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Southampton Residents Raise Concerns About Town's Sustainability Plan

We need to focus on sustainability right now! It is a crucial time, anything we can do to reduce our use of fossil fuels should be embraced, this Agenda 21 fear is so counterproductive. If a new world order starts to develop we can revolt, but focusing on local community resilience is of the utmost importance right now. The effects of carbon dioxide increase in the atmosphere are long term and we are just now seeing the effects of the coal burning that began over 150 years ago. Do we want to keep seeing hundreds of years of average warming, atmospheric humidity increase, sea level rise, and ocean acidification? If we want a world for our kids we need to plan locally and reduce our reliance on outside sources immediately. This plan does not come from the U.N. it comes from local people who care about our community." Apr 27, 13 9:58 AM

Every warming and cooling cycle is caused by feedback loops which are triggered by an initial event. When things start warming they keep warming, when things start cooling they keep cooling. If you have a block of ice and it starts melting, cracks that form increase the surface area on the block and make the warming speed up, or, if you have ground under ice that becomes exposed when, lets say, a volcanic eruption happens and causes local melting, then that darker colored exposed ground warms up more from the sun than the surrounding white snow or ice does, and the ice around the exposed ground is now melting faster and this continues, it is a positive feedback loop. In this warming phase, I think it was triggered by human activity, and could have started way earlier than we think, even an increase in intensive animal agriculture may have contributed before we started burning coal. Or it may have been triggered when we started burning coal. Either way, we are changing the composition of our atmosphere and that is undeniable. CO2 concentration has gone from around 275 ppm to 395 ppm! CO2 is heavier than O2 of course, so this certainly has effects, and we can mitigate these effects by reducing CO2 emissions." Apr 29, 13 9:34 AM

Every kind of change can be accompanied by a power grab, there are opportunities in everything and people are keen on abusing them. This is one situation where it is imperative that we act swiftly in spreading awareness about the future we are creating with our unsustainable activities. To slow the progress of sustainability due to fears of power shifts is to put nails in our coffin.
" Apr 29, 13 9:38 AM

North Haven Residents Want Ticks Gone Regardless Of Cost

I think we should avoid using chemicals, spend money to encourage hunting with educational programs. Maybe rifle and bow rentals would be a good way to allow more people access to hunting if they don't own a rifle or bow. Just avoid chemicals, even if it's just Permethrin. It all comes down to an ecological imbalance due to human population increase and displacement of native species. We need more predators of mice, and of deer. There used to be Puma, Rattlesnakes, and Black Bear on Long Island, they were killed off many decades ago and cannot return because NYC is in the way. We can either re-introduce these species, or take over the role of the predators and hunt more deer. Mouse hunting isn't so easy, so we should find a way to increase native snake populations, we have no venomous snakes, so we can safely encourage snakes like the Milk Snake, the Hognose, and the Black Racer. Instead of spending money on risky chemicals which could cause more ecological imbalance, let's look at the whole system and make all of the ecological connections healthy again." Aug 19, 13 9:34 AM

Yes, deer are, in fact, the most deadly animal on Long Island. The ecosystem is imbalanced, we need an animal to take the ecological role of Regulator. We have no top predator here since Mountain Lions were all killed off in the 1800's, plus we clear land which creates more light hitting the ground and more fast-growing plants for deer to eat. We need to encourage hunting instead of using chemicals, I'm glad they are allowing temporary hunting permits. We need hunting and ecology education programs so more people understand the importance of Humans taking up the role of top predators and regulators of the ecosystem. If more people understand the importance of hunting they may be less afraid of the idea, and more likely to take it up themselves." Aug 19, 13 9:54 AM

Red Tide Spurs Concerns For Fall Scallop Harvest

Red tide algae blooms are caused by excessive nutrients in the water, usually from fertilizer which runs off lawns, or from animal (including human) waste. If we want to protect our food security, we need to be seriously strict with regards to people living near water out here. We can't let people have lawns if they live near the water, and we need stricter regulations on nitrogen levels of water coming out of coastal residential areas." Sep 15, 13 12:06 PM

East Hampton Town Deer Survey Results May Not Reflect True Population

I couldn't agree more, we need to encourage hunting and ease restrictions. The main reason that deer are a problem is that the top predators in the ecosystem were removed from the area, mountain lions, and now we need to be taking up that role instead of landscaping nice little paradises for the deer.
More people should learn to bow hunt, I'd love to see bow hunting lessons." Sep 19, 13 5:07 PM

East Hampton Deer Forum Discusses Deer Sterilization

The problem stems from the fact that the top predator in our local ecosystem was removed: mountain lions. If we want the system to be in balance we have to take up the role as top predator and increase deer hunting. Let's start programs to train more people to use bows so we can encourage more hunters." Sep 19, 13 5:11 PM

East Hampton Considers Options For Protecting Downtown Montauk, Beaches

It's a tough issue because, in the grand scheme of things, beaches are supposed to change naturally. So, when you own waterfront property your property lines change. Doing anything about that disturbs nature, which always comes with long term effects. With this in mind, the best options seem to be the soft fixes; adding sand in key spots. That shouldn't have much negative impact as long as the sand does not come from offshore, as taking sand from the ocean bottom can impact offshore ecosystems, which Montauk relies on economically and nutritionally. Hard fixes cause too many problems, as we've seen with jetties. I would opt for number 2, the 90 ft soft berm and 15 ft soft dune, which is a big project, but, while we have the money available, we should do all we can, as long as we avoid long term impacts to important ecosystems." Oct 2, 13 3:05 PM

Landmark Beach Rebuilding Project Begins In Bridgehampton

From the bay?! That's the most important ecosystem we have, I would imagine that would seriously disturb the community of sea life that we depend on for food and financial security. Why would we ever pay someone from somewhere else to come damage our livelihood? What's under the water is way more important than the beach, I am not letting this happen.
" Oct 6, 13 9:55 AM

Can't they take sand from another beach instead of underwater? The ocean naturally moves sand from beach to beach, from montauk to fire island. I understand it's more expensive to move sand from fire island to montauk, but if it avoids disturbing the underwater community, it is certainly worth the extra cost.
" Oct 6, 13 10:24 AM

Excuse me? Do you understand the whole system of life that supports us? It all starts in the bays. I don't care if people want beaches, what's more important to our future is what is under the water, not next to it. I can't believe how disconnected people are from their ecology.
" Oct 7, 13 9:39 AM

Thank you, I did miss that part about the dredge being moved from the bay to the ocean. I appreciate your constructive comments. I am not a dredging expert, I'm an ecologist, and when I imagine dredging anything in our delicate waters it gives me chills. I trust that they will choose an offshore spot with little ocean-floor biological activity." Oct 7, 13 9:45 AM

East Hampton Town Trustees Win Temporary Stop To Zweig Rock Revetment At Georgica

People need to just let erosion happen; if you have waterfront property, your property lines change naturally, accept it.
" Nov 15, 13 8:09 PM

East Hampton Airport Could Be Potential Site For Solar Energy Production

Deer prefer lightly forested or forest edge habitat, which the airport provides, as do lawns, roads, and golf courses. They may stay away from the panels themselves, but I don't think they will affect the deer population near the airport. This is a great way to finance the airport, not that I am a fan of aircraft noise, but I am a fan of solar power, and the potential it represents for keeping money in our community. " Feb 13, 14 4:33 PM

East Hampton GOP Picks Nominees For Town Offices

This article mis-represented the candidate endorsements.

Democrat endorsements should read: "Brian Byrnes, Bill Taylor, Tyler Armstrong, Rick Drew, Deb Klughers, Pat Mansir, Zach Cohen, Rona Klopman and Francis Bock to run for Town Trustee."

Steven Lynch Jr. certainly does NOT have endorsements from both the republicans and democrats, as this article reads, even if he is related to the Highway Superintendent...
" Jul 24, 15 5:17 PM