Handy-Dandy Detective School.

But I know how to Google." Nov 24, 15 1:25 AM

Questions Raised About Driving Privileges In Connection With Anna Pump's Death

Apparently we'd only have to take him into the woods about 500 feet..." Nov 24, 15 3:26 PM

UPDATE: Body Found By Hunter In Woods Apparently About 500 Feet Away From Lilia Aucapina's House

That's weird, my edition of the the Sherlock Holmes Detective Guide says that women rarely SHOOT themselves because it is disfiguring. Hanging is one of the easiest and LEAST disfiguring ways to commit suicide.

What edition is your book?" Nov 26, 15 11:00 AM

Southampton Town Police Arrest Nine During DWI Task Force Enforcement

Oh, it was the Suffolk County DA's idea. Never mind." Nov 28, 15 9:26 AM

Questions Raised About Driving Privileges In Connection With Anna Pump's Death

I did think about it and I think blaming all of us for this is a new low.

There was a point in time when I would have completely agreed with you. I've lost work because I do not speak Spanish. I have never picked up a day laborer but I have no control over who companies hire. I can tell you that it is extremely difficult to find any locals willing to do menial work at any reasonable rate. Why don't teenagers here take on odd jobs like they do in the rest of the country? EVERY SINGLE TIME I run an ad, the responses either come from up island or from people who want to price gouge because I live in the Hamptons. I end up doing work myself that I don't want to do because the locals won't get out of bed for less than $25 an hour and I don't want to hire ANY stranger standing on a street corner to do anything. The greed and laziness of the American worker takes much of the blame here. If someone that cannot even speak English can do your job just as well as you can, you need to either find a way to make yourself indispensable, complete financially or find another line of work.

In the meantime, pick up your soap box and take it to Washington. The belief that these people have a right to be here starts there." Nov 28, 15 3:57 PM

OK silenced, good job but please have some respect for the family. This article is really not the place for this discussion " Nov 29, 15 11:07 AM

North Haven Man Faces Multiple Charges After Southampton Town Police Receive Threatening Phone Calls

Maybe they did, they just left it out of the report and/or story" Nov 30, 15 11:53 AM

Southampton Town Police Arrest Nine During DWI Task Force Enforcement

Jams. You have to keep complaining to Code Enforcement. Do it anonymously though. They keep a log on of all complaints about a property. They are currently being sued for retaliating against a homeowner who complained about a property like your neighbor. If enough people sue to the Town over the actions of Code Enforcement, they will be forced to act." Nov 30, 15 12:00 PM

Fishing Boat Runs Ashore At Napeague State Park Saturday Night

Maybe they walked out to the boat and helped them off the boat getting their shoes wet in the process. Now they'll want another raise." Dec 1, 15 11:33 AM

2 days ago I walked out to my mailbox and saw a $5 bill on the ground. It was covered with leaves and in an unusual spot but I saw it. It was wet and VERY close to the road.

I took it inside to dry off. I'll never know the circumstances of how it got there but I won't put it near my cell phone in case it sends out a text message saying.... who know what!!

I hereby declare I rescued a $5 bill. " Dec 1, 15 11:46 AM

UPDATE: Tuckahoe Superintendent Arrested, Charged With Felony; Lawyer Says No Criminal Activity Took Place

They were just making a music video for the song "Break in and spit."" Dec 2, 15 12:20 AM

It may be delayed due to the rewrite of the invitations, "The Bride respectfully asks for no gifts that can be broken when thrown or used as a weapon."" Dec 2, 15 12:28 AM

Geez Kahuna, what a nasty comment. You're a pretty good example of why Floridians hate New Yorkers. " Dec 3, 15 10:06 AM

Don't forget former SVPD David Betts who beat his then wife with his service revolver but got to retire with full benefits, was handed a job running Code Enforcement and then had the balls to run for public office." Dec 3, 15 10:08 AM

Video Showing Deer Jumping Hedges, Crashing Into Car In Southampton Demonstrates Need For Caution When Driving

Every tailgater should be forced to watch this video over and over...." Dec 7, 15 5:49 PM

The above clip is:

A. A segment from a new Depends commercial
B. From of the NYS Driver's Safety Course program
C. A demonstration of "runners zone"
D. A preview of the new Jeep, "Deer Tough" ad campaign." Dec 8, 15 11:01 AM

Family Of Lilia Aucapina Demands Full Investigation Into Her Death

Friends and family who care form their own search parties. They don't sit back and do nothing and then wave signs, protest and throw the race card when they're unhappy with the outcome." Dec 8, 15 6:10 PM

I don't know what the protestors think is going to happen by yelling at Town Hall.The autopsies aren't done by the SHTP. If the Coroner found any other obvious COD he wouldn't keep it a secret. Any evidence at the scene is long gone. Even if someone carlossly strangled her elsewhere and took her out far enough that he thought no one could find her, there's no way, short of a confession, to prove that now. If he did that after the woods were searched then it's really NOT the cops/dogs fault. Next time get organized while the person is missing and form your own search party." Dec 9, 15 9:25 AM

How do you know the body wasn't placed there after the woods were searched?

What lack of urgency? It was here and in numerous papers in a reasonable amount of time. There is good reason for delays in the alerts of missing adults; they reappear.

If a wealthy person was missing, the family would take matters into their own hands and hire an investigator and offer a reward. And the husband would have taken a few pages from OJ's playbook to deflect the attention from himself. " Dec 9, 15 9:35 AM

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